Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 53

"What do you think?" Pei Nanming leaned over and took a bite of her proudly standing cherry.

Ruan Xi trembled all over, but unexpectedly, the next moment he...

His face also became extremely gloomy, "I hate you, this is a fact, and it will never be changed. Don't think that I am greedy for your body, so I will let you go because of this! The most indispensable thing for me is a woman. The figure is bigger than yours. Well, there are many women who are hotter and more vigorous than you. Compared with them, you are a piece of wood even sitting on the bed!"

The lights at the head of the bed were fragmented, indicating a crazy and chaotic night.

This time, she didn't cry, beg for mercy or make trouble, no matter what he tossed, she always kept smiling, as if looking down on him from a high place, watching him torture her.

This made Pei Nanming very upset.

So there is no discount on her torture.

Ruan Xi didn't even have the strength to raise her hand, and finally fell asleep dizzily. She didn't know how many times he had done it repeatedly. Anyway, when she woke up, he was sleeping next to her.

For the first time ever, he didn't leave after he was done.

In the past, when she opened her eyes, he had long since disappeared, and even the place beside her was cold.

Pei Nanming, who is asleep, looks much more harmless than when he is awake. Quiet like a baby.

Ruan Xi opened her eyes and looked at his side face, her mind was blank.

Pei Nanming suddenly opened his eyes without warning, looked at her, and reached out to pinch her chin fiercely, "From today on, you are not allowed to leave this house!"

These words were like a bolt from the blue, "You can't imprison me, it's against the law!"

Pei Nanming smiled, "Breaking the law? Do you think someone will catch me?"

Ruan Xi's eyes suddenly dimmed, she was an orphan, no one knew she was here, and the people she came into contact with these years were all his relatives, he was closer to any of them than her, she was always an outsider! The uncle is his own father, and the grandfather is his grandfather. They don't even know that she is placed here by him. In other words, even if they know, what can they do, what will happen? He is the only child of the Pei family, and a family like the Pei family can't afford such a scandal!

What will they do when they know about her relationship with Pei Nanming? No matter how you think about it, the final result is that she was expelled from Pei's house, and she will be shameless from now on, right?

"No." Ruan Xi was expressionless.

"You're smart. Believe it or not, as long as I want to, I can easily make you fade out of people's sight."

Ruan Xi's eyes widened suddenly, unable to calm down anymore, she firmly grabbed Pei Nanming's wrist, "What do you want to do?!"

"It's nothing, just let you die once..." After speaking, Pei Nanming got up and put on his coat slowly.

Ruan Xi had already realized what he was going to do, and panicked, she reached out and grabbed his arm, "Pei Nanming, you can't do this!"

Pei Nanming ignored her, shook off her hand, and left without looking back.

Three days later, Ruan Xi was injected with a tranquilizer by her personal doctor again. She was in a daze, feeling that someone had left the house behind her back and got into the car. After a long drive in her consciousness, when she stopped again, she Completely fell asleep.

Ruan Xi woke up again, and indeed changed the place. It was a quite luxurious independent villa, with gardens in front and back, and mountains on the opposite side could be seen from the balcony. Mountains can be seen from the rear window.

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