Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 30: Nanxi's Robbery

Nanxi was a little surprised when she scanned the QR code.

His WeChat avatar was wearing a police uniform, holding a gun in his hand, looking spirited.

It turned out to be a police officer, no wonder he was so eager to help her just now.

When she was a child, Nan Xi was particularly favorable to the group of police officers, and today this police brother even personally helped her twice, Nan Xi's goodwill towards them grew more and more.

"I've already added you, when you're free you pass through and I'll return the money to you."

After saying that, Nanxi pulled her suitcase and sat on the window seat.

When the light was red, Nanxi looked out the window.

On the sidewalk, there were bouncing students, elderly people helping to cross the road, and take-out people riding electric bikes.

Looking at all this, she suddenly felt that life had become vivid.

Perhaps this was the life that suited her.

If it wasn't for the fact that her mom saved her grandfather, she wouldn't have arrived at the Lu family, much less have the opportunity to marry Lu See-Shen.

When she graduated, she would be one of the ordinary members of these people, riding to work every day, getting off work, two o'clock and one line, busy and running around for life.

Although it is a lot of hard work.

But this was her original course.

She wouldn't have to worry about losing, nor would she have to walk on thin ice and be careful.

But if this was the case, she would never have the chance to see Lu Jianxuan again.

As soon as she thought of this, Nan Xi's chest began to ache, and that fine, aching pain tugged at her heart a little bit, almost making her unable to catch her breath.

"Dear Mr. Lu, I love you."

"Dear Mr. Lu, I love you."

Fang Qinglian's words reverberated wildly in her mind like a magic spell.

Suddenly, the bus ran like crazy, and the road in front of her, with its potholes, Nanxi felt like she was almost thrown off her feet.

What's more, her stomach began to roll up madly.

It was already hard in the heart.

Now the stomach was also hard.

The emotions that had been pent up for a few days suddenly vented out uncontrollably at this moment.

Tears suddenly smashed down from her eyes and dripped into her palms, still hot.

"Lu Jian Shen, stinky man, stupid man, I hate you to death."

"Big dummy, I'll never care about you again."

Nan Xi cursed angrily in her heart, but the more she cursed, the harder she felt.

The more tears flowed as well.

She felt so wretched and simply humiliated that she cried out in broad daylight.

Reaching out to touch her bag, she couldn't find any paper.

She must have been in too much of a hurry when she left and forgot to bring it.

While she was anxious, suddenly, a pair of bony fingers holding a packet of paper was handed to her.

When Nan Xi looked up, she saw the face of the man she had just seen, as cold as ever.


The bus was too bumpy, and by the time she got to the next stop, Nanxi couldn't carry it anymore completely, and she decided to get off early.

She pulled her suitcase and just went down from the back door, when suddenly, a sharp pain came from her ear.

The pain was so sharp that she almost fainted.

Nanxi just reacted, only to see a man with dyed yellow hair and wearing jeans already subdued to the ground, wailing.

And the person who saved her was the man who had just been there.

She reached out, and touched her ear that hurt like hell, only to realize that it was already all bleeding.

She wiped her hand, and instantly her hand was covered in blood stains.

"Don't move yet, go to the hospital later." The man looked at her and said in a low voice.

He looked at the bus stop sign, and then took out his cell phone and made a call, "Well, Gongnong Station, you guys come over right away."

In less than five minutes, the police came over.

After looking for Nan Xi and asking a few questions, the police took the robbers away.


Suddenly, the man shouted, and he stretched out his hand towards the robber, "Where's the stuff?"

"What stuff, I didn't get it." The yellow-haired man stiff-lipped.

"Bring it out, I don't want to repeat myself a second time." His voice was icy and regal, making people look at him with fear and trepidation.


In the next moment, a slightly cold earring fell into his hand.

Only, the earring still had blood on it, and it didn't look too pretty.

The man was about to hand it over to Nan Xi when his cell phone rang.

"Hey boss, where are you, how come I didn't see it after looking for half a day."

"Something happened temporarily, I'm at Gongnong Station."

"Okay boss, wait a moment, three minutes to."


The man hung up the phone and walked towards Nanxi, the blood on her ear was getting more and more, flowing down her neck and soon staining the white collar red.

The tiny earlobe couldn't see the specifics of the wound because it was stained with blood, but it didn't take much thought to realize that it was red and swollen.

She frowned, biting her lip hard, it was obvious that it was very painful.

But hard to endure, not a single cry.

Coldly sucking in a breath, Nan Xi felt more and more pain.

Originally, she thought that her ear was just torn by that person, at most it would be a little red and swollen, so she should just put some medicine on it.

But now that it's bleeding, and the pain is so severe, she can't bear it anymore.

Gritting her teeth, she hesitated for a long time but still called Lu Jian Shen.

Beep beep beep.

One second, five seconds, ten seconds

Nan Xi's wait was consumed little by little in the beeping sound of the phone.

Just as she was about to hang up, the call connected, and she was so happy that she thought Lu Jian Shen had finally picked up the phone.

"See deep, I'm" hurt.

Before Nanxi could finish her words, Lin Night's voice came from the opposite side: "Young Lady, it's me."

"Where's See Deep? Is he in? Is he free right now."

Lin Xiao looked at Lu Jian Shen's gesture, then said, "I'm sorry young lady, Mr. Lu is particularly busy these days, I'll relay it for you in a moment."

"No need!"

Nan Xi finished and hung up directly.

Since he didn't want to see her, why would she need to request bitterly!

He thought that she was looking for him to talk about the divorce again?

In his heart, is she that aggressive?

It's really funny, he's obviously the one who brought up the divorce, and now he's also the one who's avoiding it.

Her ears hurt so much that Nan Xi was about to take a taxi to the hospital, but she found that her cell phone had been turned off.

The last bit of battery power she used to call Lu Jianxuan.

Unfortunately, he didn't even listen to her.

Her ears hurt.

But what hurt more was her heart.

Three minutes later, Du Peng drove a black Big Ben and parked directly beside Zhou Xiannan.

At the same time, he rolled down the window and spoke enthusiastically, "Boss, here."

Zhou Xiannan nodded, indicating that he had heard.

Du Peng: ""

What's this?

Not getting into the car?

In the next second, his eyes widened as he realized that the Boss had directly pulled on a girl's suitcase.

Nanxi was dragging her suitcase forward.

Suddenly, her suitcase was grabbed by someone, because of the earring being robbed matter just now, she was a bit scared and immediately raised her head.

When she saw that it was the man who just helped her, she immediately smiled and said, "It's you! I really thank you for just now, some other day when I have time, I will definitely thank you properly."

Zhou Xiannan looked at her, his exit words were concise and dry.

"Get in the car, I'll send you to the hospital."


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