Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 4 Divorce Postponed

"Lu Jianxuan took the cell phone and lifted the covers to walk directly to the window.

The two chatted for a few minutes, Nan Xi couldn't hear what he was saying, she only saw his brows tighten for a while and stretch for a while.

After hanging up the phone, Lu Jianxuan walked over.

Nanxi looked at him in embarrassment, ""I answered the wrong phone, did Ms. Fang misunderstand?""

""I've already explained.""

After a pause, he looked at Nanxi, ""We are husband and wife, sleeping in the same bed and waking up from the same bed is supposed to be normal.""

""Uh-huh."" Nanxi nodded.

About to get up, Lu Jianxuan suddenly came close to her face, ""What's going on with your face?""

Nanxi hurriedly ran to the mirror to look, and sure enough, she had a lot of red pimples on her face, on her legs, arms, and almost all over her body.

She knew that it was the downfall of the egg allergy she ate yesterday.

""A bit of allergy, I've already taken the medicine, it will subside in a few days."" Nan Xi said.

""There's really no big problem?"" Lu Jianxuan asked.

""Well, don't worry, it won't delay going to see grandpa.""

""You wait for a while, I'll finish putting on my makeup, change my clothes and leave with you to meet grandpa to mention the divorce.""

She knew that he couldn't wait for her to mention the divorce.

Since there was no turning back, she wouldn't be a bitter little woman to ask for his pity and compassion.

She couldn't do such a thing.

Her self-respect even more so would not allow it.

""No need to go to grandpa's place, let's go to the hospital to take a look at your face."" Lu Jianxuan said.

Nan Xi froze, ""Grandpa already agreed?""

Lu Jianxuan shook his head.

Then he looked at her and explained, ""I was about to tell you that grandpa's health isn't very good, he's already moved up his 80th birthday, and is organizing it a week from now.""

""Grandpa has always loved you, if he mentions divorce now, he definitely won't be able to have a happy birthday, we'll bring it up again after the eightieth birthday.""

""Good."" Nanxi nodded: ""Grandpa is the person who loves me the most and treats me the best in the entire Lu family, I also hope that he will happily finish his eightieth birthday.""

""Listening to you, it seems like you're accusing me of treating you badly?"" Lu Jianxuan teased.


After her mother died, it was Grandpa who took her back to the Lu family and gave her a warm and happy home, and it was also Grandpa who had always taken care of her and paid for her education.

Without grandpa, she simply couldn't dare to imagine what kind of life she had been living these past few years.

""Don't worry, once grandpa's birthday is over I'll go and file for a divorce, it won't delay you.""

Afraid that he was worried that he would use grandpa's birthday to delay, Nan Xi hastily assured him.

""You seem to be in a hurry to get a divorce, more so than me?""

""What? Just so impatient to meet that old lover of yours?""

Lu Jianxuan rubbed his brow, somehow feeling a bit distracted.

After breakfast, Nan Xi couldn't be stubborn with Lu Jian Shen, and was still taken to the hospital by him.

The doctor's office.

Nanxi was sitting on a stool, Lu Jian Shen was standing next to her.

She was a little flustered, she didn't expect Lu Jian Shen to accompany her here.

""Know what you're allergic to?""


""Knowing that you still eat so much, making it so serious, you also suffer, have you taken your medicine?""

Nanxi shook her head, somewhat embarrassed: ""No.""

""I'll prescribe some medicine first, you go home and eat it to see the effect, if the effect is not good, come to the hospital immediately to get an injection.""

Nanxi's hand was placed on her belly, she was a little hesitant, worried that these oral medicines would have an effect on the baby.

But Lu Jian Shen was standing beside her again, so she couldn't ask.

Just when she was anxious, Lu Jian Shen's phone rang, and he went out to answer the phone.

Nanxi immediately breathed a sigh of relief and looked at the doctor, ""Doctor, I'm pregnant, can I take these medicines?""

""Why didn't you tell me just now, I'll change it to external medicine for you, don't take it orally.""

""Thank you doctor, please!""

After leaving from the doctor's office, Lu Jian Shen's face changed.

It was no longer the softness it was when he arrived and became cold to the core.

After enduring all the way to the window to get the medicine, he finally couldn't hold back, ""You've gotten more capable, you've learned to lie ah you?""

Nanxi knew that he was talking about the fact that he had lied to him about having taken the medicine.

She quickly lowered her head, rather embarrassed, ""I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.""

""Then it was intentional.""

Nan Xi: """"

This ability to misinterpret meaning is also awesome?

""I was thinking that I'm going to get divorced soon, and after we separate, we'll return to the road, the bridge returns to the bridge, there's no need to trouble you anymore. These two years, already enough trouble for you.""

""You also know you're troublesome?"" Lu Jianxuan said without a trace of anger.

Nan Xi reddened her ears, her heart was sour, see, he really felt that he was a burden, a trouble.

But the next moment, Lu Jian Shen's voice rang out.

""It's been troublesome for two years, so I don't care about this one more time.""

Getting the medicine, Lu Jian Shen was looking at the dosage when he suddenly spoke out, ""I remember the doctor said to open the mouth to take the medicine, how did it turn into an external medicine?""

Nanxi: """"

Being too meticulous and too fiery-eyed is sometimes not a good thing.

""External medicine is also quite good!"" Nan Xi said.

""You have severe allergies, external medicine is too slow, it's better to take oral medicine with good results, besides, it's grandpa's 80th birthday soon, if the red pimples on your body can't be eliminated by that time, his old man might think that I've mistreated you again.""

""I'll explain to grandpa, and besides, it won't be that long before it's still bad."" Nanxi seriously assured.

But Lu Jianxin still insisted.

""No, I'd better switch to oral medication, lest it doesn't work and you come running for another injection.""

Saying this, he walked towards the doctor's office, ready to ask the doctor to prescribe another medicine.

Nan Xi held her forehead and hurriedly called out to him, ""See deep, wait, that one is what I asked the doctor to change to external medicine. My stomach and intestines aren't very good these days, oral medicines aren't suitable for people with upset stomachs.""

""The external medicine is a bit slower, but it's also safe, isn't it?""

This reason finally convinced Lu Jian Shen.

Only then did he stop in his tracks.

In the car, Nan Xi first smeared medicine on her face, legs and arms.

But the back of her neck she really couldn't see, and just when she was in trouble, Lu Jianxuan took the initiative to open his mouth, ""Are you sure you don't want to ask for help?""

He was always like that, as if he knew everything, as if he had strategized everything.

""Here you go then!"" Nanxi put the medicine into his hand.

Lu Jianxuan suddenly frowned: ""With this attitude, you're not going to beg me?""

Nanxi bit her lip and simply did not do anything.

Blinking her delicate eyes, she pouted in a voice so soft it could drip water, ""Hubby, please, I can't rub it, help me rub it!"""


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