Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 2 Fool, I have loved you for ten years

A fine pain came from Nan Xi's heart.

She clenched her hands and faintly said, "Don't say anything, he already has someone he likes and is about to remarry.

"Remarry? He was married?"

This answer made Lu Jian Shen a little surprised.

Two years of marriage, two years of togetherness, and he hadn't even been able to rival a man in her heart who was already married?

Nan Xi gently nodded, "Well, he used to be pressured by his family to marry someone he didn't love as his wife, and now that his beloved girl is back, they're about to enter the marriage hall."

Lu Jian Shen was quite angry after hearing this.

"Then he's quite scummy, wrecking two girls at the same time, such a man, not worth you liking, if there's a chance to like someone else, you'll be happier."

Nan Xi nodded: "I also think so."

But what to do?

Until today, she has liked him for ten years.

Ten years, almost her entire youth so distant and long.

Can't change it, if she could change someone to reside in her heart, she would have changed it a long time ago.

Some love, once it takes root and sprouts, it can never be pulled out.

"See deep, I have loved you for ten whole years, do you know that? The person I love is no one else, it's you, it's you." Nan Xi squeezed her hands tightly and secretly said over and over again in her heart.

Lu Jianxuan's brows furrowed very, very deeply.

He looked at Nan Xi like he was thinking about something.

"Nanxi." Suddenly, he opened his mouth and called out to her.



Lu Jianxuan shook his head again.

It was truly bewitching.

For a moment just now, he would actually feel that the person Nan Xi was talking about was a bit like him.

But soon, he dismissed it.

He remembered that when they got married, Nanxi said that she had liked that person for eight years.

But at that time, they had clearly only known each other for four years, and it definitely wouldn't be him.

There was someone else.

After Lu Jianxuan left, Nanxi hurriedly went to the trash can to find the pregnancy test form.

Then smoothed it out on the table and carefully collected it.

The body is getting harder and harder, as if it hurts to take a breath, she lies on the bed and falls into a deep sleep for a long time.

Until the phone rang.

"Hello!" Because she hadn't woken up, Nan Xi's voice was still nasal, soft, soft, causing pain for no reason.

"Still sleeping?" Lu Jianxuan's voice came, as gentle as ever.

"Uh, just woke up."

"It's almost noon, remember to get up and eat. I've already given the gift to Lin Xiao, he'll deliver it later."

"Gift? What gift?" After sleeping for a while, Nan Xi deliberately forgot a lot of things.

"A gift for the second wedding anniversary, although I mentioned the divorce in the morning, since it hasn't been finalized yet, I'll remember my identity and fulfill my obligations, what others have, I won't lack you just the same."

See, this is Lu Jian Shen.

Always so gentle and considerate, as if perfect and flawless, without a single blemish.

How good he is!

So so good.

There is only one thing that is not good, not loving her.

While she was lost in thought, Lu Jian Shen's voice came again, "Still want to say sorry to you, there was a little hiccup in the middle of the gift, so I've changed it to give it to you."

"Uh-huh!" Nanxi nodded her head, unable to say what she felt in her heart.

Both of them were about to get divorced soon, and this so-called anniversary gift always felt a bit ironic.

After hanging up the phone, Nan Xi had just gotten up and changed her clothes when Lin Xiao came.

He handed the gift in his hand to Nan Xi respectfully, "Young lady, this is what Mr. Lu ordered for you."

"Good, thank you."

The gift box was beautifully and chicly wrapped, and it looked like a big name.

Although she knew that it was not the gift she was expecting, Nanxi still opened it with her own hands.

When she saw the ruby necklace and earrings that caught her eye, she laughed silently.

Lu Jianxuan was making it up to her, right?

Because he hadn't been able to give her the gift of his heart, he had spent a large amount of money on a whole set of jewelry that was worth a lot of money.

Last month, she went with him to attend a jewelry auction, there was a pair of jasper earrings in the auction, and the grandfather gave her that jade bracelet is especially matched, emerald green, beautiful and gentle, she looked at the first glance and liked it.

Lu see deep saw the stunning in her eyes, took the initiative to speak: "If you like it, I'll shoot it down."

"No need, it's too expensive."

The two were contractually married after all, she was embarrassed to spend so much money on Lu Jian Shen.

"It's our second anniversary soon, consider it as a gift from me to you, if you feel embarrassed, just give me a gift back."

So, she then had expectations.

I didn't expect that the mention of divorce would cause even the pre-prepared gift to go down the drain.

It seemed that God also felt that there was no destiny between them and it was time to separate.

A gift?

She did prepare a gift for him with all her heart, but unfortunately he didn't want it.

Nan Xi immediately called out to Lin Xiao, "I made this cake with my own hands, so help me bring it to him!"

Lin Xiao froze, Lu Jian Shen's words ringing in her mind, "I don't love sweets, if she asks you to bring me a cake, she'll say no back."

Looking at Nan Xi, Lin Xiao was unable to bear it.

After hesitating for a long time, she still told the truth: "Mr. Lu said that he doesn't love sweets, he knows that Young Lady likes sweets, so he asked you to eat more."

Nan Xi clenched her palms, almost a little unsteady.

After Lin Xiao left, she hugged the cake all the way back to her room.

Her weak body slid down the door panel little by little to the floor, and her tears were like drops of water, hitting the floor in big drops.

Her heart, it hurt so much.

She had always known that Lu Jian Shen didn't like cream, nor did he love cakes that were too sweet.

So she made this cake with her own hands, low-fat and low-sugar, only a light milk flavor, really not sweet at all.

And there was no cream, just the cake embryo.

But he was unwilling to even try a bite.

Nanxi opened the cake and looked at the carefully drawn family of three on top, she smiled bitterly.

Then, she suddenly stretched out her hand, and just like she was crazy, she grabbed the cake and ate it.

She lowered her head, completely disregarding her image, desperately eating, frantically eating.

The cake was huge, and when she was halfway through eating it, she threw up.

After throwing up, she hugged the cake and started eating again.

While shedding tears, she ate.

The salty tears mixed in with the cake, she couldn't tell what it tasted like, she just knew she had to finish it.

She wasn't satisfied until she had eaten the entire cake.

But then, she vomited and had diarrhea in the bathroom, her stomach hurt and she rolled around, and her whole body was even more uncomfortable and faint.

In this world, except for her mom, no one knew she was allergic to eggs.

That's why for her birthday, she always ate only cream, never a cake mix.

But this time, she ate the whole cake embryo.

She told herself that this was the last time she would be so crazy and reckless for Lu Jian Shen.

After vomiting, she bawled her eyes out.

In order not to let the people outside hear her, she desperately covered her lips to prevent herself from making a sound.

"Baby, I'm sorry, mommy didn't get to keep daddy."

"Daddy he doesn't love mommy, he loves the other aunts, and although mommy wishes he could stay, mommy can't be that selfish."

"Baby, you must be strong, mommy can raise you well by herself."

Suddenly, the cell phone rang.

It was Lu Jian Shen's.

Nanxi immediately wiped away her tears, organized herself, and quietly picked up, "Hello."

"You received the gift, right? Did you like it?"

"Well, I like it very much, thank you!"

"You're suitable for red, carry it with a color." After a pause, Lu Jian Shen said, "I won't be back tonight."

Suddenly, Fang Qinglian's warm and soft voice gently floated in, "See deep, did you talk to her? Come on, candlelight dinner I've"


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