Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 55

Gu Chi's body froze. If Ruan Xi's matter came out of his mouth, he didn't know. He just remembered that he drank a lot that night, the girl was by his side all the time, and he babbled on many things. , Did he mention the relationship between Ruan Xi and Pei Nanming? He himself can't remember clearly, but thinking about it, who else would know, and who would tell his female companion Anya, except that he accidentally said it when he was drunk?

  There are a lot of coincidences in the world, so it can't be a coincidence that An Ya knew everything about Ruan Xi within a few days of his drunkenness, right?

  He blamed himself, but when he blamed himself for this, the newspaper published a news saying that Ruan Xi chose to leave without saying goodbye because he had no face to stay at Pei's house again and was ashamed to see his friends again. The Pei family also made matters worse at this juncture, taking the opportunity to announce that Ruan Xi had nothing to do with their Pei family, they were just entrusted to raise the daughter of an old man!

  As soon as the news came out, Ruan Xi's identity aroused great suspicion, and became a major gossip in e-city for a while.

  If Ruan Xi knew the news, how could she bear it? What kind of blow would it be.

  He didn't personally bear these things, and he found it unbearable, let alone the person involved.

  He was actually afraid that Ruan Xi would do something stupid, so he came to Pei Nanming.

   "You really don't know her whereabouts?"

   "Why do I need to know? Just because she is my lover? If I know everything about every relative, wouldn't I be exhausted now?"

   "Bird. Beast!" Gu Chi didn't expect Pei Nanming to have such an attitude. Even if it wasn't his lover, as a person who grew up with him, he should have feelings after living under the same roof for so many years, right? How could he be so heartless!

   A fist hit, Pei Nanming unexpectedly hit the corner of his mouth.

Pei Nanming was also not polite, and immediately gave him a fist, "I tell you, you are not qualified to teach me! You should be very clear about who caused Ruan Xihui today. If you don't investigate her, ask about me and her , then this matter will not spread from your mouth. In that case, she can live a good life in front of people now! I will not care about you today, and don’t come to me in the future, or I will be rude to you! "

Gu Chi was embarrassed, but refused to admit defeat, "This matter is indeed my fault, but if it wasn't for you being worse than a beast, then nothing would have happened to her! Anyone in this world is qualified to accuse me of my fault. No, but you are not qualified! I will not give up on her, no matter if you really don't know her whereabouts or if you don't know, from now on, she will be protected by me! I will never let you touch her again!"

When these words reached Pei Nanming's ears, he felt as if he had heard a big joke, so he immediately turned to look at Gu Chi, and smiled sarcastically, "Before you say such big words, first weigh how much you weigh. Oh no, you should find her first and then say such things to me. Don’t let me touch her again, it’s so naive and funny! Also, how I treat her is between me and her. It's up to you, an outsider, to intervene!"

  Pei Nanming walked away.

   Gu Chi slammed down the wall fiercely, I will do what I say! No matter how much it costs, it will be done! Pei Nanming, you and I are at odds!


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