Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 5 Fang Qinglian is lame

"""Nanxi, who told you to use such a tone""

Lu Jianxuan hadn't finished his words.

Suddenly, the driver braked violently and sharply.

Nanxi was slammed into Lu Jian Shen's arms, directly smashing her eyes.

Luckily, Lu Jian Shen used his hand to protect her head, or else she really would have blown her head off.

The driver apologized vigorously, ""I'm sorry, Mr. Lu.""

""Drive seriously.""

Lu Jian Shen coldly dropped this sentence and turned to look at Nanxi, ""Who told you to use such a tone?""

""Hubby, you're the one who said for people to beg you!""

Nanxi continued to use a delicate and soft voice.

After so many years of marriage, this was almost the first time she had ever pampered Lu Jianxuan.

In the past, she was afraid that he wouldn't like it, afraid that he would think she was too pretentious, so she kept it under control.

Now thinking that the two of them were going to get divorced anyway, she instead became much bolder.

Anyway, even if he didn't like it, it would be the last time.

""Sit down."" Lu Jianxuan looked at Nan Xi.

Nanxi immediately sat up straight.

""Speak properly in the future."" He admonished again.


He seemed extremely dissatisfied with Nan Xi's answer, ""Oh what oh, did you hear me.""

""I heard.""

""Hearing is useless, the key is to remember.""

""Especially don't say it to other men in such a tone."" Lu Jian Shen said again.

When he finished speaking, he himself couldn't help but curse himself lowly, Lu Jian Shen, what are you doing?

Simply bewitched!

You guys are about to get divorced, after the divorce she can be pampered to whomever she wants, what do you care?

Annoyed, he loosened his tie, and only then did he feel like he was breathing easier.

When rubbing the medicine, Lu Jian Shen's movements were very light and soft.

His fingertips gently rubbed the skin on the back of Nan Xi's neck, tickling it like a feather.

Especially when his breath fell all over the roots of her soft ears, it was indescribably tantalizing.

Nanxi couldn't help but tremble lightly.

Lu Jianxuan's fingers also trembled.

The color of his eyes was deep, making it impossible to see the emotions inside.

Finally smearing the medicine, Nanxi breathed a sigh of relief.

At the stoplight intersection, Lu Jianxuan suddenly opened his mouth.

""Turn left and go to the mall.""

Nan Xi wondered, ""Aren't you going to the office today?""

""Grandpa's birthday is early, and we haven't prepared a gift yet.""

With this explanation, Nan Xi immediately understood and nodded, ""I'll go with you.""

The two of them went directly to the jewelry floor, and just as they arrived at the store, there was a light and soft call, ""See deep!""

As soon as Nan Xi turned around, she saw Fang Qinglian.

In a flash, she froze hard.

If she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Because she clearly saw that Fang Qinglian was sitting in a wheelchair.

How could it be?

Her legs?

She had never heard anyone say that Fang Qinglian's legs were crippled ah, wasn't she learning to dance?

Nanxi was struck by lightning and stood there for a long time without reacting.

Until Lu Jianxuan opened his mouth: ""Why did you come here? The air-conditioning in the mall is turned up, only wearing such little clothes, is it cold?""

As he spoke, he had already taken off the clothes on his body and draped them over Fang Qinglian's body.

She looked at Nan Xi with embarrassment, ""Actually it's not cold, he ah, he's just too nervous, afraid that I'll catch a cold.""

These words, it was obvious that they were deliberately said to her.

Nanxi lowered her head, not saying a word.

Fang Qinglian looked at Lu Jieshen again, ""I heard that grandpa's birthday is early, I want to pick a gift for him, it just so happens that you've come over, you know what grandpa likes, accompany me to pick it out together, okay?""


Fang Qinglian immediately smiled happily, like a gentle little woman.

""Xiaoman, I'm a little thirsty, give me my water.""

""Oops miss, sorry, the thermos cup of water is finished, I'll call them to send a bottle.""

Lu Jian Shen immediately opened his mouth, ""Sending it will have to wait until when, I'll go pick it up, you guys wait here.""

Then, he looked at Nan Xi, ""I'll go and come back.""

""Good!"" Nanxi nodded.

After Lu Jian Shen left, Fang Qinglian also sidetracked Xiao Man.

Instantly, only she and Fang Qinglian were left.

Nan Xi moved her lips and was just about to open her mouth when Fang Qinglian beat her to it, ""He's just like this, as long as it's something related to me, he'll do everything himself, no matter how small.""

""I also said to him that it's actually fine to leave it to the assistants around him, but See Deep said that he said he wasn't comfortable with it.""

Although they didn't want to hear about the love between them, these words still drilled into Nan Xi's mind in a pervasive way.

Lu Jianxuan was indeed very attentive.

After two years of marriage, he hadn't left out a single one of her birthdays, big and small anniversaries, and festivals.

Only every time, he let Lin Xiaojie organize it.

He had never once personally organized.

And Fang Qinglian is just to give the thermal water to connect a hot water, he has to personally go to pick up.

As expected, there was no harm without comparison.

Nanxi ah Nanxi, you simply lost.

The two of them were silent for a while, and Fang Qinglian took the lead to speak, ""Chatting?""

""Uh-huh."" Nanxi nodded.

Seeing that she kept staring at her legs, Fang Qinglian took the initiative to speak, ""It seems that you really don't know.""

Nan Xi shook her head, ""I've never heard of it, how did your legs get like this? See Deep didn't tell me.""

""Of course See Deep didn't tell you."" Fang Qinglian's tone became agitated.

Perhaps realizing this, she took a deep breath and immediately controlled her emotions, ""I'm sorry, I'm a bit agitated.""

""Not only See Deep, I'm afraid that no one in the entire Lu family would dare to tell you.""


""Grandpa Lu is the absolute authority in the family, who dares to disobey an order he personally gives?""

Seeing Nanxi's incomprehension, Fang Qinglian continued.

""The Lu family has protected you too well, especially Grandpa Lu, Nanxi you know, although you came out of a small family and don't have any family background at all, you are too lucky.

""Grandpa Lu treats you like his own granddaughter, just because your mom saved their lives? I sometimes even wonder if the person who saved their lives was my mom, would it be possible for me and See Deep to have a different ending, and I would be able to marry him like I wanted?""

Nan Xi had a bad feeling in her heart.

For some reason, she felt like something she didn't know was drawing out, layer by layer.

""What do you mean by that?""

Nan Xi's breathing became a little short.

""Back then, Grandpa Lu was determined to set up you and See Deep, he wanted See Deep to marry you, but See Deep didn't agree at all, the two of them were at a standstill for a very long time, See Deep was young after all, and all the power of the Lu family was in Grandpa Lu's hands, and he used all sorts of ways to force See Deep, and See Deep ultimately didn't succeed in his resistance, and could only be forced to marry you.""

""No, you're lying.""

Nanxi was suddenly like a hedgehog, violently resisting.

There was no way she could accept that her marriage was an unseemly coercion.

Fang Qinglian smiled breathlessly, ""What I said is the truth, because Seeing Deep married you back then just to protect me."""


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