Novel Name : Alpha's Hidden Marriage Wife

Chapter 27 - Nan Xi took the initiative to kiss him

"It's hard." Lu Jianxin said.

With that, he opened his eyes, those eyes dyed red with lust falling on Nanxi, his voice coarse ge and low as hell, "But I'll be even harder with you here."

"Nan Xi, I'm not a decent person, if you continue to stay, I don't guarantee that I'll be able to control myself."

Nan Xi could only turn around and leave.

She lifted the quilt and lay on the bed.

But there was no sleepiness at all.

All of her attention was on Lu Jian Shen, and she listened attentively with her ears perked up to every movement inside.

In half an hour, the water inside had already been changed three times.

He must be very hot and uncomfortable, that's why he kept changing the cold water to soak in.

Thinking that he had just endured so much that his eyes were red and his whole body was boiling hot, Nan Xi's eyes reddened indisputably.

When she thought of him being so uncomfortable, she was also uncomfortable with him.

In the bathroom, while changing the water for the fourth time, Lu Jian Shen finally couldn't help but call Lin Xiao: "Now, immediately send me the antidote."

"Mr. Lu, what antidote?"

"My mom wants me to share a room with Nanxi, what medicine do you mean?"

As soon as Lu Jian Shen yelled over, Lin Xiao immediately opened her mouth wide in shock: "Madam this can be ah! It's almost like she's pulling out all the stops."

"Take the medicine and come over right away, don't blame me for not reminding you, be well prepared and hide the medicine well, or don't cry when you come in later."

"How can I cry? Mr. Lu, you underestimate me."

Hanging up the phone, Lu Mian took a deep sigh of relief.

Now he only hoped that Lin Xiao would send the medicine over quickly.

But the longer it took, the more potent the medicine would become, and the harder it would be for him.

Hearing his muffled grunts, Nan Xi couldn't hold back any longer, she got off the bed, didn't even bother to put on her shoes, and directly opened the bathroom door and went in.

Seeing his eyes scarlet, desperately trying to hold back, beads of sweat dripping straight from his forehead, Nan Xi suddenly couldn't care about anything and directly reached out to drain the bathtub.

Then replaced the tub with hot water.

"Nanxi, what are you doing?"


Nanxi couldn't speak, but, she directly entered the bathtub, bent over and hugged Lu Jianxuan, her soft voice spraying in his ear, "I know you're having a hard time, I don't want to see you so hard."

"If," her face was already so red that it was dripping with water, the rest of her words used almost all of her courage, "If I'm willing, wouldn't you not have to endure it so hard."

"Nanxi." Lu Jian Shen suddenly raised his head and looked at her with hidden anger, "Get out immediately."

"Why? You're obviously having such a hard time."

She couldn't bear it in the end.

For his sake, she had already given up her pride, her self-respect.

She kept telling herself that as long as he was gentle, a little lighter it wouldn't affect the baby.

She had used so many words to convince herself, but all she got in the end was his merciless rejection.

"If you're worried about the divorce tomorrow, don't worry, I promise I won't pester you, and when tonight is over, I'll pretend nothing happened."

"I'm not that much of an asshole, get out."

His voice, so loud, so fierce.

Nan Xi didn't hold back after all, tears dripping down her face.

"I've heard people say that this drug is very powerful, and if it can't be relieved, it can be seriously fatal."

Unable to care about the tears flowing from her eyes, Nan Xi suddenly leaned over and directly kissed Lu Jian Shen's lips.

Her slender arms even encircled his neck, tightly embracing his body.

"Nanxi." Lu Jian Shen forced himself to hold back his anger and ripped her away.

Those scarlet eyes rolled with great anger: "Don't make me repeat myself, get out immediately."

"What if I prefer to be here, just don't go out?" Nan Xi suddenly looked at him stubbornly and asked.

"That man in your heart, didn't you say you've loved him for ten years? Now that you've committed yourself to me, don't you feel aggrieved? Besides, I can't apologize to Qinglian again."

How was she going to tell him that that man was no one else but you.

It's you, Lu See-Shen.

But, she wouldn't say it.

At this moment, all her self-respect was trampled under his feet.

She just didn't have the courage to try anymore.

In front of him, she was already humiliated enough.

"Don't look for excuses from me, I get it, it's not that you don't have a hard time or are afraid of aggravating me, it's just because the person you want is Fang Qinglian and I'm not."

"All of it, but because I'm not the person you want."

Nan Xi turned around, she took her cell phone and reentered again, "Since you want Fang Qinglian so much, fine, I'll call and have her come is all."

Since what he wanted was Fang Qinglian, she would just fulfill him.

Who made her love him so much, who made her unable to watch him die?

She desperately told herself that the two would be divorced tomorrow anyway.

Sooner or later they would be together, and there didn't seem to be any difference between one day earlier and one day later.

Even if they didn't today, sooner or later they would still be together doing those intimate things.

As long as she left after Fang Qinglian came and stayed far away, maybe it wouldn't hurt.

"Hello Fang Qinglian? This is Nan Xi, Lu Jian Shen he"

Nanxi's phone call had just gone through, Lu Jian Shen suddenly walked over and hung up her cell phone with a jerk.

Sulking eyes, staring straight at her, "Nanxi, behave yourself, when did I say I want to find Qinglian."

Behave yourself?

Nan Xi tilted her head, tears flowing madly down her cheeks.

Wasn't she well-behaved enough?

Not obedient enough?

She had been so well-behaved, so obedient, yet he still blamed her.

So this was the difference between loving and not loving.

"Lu Jian Shen, if you're still a man, admit it boldly, we're going to end soon anyway, and since you want Fang Qinglian, there's nothing to hide."

"You go, go find her now."

"I don't want a man in my room who died violently for love, I can't afford such a crime."

"Nanxi." Lu Jian Shen gritted his teeth and looked at him, those eyes could almost spit out fire, "Is this how you look at me?"

"I'll ask you again, you want me to go to Qinglian to spend this night that badly."

Nan Xi's heart was dripping blood as she listened to his words.

It wasn't that she wanted him to go, but his heart, all his love was with Fang Qinglian.

He didn't even want her to send him to the door, he vowed to die to keep his body for Fang Qinglian, this deep love, even she was moved.

Two years of husband and wife, two years of marriage, two years of sharing the same bed.

But in the end, in his heart, she can't even compare to a finger of Fang Qinglian.

Nan Xi closed her eyes and nodded her head with heartache, "Yes, I'm letting go, I'll let you go."

"Good, that's what you said yourself."

Lu Jianxuan suddenly got up from the bathtub, he changed his clothes, pushed open the bathroom door and walked out.

All of Nan Xi's strength was suddenly lost when she heard the door close, her legs went limp and her entire body fell to the floor in a state of disarray.

She hugged herself tightly, desperately covering her lips, tears dripping onto the floor in bunches, her heart hard to bear.

That feeling was like someone was taking a knife and plucking out the flesh of her heart

"Lu Jian Shen, you big asshole, how could you do this to me?"


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