Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 28

"You little bastard, you caused trouble outside and brought me down." Su Ming's father scolded Su Ming, but his eyes were full of unconcealable worry. Su Ming patiently persuaded him to go back and rest. , I began to wonder why these people came here.

There is no doubt that these three people are Hong Tianzheng's subordinates, but if they can find their home, it is estimated that Ye Lang led the way. Could it be that Ye Lang didn't go to the villa, or that he just brought someone here, Evading from arrest, Su Ming's guess was right on the facts.

No, I can't let him go so easily, tell Chen Minglu to arrest those three guys and Ye Lang, otherwise I'm still not safe. Thinking of this, Su Ming went out of the house again, got on his own motorcycle, Drive towards Beiyang Mountain.

Beiyang Mountain is also in chaos here. The cave where the things are hidden has been discovered, but before the person who discovered it had time to search carefully, Hong Tianzheng has been found outside and is calling for people to go over, so he can't care about here. After a general look, I found that there was no problem and left.

Although Hong Tianzheng was kicked down by Su Ming at the entrance of the cave, because he rolled over during the fall, it gave people the illusion that he fell from the hillside over there, and many people searched on the hillside. Try to find an authentic exit.

When Hong Tianzheng was found, Hong Tianzheng had already died, lying on the pile of rocks, his body was so bruised that it was impossible to tell that he was kicked off, but this made Chen Minglu into trouble.

After all, Hong Anzhong is the chief of the Public Security Bureau. If Hong Tianzheng was not caught alive, it would not be so easy to involve Hong Anzhong. At most, he would be convicted of dereliction of duty. It is hard to say who will win and who will lose if he makes a move that kills the fish and breaks the net.

Chen Minglu was calling for a vehicle to take away all the prisoners and related evidence. When he saw Su Ming coming, he asked Su Ming what was the matter. Su Ming would naturally not say that he had been here, that he was outside to enjoy the cool, and suddenly someone broke into him. The parents who beat themselves at home only got the help of neighbors to knock down those three people. Those three people belonged to this criminal gang. They are still thrown in a field outside the factory. In addition, they have an accomplice in the steel factory. In the factory director's community, he was the organizer of this gathering.

As soon as Chen Minglu heard this, he hurriedly sent someone to follow Su Ming to arrest the three people. It was not convenient to go to the factory director's community to arrest them, but he didn't expect it to be so troublesome. Ye Lang happened to come to check the situation, and the arrest work was in progress. It went very smoothly, Ye Lang collapsed to the ground as soon as he saw the policeman appearing in front of him.

When he was caught in the car and saw Su Ming, he stared in disbelief and pointed at Su Ming: "You, are you here?"

"What do you think?" Su Ming looked at him with a smile all over his face. Such an indifferent smile was already made by Su Ming with the pleasure in his heart, otherwise Su Ming would definitely laugh out loud.

Compared with Hong Tianzheng, Ye Lang is Su Ming's most direct enemy. If it weren't for him, Su Ming and Hong Tianzheng are people from two worlds. Su Ming would not take such a big risk to do so many things at the point of personal death.

For both of them, Ye Lang was the chief culprit who harmed them, but now the chief culprit is sitting here, Hong Tianzheng no longer exists in this world, as for Su Ming, it is easy to put Sending Ye Lang away from this world is definitely not the greatest punishment for him. Letting him spend a period of his life in prison is the most perfect revenge plan.

"No, there is a car in front of us ready to intercept us." The person sitting in front suddenly yelled, and at this time Su Ming also saw that two police cars had appeared in front of them, one on the right and one on the left. The car is stuck in the middle.

"Chong, rush over no matter what, we can't let these people fall into their hands." Has Hong Anzhong finally found out, the reaction is fast enough.

"Director Hong will not let you go! Haha!!" Ye Lang laughed wildly there, and Su Ming slapped him with a slap. Ye Lang's face immediately swelled up. Su Ming knocked him down on the seat with a punch.

"We didn't end well. Do you think you'll be safe?" Su Ming stepped on him, directing the driver in front to turn left and right, using his familiarity with the terrain to avoid the interception in front.

"They belong to the public." The driver was a coward, so he didn't dare to rush over anyway.

"Could it be that we are private, rush, you don't need to pay for the car if it breaks down." Seeing that the driver was still acting weak, Su Ming didn't make a fuss, stretched out his hand to push him aside, and Su Ming sat down. Get into the driver's seat and concentrate on dealing with the two cars in front of you.

As soon as he came up, he collided with a car in front. Everyone in the car was startled, thinking that Su Ming wanted to commit suicide. When Su Ming rammed into the other party again, the other party fled far away. went aside.

Su Ming took the opportunity to pass quickly between the two cars. The person in the car next to him was about to stick his head out to say something when he saw a blur in front of his eyes. A car brushed his nose and passed by. , hands full of blood.

Running to the front of the two cars, Su Ming didn't give the other party a chance to catch up with his familiarity with Pingyang, and soon reached the rendezvous point that Chen Minglu said.

At this time, the vehicle containing the prisoner and evidence had already set off first, and the people left behind were preventing the other party from chasing. When they saw that there were still prisoners in the new vehicle, they waved to let them go first. There was no chance for Su Ming to get off the car on the road. , directly dragged Su Ming to Chuanping City.

The people who came with Su Ming spoke slowly, and Su Ming was almost regarded as a prisoner and locked in a small black room. After he escaped, it seemed that there was no use staying here, so Su Ming told them that he wanted to go home.

This is a suburban area far away from the city center. They sent someone to drive Su Ming to the train station in a police car, and at the same time arranged for him to buy a ticket for Su Ming and send Su Ming to the train.

Su Ming was waiting there, when suddenly a big hand stretched out to his shoulder: "Boy, I've caught you. I'll see if you still run there this time."

Su Ming turned his head and saw that it was the fat policeman who arrested him at the station last time, and there was a person setting up the trap standing beside him. He was the one who recognized Su Ming. That policeman and Su Ming only met each other once, and he had long since forgotten. What does Su Ming look like?

"What are you going to do?" Su Ming asked without fear.

"I haven't settled with you about the robbery last time, so why pretend to be sloppy." Before the policeman could speak, the other spoke first.

"It was you who cheated the money first, how can you blame me for the robbery?"

"We say you are robbing, but you are robbing. Come on, come with us." The policeman grabbed Su Ming and was about to drag Su Ming away when suddenly there was a stern voice from behind: "What are you doing?"


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