Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 51

In the dream, Ruan Xi became the target of thousands of people, spurned and abused, which made her feel ashamed.

"No, no. You believe me, I didn't really not. I really didn't seduce him." Tears were all over his face.

Pei Nanming looked at her quietly, watching her cry more and more, and the voice of crying in her dream became louder and louder.

"Uncle, you believe me, I really don't, I really don't!" In the dream, Pei Yan pointed at Ruan Xi, heartbroken, extremely disappointed and angry.

Ruan Xi eagerly defended herself, but she couldn't find a better reason to prove that she had never had a relationship with Pei Nanming. There is no need to prove it, because that is the fact that she and Pei Nanming have had sex countless times!

"I didn't do it voluntarily, I didn't do it voluntarily! I didn't * him, he forced me!" Ruan Xi Zaimeng was forced to the end of the mountain, yelling desperately.

And when it reached Pei Nanming's ears, he felt as if he had been stabbed hard by something, which made him angry for no reason.

In fact, what Ruan Xi said was the truth, he was the one who forced her to become his own woman.

Ruan Xi cared a lot about the views of Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, and because of her concern for them, she was very afraid that their relationship would be ruined by Mr. Pei and Pei Yan, and he found that this was a good way to torture her and take revenge on her. Trembling, living in an uneasy and uncomfortable way, so over the years, no matter how he tossed her, she never dared to resist, nor did she dare to say a word to outsiders.

She is the Ye Die imprisoned by him, struggling in the dark, Zhang Yixia has to smile and accompany him to continue singing good-neighborliness and friendship.

He saw her struggle, her resistance, her hatred. But, never ignore it!

In his opinion, the pain she endured was less than one-thousandth of his, let alone one-ten-thousandth of his mother's!

Since ancient times, it is only natural for fathers to pay their sons' debts, and it is only natural for her to pay for the mistakes her mother made!

"You didn't do it voluntarily?!" Pei Nanming's eyes were red, and his fingers, which had been useless before, suddenly tightened. cheek.

Ruan Xi looked at his face in astonishment and fear as if she had seen a ghost, and smelled her breath. She felt that Pei Nanming was like a wolf, who would tear her into pieces at any time, and then chewed her to pieces. None left!

She knew that Pei Nanming hated her, and she knew why Pei Nanming hated her. However, Pei Nanming was such a smart person. At that time, he clearly saw that his mother fell backwards and was hit by a car to death. It is undeniable that there was indeed something wrong. Her reason, if, if she hadn't stood behind his mother and frightened his mother at that time, then his mother wouldn't have been frightened, wouldn't have suddenly stumbled back like a ghost, and there wouldn't have been such a tragedy .

However, until now, she still doesn't understand why Pei Nanming's mother was either frightened or mentally stimulated when she saw her, as if she had seen a ghost.

When she first arrived at Pei's house, she met Pei Nanming's mother Ruan Ting for the first time. Ruan Ting had such an expression of astonishment and indescribable emotion. At that time, she didn't know what it was, but now she knows it. That's disgust and fear. Yes, with the horror of disgust.

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