Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 29

It turned out that the guy who bought the ticket for Su Ming just came back. Seeing this situation, he yelled loudly. He knew that this young man had a very good relationship with his Deputy Director Chen. When he saw that the police were about to attack him, he rushed over Blocked in front of Su Ming.

"Which department are you from, show your work permit?" The fat policeman was about to get angry, but his heart trembled when he heard this sentence. Those who ask for a work permit are usually within the system, and their rank must be higher than their own. high.

"I'm from the station police station. I don't know who you are?"

"You are not qualified to ask. I am currently on a special mission. Leave here quickly, otherwise it will be treated as obstructing the mission." He took out his work card and shook it in front of him, then pulled out the gun a little for the other party to see, Sure enough, as soon as the fat policeman saw the gun, he immediately flew away from here. The smooth speed didn't seem like he could run out at all.

On the train, Su Ming was still thinking about whether he should work in the Public Security Bureau. This job is enough for ordinary people to envy. Perhaps for Tang Lihua's family, an ordinary policeman is more important than a worker. A little stronger, basically there is no difference, but for Su Ming, compared with his current status, it is already a step up to the sky.

At this time, Su Ming suddenly thought that yesterday morning old man Pan seemed to say that Minister Lan came to find him at night, but he forgot in a hurry. Isn't this the pigeon of the Minister of Organization? The matter is a bit serious.

It's a pity that this is a train. No matter how anxious Su Ming was, the train was still running at a fixed speed. When it arrived in Pingyang, it was almost noon. Su Ming hurried to the Family Hospital of the Education Bureau and found Pan Daonian.

"You went there last night. Minister Lan waited for you for two full hours, but he didn't wait for you." Sure enough, as soon as he met Old Man Pan, he blew his beard and stared, and complained to Su Ming.

"There was a big incident last night, and I really couldn't keep up."

"What's the big deal?" Old man Pan's curiosity came up again, but how dare Su Ming tell him that he still doesn't know what direction the matter will develop. Hong Anzhong is still sitting in the position of the police chief.

"It's still in the secrecy stage. It can't be said. This is a major event that shocked the whole city. I can talk about it when I come back. I will definitely tell you the whole story and the ins and outs."

"Coax my old man, it was fine last night, there was no movement at all, something big happened." The old man couldn't believe it.

"Uncle Pan, can you contact Minister Lan now to see if he is free? Let's meet at noon today. I have something to tell him." Although this matter needs to be kept secret, Lan Tianyun should be able to Get some news, otherwise he will be the head of the organization in vain.

"He usually doesn't have time at noon."

"Try it, if it doesn't work, forget it."

"Okay, let me try it."

After the call was made, old man Pan came up and asked him if he was free at noon. Lan Tianyun was really puzzled and said that there was a guest to receive at noon, but when old man Pan said that Su Ming wanted to talk to him, Lan Tianyun happily said I agreed, and it was very unpleasant to make Old Man Pan hang up on the phone.

After a while, Lan Tianyun's car arrived. Originally, according to old man Pan's intention, he ate at home, but Lan Tianyun insisted on inviting everyone to eat outside, so he had to take everyone with him to a safe restaurant in the south of the city.

It doesn't look big from the outside, but when you look inside, it's quite high-end. Lan Tianyun didn't lead anyone to enter directly through the main entrance, but parked the car behind and entered through a small door.

Entering inside, there are one large and one small suites directly. Several people came to the small private room. As soon as they sat down, a door opened on the wall, and a beautiful woman walked in.

It seemed that he was very familiar with Lan Tianyun. When he came up, he walked to Lan Tianyun's side and asked a few words in a low voice. He didn't have any steps to order the food, so he just pushed the door and went out, and then the cold dishes came up soon.

When Su Ming was asked what kind of wine to drink, Su Ming chose beer, and the others also chose beer. After drinking the cold beer, the dryness all over his body was driven away.

There was nothing to talk about during the meal, after drinking and eating, Lan Tianyun took Su Ming to a room, it seemed that this was the bedroom of the beauty just now, the room was full of tangy aroma, and the bedding was all pink, it looked very warm .

Lan Tianyun first thanked Su Ming for his reminder, and then took out a black box with a silver chain from the bag beside him, which is a must-have item for successful people nowadays, a BP machine.

"This is a Motorola BP machine. I have a Chinese one, so this is useless. I will give it to you. It will be more convenient for you if I need something." After speaking, he pushed it over to Su Ming.

Su Ming didn't refuse, so he took it generously and pinned it on his waist. In today's society, this is a proof of identity. Walking on the street, anyone who can wear this on his waist is of low value. Philippine people.

"The number is XXX998. The service fee has been paid for five years. It is estimated that it will not take five years. You should change to Chinese." Seeing Su Ming accepting his gift, Lan Tianyun was very happy. For Su Ming he Now I have the idea of wooing, such a powerful person, for nothing else, for the sake of my own health, I have to maintain a good relationship.

As soon as Su Ming heard it, he knew that the other party gave it to him sincerely, and he also paid him a five-year service fee. It can be seen that the other party's sincerity, the value of the machine alone is close to two thousand, and the five-year service is another Nine hundred, a gift close to three thousand yuan, who could give it to an ordinary person.

"Thank you, Minister Lan." Su Ming smiled and thanked the other party.

Seeing Su Ming's calm and unusual appearance, Lan Tianyun felt strange. Although he didn't know about Su Ming's family situation, his attire should be very ordinary. This thing is so attractive to young people, but why is he a little There is no ecstatic expression.

"You're welcome, by the way, Xiao Su, do you have any plans after graduation?" Lan Tianyun suddenly felt that it would be a good idea to recruit Su Ming to his side, so he asked Su Ming.

"Graduate? I don't plan to go to school now." Su Ming had this idea a long time ago. He couldn't learn any useful knowledge in that school, and his degree didn't help. Staying there is just a waste of time, why not come out and venture out.

"Why? It's good, why not?"

"I went to Weipei, but now I have fallen out with the factory, and it's useless to go again."

"Wei Pei? It's from Pinggang, it's really not that useful." Lan Tianyun pondered for a while, and then continued: "How about this, Xiao Su, if you still want to go back to Pinggang, you can continue to go on. Let me say hello to you, and I guarantee that there is no problem entering Pinggang, if you don't want to go back to Pinggang, are you interested in working in the organization department?"

"Organization department? Can I get into the organization department with my degree?" Without graduating from university, Su Ming can only be regarded as a high school student, but can high school students enter the organization department?

"You can come in under the name of secondment first, and then you can apply for a junior college class at a party school, and then become a regular when you get a junior college diploma. As long as I am still in this position, can I still lose to you?"

"Well, can you wait until I get home and ask my family?" Although Su Ming really wanted to try what it was like to be a national worker, he still had to ask his parents for their opinions, although he was 100% sure that they would not object.

"Okay, that's okay. If it doesn't work, I can call them. By the way, why didn't you come last night?" Lan Tianyun really wanted to pull Su Ming to his side. On the one hand, it was for the sake of his own health. On the other hand, he is sure to appreciate Su Ming's calmness.


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