Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 1 Pregnant, He Asked for Divorce

The sound of rushing water came from the bathroom, Lu Jianxuan was taking a shower.

Nanxi covered the quilt and got up from the bed, thinking of all the things that happened last night, her small face flushed.

Although she was already a couple, she still felt very shy after every sweetness.

The sound of water stopped and Lu Jianxuan walked out with a towel around him.

She handed over her clothes: "Breakfast is ready, I'll wait downstairs for you to join me."


Downstairs, Nan Xi carefully took out the cake from the refrigerator and set it in the middle of the dining table.

She was pinching a pregnancy test slip in her hand, and because she was nervous, a heart was pounding.

Today was their second wedding anniversary, and thinking about telling him about her pregnancy, Nanxi was both nervous and looking forward to it.

Lu Jianxuan had already changed his clothes and came down, a handmade customized black suit, lining him elegantly charming and handsome.

After finishing breakfast, Nan Xi grasped the inspection report in her hand, took a deep breath, and nervously opened her mouth: "See deep, I have something I want to say to you."

"Just in time, I also have something I want to say to you."

"Then you say it first."

Lu Jian Shen got up and took out the documents from the drawer, his long and slender fingers slowly handed them to Nan Xi.

"This is the divorce agreement, you take the time to look at it."

Nanxi was caught off guard, desperately trying to control before she could keep herself from falling.

She sucked in a hard breath, and the air that filled her mouth cut like a knife in pain.

Did he say divorce papers?

Her brain went blank, and it was a while before Nan Xi found her voice and asked him blankly.

"Are you going to divorce me?"


His voice was extremely light and shallow.

Nanxi pinched the pregnancy test slip and was about to ask him, there's no turning back?

What if there was a baby between us?

Will you think about it a little more?

The next moment, his voice came through: "Qinglian is back, I want to end our marriage early, at first we agreed on a limit of three years, but now the situation has changed, let's end it a year earlier."

"I know it's a bit hasty, this is the drafted agreement, you take a look at it first, you can mention any request, as long as it's not too much, I will fulfill you."

Nan Xi's brain went blank as she answered: "Okay, I'll look at it later."

She put her hands behind her back, the pregnancy test form in her hand was tightly squeezed, oozing layer after layer of fine sweat.

She knew there was no point in taking it out anymore.

"There's one more thing I have to ask of you." Lu Jianxuan said.

Nanxi pinched her hands tightly and tried to raise her head to look at him and smiled, "Okay, you say, as long as I can help."

"The divorce, you mention it to grandpa, he won't agree if I mention it."

"Okay, I understand."

She was originally an ordinary girl, her family was even more ordinary to the extreme, a mom who was a nurse and a gambler dad.

With a family like this, she couldn't climb up to the Lu family no matter what.

All the chances were just because, back then, Lu Jian Shen's grandfather and father were backstabbed by business rivals and got into a car accident, which triggered heart attacks in both of them.

Her mom happened to be passing by, and enthusiastically saved the two old men.

Years later, her mom suffered from cancer and passed away, and her dad was a gambler, so her mom didn't feel at ease with her, and that's why she contacted the Lu family after many years, asking for their help in taking care of her as an orphaned daughter.

And Grandpa Lu directly made the decision, as soon as she graduated, she was betrothed to Lu Jian Shen.

At that time, Lu See-Shen said, "I can marry you, but my heart belongs to me, our marriage is for a period of three years, and after three years, it is up to you to ask Grandpa for a divorce, and we will each be at peace."

She forced herself to hold back her astringency and cover up all her love.

The clouds lightly back to him: "I know ah, I also have a heart belongs to, once the marriage contract, I will abide by the promise to take the initiative to leave."

After getting married, he did all the responsibilities of a husband;

Love her, spoil her, protect her, really treat her very well.

All around the friends who do not know, she is Lu Jianzhen's heart meat, hand treasure, as long as to provoke her upset, minutes from heaven to hell, everyone envied her married to a good man, a good husband.

However, only Nanxi knows that their marriage is not because of love at all, just a contract.

This man gave her all the good, have nothing to do with love, just do a duty just, if say really have love, he only love is her body, obsessed with the same love.

Originally said three years, but now the woman he hid in the tip of his heart came back, she should also give way.

Nan Xi bent over and picked up the "divorce papers on the table."

She no longer had an appetite and was about to go back to her room when Lu Jianxuan suddenly tugged on his tie with some annoyance and called out to her.

"When you mention divorce, grandpa will definitely ask the reason, when you got married, didn't you say you had a favorite for many years? Now that I'm letting you go free, you can just go find him and pursue the happiness that belongs to you. With this answer, it's not good for grandpa to refuse even if he doesn't agree."

Nan Xi nodded, "Well, I'll tell Grandpa so."

After saying that, she couldn't wait to go back, if she stayed any longer, she was afraid that she would regret it and would tell him, Lu See Shen, I don't want a divorce.

Lu See Deep suddenly reached out, Nan Xi was afraid that what was in her hand would be discovered by him, and suddenly retreated.

Lu Jianxuan became more and more worried, insisted on holding her hand: "Why does your face look so ugly? Is it somewhere uncomfortable?"

"No." Nanxi hastily broke away from his hand.

"Two years as a couple, do you think I can't see that you're lying?" Lu Jianxuan's eyes were dark.

Nan Xi was finally defeated, "Nothing serious, it's just that my great aunt came."

"Rest well for a while."

After saying this, Lu Jianxuan suddenly glanced at her clenched right hand and asked in a low voice, "What's in your hand? Grabbing so tightly."

Nan Xi immediately threw it to the trash can like a hot potato, barely smiling, "Nothing, it's garbage, I've been pinching it in my hand and forgot to throw it away."

He wouldn't know how much her heart really hurt.

It was as if someone had taken an axe knife and split her heart in two, drenched in blood and bloody.

Each petal was still bleeding, and she held the broken heart in pain.

"See deep, Lu See deep," Nan Xi murmured in her heart, "A good couple, how can they be broken up just like that?"

When she first married him, she was almost holding the courage to throw herself away.

And now the departure is too scrappy and bleak.

"Nanxi, silly girl, you lost the bet after all, he doesn't love you, not at all."

Seeing that her body was a bit weak and staggering as she walked, Lu Jian Shen didn't even think about it and picked her up in a hug.

Nanxi was in a state of dismay, and hurriedly said, "Let go of me, I'll go back by myself."

"All weak like this, don't try to be strong."

Lu Jian Shen's gentle and charming, sexy and low voice rang in her ears.

It was this voice that she had listened to and been addicted to for two whole years, but now he was suddenly pulling away.

Nanxi blinked, not holding back her tears in the end.

Lu Jian Shen laughed at her, "It's not like you're a little girl anymore, you can still cry because of your physiological period, don't cry, I'll get a doctor to come and take a look at you in a while."

"I'm not crying." Nanxi said stubbornly.

He's such an idiot, stupid pig.

He didn't even know what she was crying about.

"Fine, fine, if you didn't cry, then you didn't cry!" Lu Jianxuan compromised

"Can you tell me who he is?" Suddenly, he asked without a clue.

Nanxi was puzzled: "Him?"

"Didn't you say there's a man you've loved for many years? I'm curious as to who is so lucky to have you thinking about him for so long." Lu Jianxuan said.


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