Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 3 Act like a baby, hug her to sleep

"""You take care of yourself alone.""

Lu Jianxin hurriedly said and hung up the phone.

""Okay, I will.""

Although, he hung up quickly and quickly, Nan Xi still heard Fang Qinglian's voice.

Hearing ""Candlelight dinner."" clearly in her mouth. Four words.

It was ironic to think that on her and her husband's second anniversary, her husband was having a candlelight dinner with another woman.

Fang Qinglian really came back!

Although she didn't want to believe it, it was the truth.

And this fact also made her instantly lose her armor and collapse.

No need to now, two years ago, she and Fang Qinglian comparison, has already lost completely.

How could she expect Lu Jian Shen to choose her?

Just because she was pregnant?

At this moment, Nan Xi was glad that she didn't say it out loud, or else she was really making a fool of herself.

After crying and venting.

Nanxi calmed down a lot, since his mind was made up, she chose to accept it openly.

After taking a shower, she lay on the bed.

Tossing and turning for a long time, she was just about to fall asleep when she suddenly received a phone call from Huo Siyan: ""See Shen is drunk and rowdy, come and bring him home.""

Nan Xi is wondering: wasn't he spending the night with Fang Qinglian?

Why did he go to drink with Huo Si Yan again?

Nan Xi was about to say, ""I'm a bit inconvenienced, you find someone to send him back for a bit!""

Huo Siyan had already hung up the phone.

When she called again, the phone was already off.

Forcing herself to endure the discomfort, Nan Xi got up from the bed, changed her clothes, and then asked the driver to drive her to the clubhouse that Lu Jian Shen often went to.

When she arrived, it was quiet inside.

Lu Jian Shen was so drunk that he was sleeping on the sofa, his long legs folded, his tie neat, and his grooming as handsome as ever.

It had to be said that some people in this world were just perfect, no matter when, even if they were a drunken mess they could still maintain good grooming, just like Lu See-Shen.

Nanxi just got close enough to vomit with nausea.

She guessed that it was probably an early reaction to pregnancy vomiting.

Hardly able to suppress it, she looked at Huo Siyan, ''Why are you so drunk? Isn't he with Fang Qinglian?""

""Dare you know?"" Huo Siyan looks at her with undisguised sarcasm, ""Your husband wants to spend the night with another woman and you just let him?""

Nan Xi clenched her hands, took a deep breath, and slowly loosened them again.

Faintly, she returns, ""We've already negotiated to get a divorce, except for that divorce certificate, in fact, he's already free, I don't have the right to discipline him anymore.""

""Heh,"" Huo Siyan looks at her with a cold smile, ""You are generous.""

""Nanxi, do you have a conscience, how did see deep treat you all these years? Hold it in your hand for fear of falling, hold it in your mouth for fear of melting, he said divorce, you don't know to retain it?"" Huo Si Yan was very agitated.

Nan Xi looked at him with some consternation, ""I remember, when I married him, you opposed it very fiercely, now I'm going to divorce him, shouldn't you be the happiest? How come you're even more furious than me instead.""

""This is one thing and another, I didn't like you at that time, but since you're married, you should cherish it instead of treating marriage as child's play. And.""

He paused and said meaningfully, ""You're more suitable for him than Fang Qinglian.""

Nanxi called the driver, and she and the driver helped Lu Jianxuan to the car together.

Unexpectedly, just after getting out of the car, she met Lu Mingbo.

""Dad, why are you here?""

Lu Mingbo looked coldly at Lu Jianxuan: ""You've become a family man, and you don't have a sense of propriety, and you're still drunk, it's just not like that.""

Nanxi immediately smiled and said, ""Dad, I don't blame See-Shen, today is my wedding anniversary with him, a few friends got together, everyone took turns toasting me, See-Shen was heartbroken, so he all helped me to block it, and drank a double portion by himself.""

Hearing this, Lu Mingbo's face only eased a little, ""That's more or less the same.""

Then he handed something in his hand to Nan Xi, ""This is a gift from grandpa and I to you for your wedding anniversary, something came up at the last minute and I sent it late, I hope you like it, and I also wish that in the future you will work hand in hand and love each other for a long time.""

""Thank you grandpa, thank you dad, I like it very much. And thank you for remembering.""

Nan Xi was genuinely thankful and truly touched.

""Aren't you going to open it and take a look?"" Lu Mingbo asked.

""As long as it's a gift from Grandpa and Dad, I like it very much no matter what.""

""You're a child, simple, kind-hearted and soft-hearted, just extraordinarily pleasing to the eye."" His gaze fell on Lu Jian Shen, ""If he bullies you, don't be polite, tell Grandpa and I anytime, we'll back you up.""

""Thanks dad, I'll definitely remember."" Nan Xi smiled very brightly.

""Then I won't bother you anymore, take an early rest.""

Nan Xi handed Lu Jian Shen to the housekeeper, ""Dad, I'll see you off.""

""No need, it'll take time for you to clean him up, rest early when you're done.""

""Okay, Dad, take care!""

It was hard to get Lu Jian Shen upstairs and put on the bath water.

When she went out from the bathroom, she realized that Lu Jian Shen had already fallen straight to the floor and fallen asleep.

Nan Xi suddenly laughed a little, it turned out that he wasn't always gentle and refined, there were times when he lost his temper.

She squatted down and reached out to poke, ""Lu Jian Shen, get up and take a shower.""

""Get up, if you don't get up, I don't care about you oh!""

No response.

Nan Xi sighed and could only help him take off his clothes piece by piece.

Then she helped him to the bathroom to give him a bath.

The flavor of the shower gel was a rich milk flavor, this shower gel was still chosen by her personally, it was a flavor that she liked very much.

But today, she choked and vomited several times in a row during the process of bathing Lu Jian Shen.

It was not easy to finish bathing him and get him on the bed, Nan Xi thought she could pull out and rest.

Lu Jianxuan, however, suddenly turned around, wrapped his hands around her waist, and murmured in a low voice, ""Don't go, sleep with me!""

Nanxi's heart was instantly flooded with warmth, and her heart couldn't control the chaotic beating.

That feeling, very much like when she first met him, like a deer in the headlights, her entire heart was sweet and tender.

Usually he always had a look of strategizing, elegant and calm, how had he ever had such a petulant scene.

Her heart was soft, suddenly she couldn't bear to push him away.

So be it, it's the last night.

Tomorrow, after the divorce, they will not have the opportunity to share the same bed again.

Let today be her last memory!


She answered softly, laying down on top of him before taking the covers over the two of them.

Before going to sleep, her fingers were like a paintbrush gently drawing over his eyebrows, his nose, his lips.

It finally landed on his hand, crossing her fingers with his and holding them tightly.

These things, and only when he was asleep, she dared to do it quietly.

In the morning, Nan Xi was woken up by the vibration of the cell phone.

She was still a little sleepy, her sleep was not good, and in a daze, she grabbed the cell phone and put it to her ear, ""Hello, hello!""

""You're Nan Xi?"" A woman's dismayed voice came from the other side of the phone.

Fang Qinglian's voice.

She had the wrong phone, this was Lu Jianxuan's cell phone.

With a jolt, Nanxi immediately sat up from the bed.

She opened her eyes and quickly glanced at the phone before handing it to Lu Jianxuan, ""Ms. Fang is looking for you."""


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