Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 30

"One thing happened last night, a big one, but it can't be said yet." Chen Minglu told Su Ming not to tell anyone, this matter must wait for Hong Anzhong to be brought to justice It can only be made public when the time comes, and even if Hong Anzhong goes in, don't tell others that this matter has something to do with you.

"Does it have something to do with that person?" Lan Tianyun asked quietly, seeing Su Ming nod, Lan Tianyun smiled, he also heard the news yesterday, but he didn't know the specific situation, judging by Su Ming's appearance, yesterday It should be a big move tonight, and Hong Anzhong's resignation is not far away, and their plan is basically half successful.

Since the matter has not been clarified, he did not continue to ask any more questions. After agreeing with Su Ming to give him an answer as soon as possible, several people left here without paying money or keeping accounts, which made Su Ming guess that he had something to do with him. The beauty's relationship.

After returning to the family courtyard, Su Ming counted the money he took out from there. It seemed quite a lot, and he counted only more than 90,000 yuan. Su Ming took out 30,000 yuan, and after thinking about it, he came up with some change Prepare yourself to spend, and then leave here.

Su Ming first went to Guo Xiaopang, who was feeling depressed with Xiaoling. The trip was about to take place, but he didn't have enough funds to buy goods, so what's the use of running so far, and it wasn't enough for the travel expenses.

However, Xiaopang's father couldn't make sense of life and death. If he didn't give Xiaopang money, the two of them had no choice. Liang Cai heard that he would take three thousand yuan in the future. Very useful, his father would not refuse any general request.

Xiaoling and a colleague named Xiaolan are also here. Seeing the special spirit of Mr. Liang Cai, who is also a regular worker, and has advanced transportation tools and motorcycles, and can give out 3,000 yuan at will, The family conditions are definitely not that bad, and Liang Cai's eyes are a little different.

When Xiaoling saw it, she wanted to rub the two of them together, so she followed to help. After a while, Xiaolan sat next to Liang Cai and called Brother Cai. Liang Cai also seemed quite happy. He who doesn't talk much at this time is full of witty remarks, making everyone laugh with funny stories at work.

At this time, Su Ming arrived, and threw out 30,000 yuan without saying a word, which completely shocked everyone present, 30,000 yuan, this is not a small number, calculated according to the income of ordinary workers, without eating or drinking It takes ten years to earn it, and if it is replaced by a farmer, it will take more than thirty years.

"Where did you get it?" Guo Xiaopang took the money and counted it again and again, his stubby fingers became extremely flexible at this moment, and asked Su Ming in surprise after counting.

"Don't worry about it, it wasn't stolen or robbed." As soon as Su Ming sat down and fanned his clothes, they found the BP machine at his waist.

"Eh, where did you get this thing? I haven't seen you getting rich for two days?" Liang Cai tore it off for Su Ming, and passed it back and forth in the hands of several people. Guo Xiaopang then asked.

No wonder they were surprised. With Su Ming’s father like him, no matter what the three of them had, Guo Xiaopang was the first to have it, and then Liang Cai. Maybe it was second-hand or almost, but it won’t be too late, Su Ming It's different, no matter what, he was the last to get it, but this time Su Ming snatched it first, how could Guo Xiaopang and the others not find it strange.

"I know a man, he lent me the money, and he also gave me the BP machine." Su Ming took the BP machine and put it on his waist again, without noticing that a pair of eyes next to him kept looking at him.

At this time, Xiaolan already felt that Su Ming was the best choice. He was taller, better-looking than Liang Cai, and capable. Thirty thousand, she had never seen so much money. Yes, that is also ability, and there is also a BP machine. Only the manager has it in the entire mall, and it seems that it is not as good as his.

But after a while, she was embarrassed to turn around, but she quietly opened the distance from Liang Cai, just in time Xiaopang asked Su Ming if the money should be considered as a loan or as a share, Su Ming waved his hand imposingly: "Invest in shares."

"Then you can be considered our big boss, and we've all become fools with you." Xiaopang's face involuntarily flashed a trace of bitterness. If he wanted to say 30,000, it's not that his family couldn't get it out, but he But he couldn't take it out. Seeing that the person he had always taken care of became the person who took care of him, Xiaopang suddenly felt a little lost.

However, such emotions are only fleeting. After all, the friendship between the three of them was cultivated from childhood to adulthood, and they have experienced many hardships in the middle, and they have become extremely strong by now.

Originally, Liang Cai's 3,000 yuan was borrowed. Seeing that Su Ming's 30,000 yuan had become a shareholding, Liang Cai was not to be outdone, and also asked for a shareholding. This is equivalent to three people doing business in partnership, which happened to be accepted by Su Ming. A lie made up by Ming and his parents.

In order to be more formal, the three of them also signed an agreement. Of course, it is a very primitive one. Of the three of them, there was nothing more effective than verbal promises in the game of coaxing the family.

According to the amount of investment, Su Ming holds 60% of the shares, Xiaopang holds 30,000, and Liang Cai holds 10%. As for Liang Cai's money is less than 10%, none of the three people mentioned it. Even Liang Cai feels very natural, but It made Xiaolan wonder how the relationship between the three of them is so good.

Xiaolan put forward a few useful suggestions from the side, making Su Ming take a second look at her. Unexpectedly, she misunderstood that Su Ming was interested in her, so she sat next to Su Ming very naturally, and let the side Liang Cai felt very uncomfortable.

Now that the money has been collected, Xiaopang decides to go out with Xiaoling now. There has been a long wait there. He and Xiaoling plan to rush to Chuanping today, so that they can leave early tomorrow morning.

Su Ming and Liang Cai happened to ride their bikes to send them to the train station. Liang Cai brought Xiaopang and luggage, and Su Ming had to take two girls. The summer clothes were relatively thin, and Jincheng Suzuki was a little smaller. Squeezing, Su Ming immediately felt two soft and elastic objects sticking to his back.

As soon as Su Ming accelerated, two hands rested on his waist very naturally, and Su Ming's body trembled. He had never taken a girl with him after riding a motorcycle. Of course, his mother was not included, and his heart was full She danced so hard that she felt her body getting hotter and hotter, as if seeing Tang Lihua crawling into bed.

After sending the two of them to the station, and seeing that Xiaolan had to get on his own motorcycle when returning, Su Ming lied that he had other things to do and asked Liang Cai to take her back.


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