Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 28: Divorce.

Lu Jian Shen had just opened the door, when suddenly, with a bang, Lin Xiao was hit by the door and screamed.

Seeing Lu Jian Shen furious, he thought that he was slow in delivering the medicine, and hurriedly cried, "Mr. Lu, I really don't blame me for this, madam is simply fiery-eyed, you don't know, I was searched all over by a group of men down there, and searched three times, and if it wasn't for my vow of resistance, I would almost be stripped naked."

"If it wasn't for me being smart and hiding the medicine in my belt, I wouldn't have been able to bring it in at all."

"Mr. Lu, eat quickly, I'll go get you some water."

Lu Jian Shen's cold and sharp gaze shot towards Lin Xiao, his entire person freezing as if he came out of an ice cellar, "There's already an antidote, why are you still eating it."

"Ah, there's already an antidote?"

Lin Xiao was puzzled, then looking at Nan Xi, he instantly understood.

"Take the medicine with you and get out." Lu Jian Shen angrily rebuked.

Lin Xiao hurriedly followed, and while following, he asked, "Mr. Lu, what are we going to do now?"

"To find the person who gave me the antidote." Lu See-Shen said.


Lin Xiao was now completely confused, didn't he say that Young Lady had already given him the antidote?

Then what's going on now?

Seeing that he took a step and was about to leave, Nan Xi finally couldn't hold back and opened her mouth, "Do you really want to go?"

Lu Jian Shen carried her back, his voice cool: "This is not exactly what you wish for."

Nanxi bit her lip, suddenly feeling unable to say any more words.

She had never wished for him to go to Fang Qinglian.

It was clearly him who only wanted Fang Qinglian.

It was just.

Since he had already decided to let go, there seemed to be no difference between earlier and later.

"Close the door when you leave."

Dropping these words, Nan Xi turned around and ran away.

Just as she reached the bathroom, she heard the door slam shut.

No longer able to hold back, she instantly vomited everything in her stomach.

She didn't remember how long she threw up for, she only remembered that in the end, her entire stomach was empty.

When she lifted her head again, her entire face was pale, with no blood at all.

The night was, well, deep.

The sky was so dark that it looked like it had been splashed with ink.

When Nan Xi walked to the balcony, she was seeing his slender figure sitting in the car, so dryly, without any half hesitation.

Immediately after, the black car quickly disappeared into the night.

Going further and further away.

Until not a single shadow could be seen.

Nan Xi stared at the place where she left for a long, long time, so long that her neck was sore.

The night wind was cool, blowing cold.

It wasn't until finally, when her body was almost stiff, that she turned around and returned to her room.

Turning off the lights, Nan Xi quickly wrapped herself in the quilt.

As if this would warm her body, her heart would follow.

Suddenly, the cell phone rang.

It was Fang Qinglian calling.

"Hey, you just said on the phone what happened to See Deep?" Fang Qinglian asked anxiously.

Nanxi opened her lips and was just about to answer.

Suddenly, a doorbell came from over there.

The next moment, she heard Fang Qinglian's voice, "See deep, why are you you here?"

Nanxi's cell phone suddenly slipped out of her hand.

He went.

He still went.

Originally, she had given herself a little hope.

She told herself that Lin Xiao had already sent the medicine, that he would be fine after drinking it, and that he probably wouldn't go to Fang Qinglian.

But now, her last shred of hope was dashed.

Almost all night long, until four or five in the morning, Nan Xi couldn't carry the drowsiness before she fell asleep.

In the morning, she woke up and looked at the time to see that it was already ten o'clock.

Grandpa's birthday had already passed, and today was the day that she and Lu Jianxuan had agreed to mention their divorce to Grandpa.

However, she surprisingly hadn't even received a single phone call from him.

After washing up, Nan Xi called Lu Jian Shen.

However, there was no answer.

She didn't give up and kept calling.

Since she had already decided to divorce, she didn't want to procrastinate.

Since she was no longer in love, she moreover didn't want to make herself look like a clown praying for his mercy.

It was good to be divorced.

Maybe she could forget about it all and start a new life.

Ten years had been long enough for her to spend on him.

A person's love, no matter how much it was, would be consumed one day.


Lu Jian Shen's cell phone kept ringing.

Lin Xiao frowned as she looked at it, "Mr. Lu, are you really not going to answer it?"


Lu Jian Shen didn't say anything, he stood with his arms folded, his deep eyes staring icily out the window, not saying a word.

With this phone call today, he knew where Nan Xi was coming from.

Originally, this was the moment he had been looking forward to for two years.

But how could he not expect that when this moment actually came, he had no sense of anticipation at all.

The cell phone on the table kept ringing, and Lu Jianxuan reached out, rubbing his brow in annoyance.

Why didn't he know when she had become so stubborn to keep calling without stopping?

In the end, it was Lin Xiao who answered the phone as Lu Jian Shen wanted.

"Hey, See Deep, I'm ready, when are you coming back."

"Young Lady, this is Lin Night."

Nan Xi frowned, "Where's See Deep? I'm looking for him."

"Mr. Lu ah," Lin Xiao glanced at Lu Jian Shen, then continued, "Mr. Lu is in a meeting, is there anything you need, I can relay the message on your behalf."

"That's good, please tell him that today is the day we agreed to mention the divorce to grandpa, I'll wait for him at home."

"Young lady, why don't you hold off, Mr. Lu is very busy these two days, he may not have time to go home, when he is free he will contact you immediately."


Nan Xi was about to open her mouth again, the phone over there had already hung up.

When she went downstairs, her grandfather was drinking tea in the living room, and Nan Xi immediately smiled and walked over.

Seeing her, Elder Lu was happy, but looking back again, his face immediately sank: "Girl, where's Lu Jianxin? Didn't you guys come down together?"

"Ah" Fortunately, Nanxi reacted quickly enough, immediately explained: "See deep early in the morning to the company, grandpa you also know, he has always been regular, absolutely do not sleep."

This explanation, was very credible, so Elder Lu easily believed it.

"That's good, you quickly go eat breakfast, when you finish breakfast, grandpa has something he wants to talk to you about."

"Okay, Grandpa."

Breakfast was sumptuous, almost all of them were things she loved to eat.

However, she actually had no appetite at all.

But thinking that the baby in her stomach needed nutrition, Nan Xi still forced herself to eat a lot.

After eating, she learned that her grandfather was sunbathing on the balcony, so Nan Xi immediately went over.

"Girl, quickly sit down."

"Uh, grandpa."

Nanxi sat down, the corner of her mouth was a sunny, bright smile, when she was with her grandfather, she always showed her happiest, happiest side to him.

No matter what was between her and Lu Jian Shen, but grandpa was her grandpa for life.

Grandpa's health was not good right now, and she didn't want him to worry about her.

Elder Lu took a sip of tea, thought for a long time, and opened his mouth, "Xixi, tell grandpa truthfully, did that boy See Deep bully you?"

"No ah, grandpa, where did you hear that, see deep has always been good to me."

Nan Xi also intentionally showed the bracelet in her hand and the necklace on her neck to Elder Lu, "Grandpa, look, these are all bought by him for me, I'm a bit reluctant to part with them, but he preferred to buy them for me."

Thinking of the pair of earrings on Fang Qinglian's ears, Nan Xi's heart suddenly ached.

But soon, it was covered up by her immobility.

When she looked up again, she still had a gentle and bright smile on her face.

Elder Lu couldn't hold back any longer and grabbed her hand painfully, "Silly girl, although grandpa is old, he's still not deaf, and all those mixed-up things he did, grandpa knows about them."

"Is Fang Qinglian back? Such an important matter, why don't you tell grandpa?"


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