Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 52

But even though Ruan Ting doesn't like her, she still accepts her with a smile, and she is really like a mother, but she will give her everything that is good, and she will treat her as she treats Pei Nanming.

Everyone said that Ruan Ting was a good woman, and that Ruan Xi was so lucky that she was able to meet such good uncles and aunts under the fence.

Well, at that time, she thought so too, she would deliberately ignore the occasional panic and disgust in Ruan Ting's eyes, and pretend she didn't know anything. At that time, although Pei Nanming was indifferent to her, if someone bullied her, he would definitely shake his fist at them.

It can be said that Pei Nanming at that time was exactly the opposite of what he is now. When she was a child, Pei Nanming didn't like her on the surface, but he was indifferent to her, but he would care about her and protect her inadvertently. At that time, she knew that Pei Nanming actually liked her very much, even though he never said it. But now Pei Nanming, who indulged him in front of others and almost sent her to heaven, but behind his back he bullied her and tortured her like this.

Whether it was mentally or physically, he wished she would die!

Ruan Xi's face turned blue and purple, and she grabbed Pei Nanming's wrist with both hands and tried to break it, but she couldn't move it.

"I... originally... was persecuted!" Ruan Xi said with difficulty.

Pei Nanming didn't say a word, and kissed her hard on the lips.

Ruan Xi seemed to be going all out, no longer restrained and unbearable, she also retaliated, biting him hard. The two are like wild beasts biting each other and neither will let the other go!

This was the first time that Ruan Xi dared to resist Pei Nanming. Pei Nanming was surprised, and his eyebrows were knit together in pain.

He simply ignored her and pulled the quilt off her body...

Even though she had been there countless times before, even though she had gotten used to him long ago and got along well with him, but for the surprise attack, the tearing pain still made her grunt, a burning pain!

Grabbing his shoulders weakly with both hands, she stared at Pei Nanming with wide eyes, seeing how cruel and cold he really was.

Pei Nanming was originally angry and expressionless, but at this moment, after stabbing, he couldn't help but make a very low voice.

Yes, a person's body is always more honest than his heart, Ruan Xi is in pain, but his body is happy.

The instant pleasure made him unable to hold back.

Obviously very angry, obviously wanting her to survive. In the end, it was her own lust that sank!

Realizing this, he looked at Ruan Xi's sober eyes again. An emotion called anger controlled him, making him stab her desperately. At this moment, he wanted to see her cry, wanted to see her cry beg for mercy.

He needs such a victory to tell her that he is the master.

But Ruan Xi grinned, and although her hands were weak, she still clung to his neck, "It turns out that your body likes me very much, doesn't it?"

This was the first time that Ruan Xi provoked him so charmingly, with contempt and ridicule in his eyes, and the slow irony made him even more furious.

He retorted, "Of course, if you don't like it, what do you think you are worth? Now you have no future at all. Follow me, sell your body, maybe you can get more money, so that you can maintain The life you have. Otherwise, I assure you, you won't be able to support yourself."

Ruan Xi's face was pale, but she still maintained a smile, "Are you trying to persuade me to sell myself?"

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