Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 27

Su Ming didn't think about killing people at first, he always wanted to find out how to stop Hong Tianzheng from escaping, but he had another idea vaguely, he couldn't let other people know the existence of the car and money, so that he could have his own chance , He didn't know what to do, but when he heard Hong Tianzheng's words full of hatred, the thought of cutting grass and roots and killing people came out at once, and he flew impulsively, kicking Hong Tianzheng down.

After finishing, Su Ming's mind went blank, his whole body was trembling, and when Hong Tianzheng's screams ended, he suddenly woke up. , when he closed the gate, he suddenly thought that the gate was originally very hidden, but the addition of three locks would show traces. If someone found out, what would be the use of hanging thirty locks, it would be better not to lock it.

Su Ming put the lock and key into the stone lock, and then flew away from the scene on a motorcycle. The reason why he didn't drive that car was that Su Ming was not proficient in driving and he didn't dare to guarantee himself Another reason for not driving into the ditch is that the shape of the car is too conspicuous.

It's better to leave it here. If someone finds out and blames himself for not having that life, if no one finds out, then once the news dies down, he can come back and drive it away, including the money and items inside.

The wind whizzed past Su Ming's ears, and the motorbike walking on the mountain road didn't feel any bumps at all, just like walking on a flat road. What's more, there was no sound at all until Su Ming got off the road. They climbed the mountain and were not discovered.

Seeing the plastic bag stuffed under his belly, Su Ming sped up his speed and left Beiyang Mountain quickly. If it wasn't for these things, Su Ming could have stood in front of them openly and said "I'm here to help you" , but if you want to take these things as your own, you can't be so confident.

Su Ming first put the bag of money in the family courtyard of the Education Bureau, before he had time to count how much there was, he hurried to his home. At this time, he didn't want to be suspected more. Home is undoubtedly a good place.

Because the people in the compound are too familiar, no one will pay attention to your coming and going, but if you want to find someone who can prove that you have been here and have not gone out, it is very easy.

Since they have lived in the same courtyard for more than 20 years, although they have disputes with each other and have some grievances and enmities, when encountering external forces, they can still work together as one.

When approaching the compound, Su Ming stopped suddenly. It was already late at night. In the past, the compound had long been dark and quiet at this time, but now it was a lively scene.

It can't be that he came to catch himself, it shouldn't be so fast, Su Ming put the motorcycle aside, and walked over quietly by himself, but when he heard a familiar voice crying loudly from a distance, Su Ming Ming couldn't contain his impulse, and rushed over.

Standing there crying and scolding in the crowd was Su Ming's mother, her body was in a mess, as if she had been torn and beaten, her neat hair was disheveled, her face was covered with dust, washed down with tears.

Su Ming's father was squatting on the ground, his body was twisted, his head was still dripping blood, besides the neighbors in the compound, there were three other people squatting in the middle, and a few black rubber sticks were scattered on the ground.

The neighbors in the compound are all carrying steel pipes in their hands. This is the standard self-defense weapon in the compound. Many of them only wear trousers. An uncle who Su Ming knows but does not know his name is even wearing a pair of women's underwear. He kicked the three people with his feet.

Su Ming knew that these three people were Hong Tianzheng's subordinates when he saw their attires. He grabbed a steel pipe and smashed it hard. The steel pipe fell on the three people like raindrops, especially when Su Ming held it with both hands. He tried his best again, and every time he fell, there would be a scream.

Under the siege of the crowd, the three dared to block left and right. Even if they were trapped there, the three would not say a word or ask anything, but Su Ming hit him, and soon one He yelled for mercy.

The one who took the lead wanted to scold him, but as soon as he said a word, he was hit on the head by a steel pipe by Su Ming, and the blood gushed out like a spring, this guy only had time to turn his head around before he was hit by a stick again by Su Ming overturned.

The other tried to grab the steel pipe in Su Ming's hand, but the forearm that was hit by Su Ming turned around, and immediately hugged his arms and screamed loudly. The other saw Su Ming getting more and more crazy, and fell to his knees with a plop.

Even if he knelt down, Su Ming still didn't stop his hand. Su Ming didn't stop until he was too tired to swing it anymore. At this time, the three people had been knocked down by him, and their bodies were bloody.

At this time, other people dared to walk in front of Su Ming, otherwise, with Su Ming's crazy behavior just now, anyone would have ended up with the following three people, and looking at the steel pipe in Su Ming's hand, it would have been bent out of shape a long time ago.

When others told the process, Su Ming knew that they all went there after hearing the shouts from Su Ming's family. When they passed, they had already seen Su Ming's father being beaten, and saw so many people coming in with weapons. , the three people rushed to escape, but before they could escape to the gate, they were stopped by more people.

"No, I was outside enjoying the shade when they came in. I remember that it wasn't three people, but four people. One of them was very familiar. It must be someone from our factory. Who it is... I can't remember." Zhao stood next to him and suddenly provided some new information, which caught Su Ming's attention. As for who this person was, Su Ming thought he could think of it, but now he couldn't think of it at all.

"There are still accomplices, let's go, brothers and sisters go look for it." A few younger people began to search around in the compound.

"Forget it, hurry up and send your father to the hospital, you don't have to worry about it here." Seeing that Old Su was still screaming in pain, the others hurriedly asked Su Ming to send his father away.

In fact, Su Ming's father just looked serious. After going to the hospital for a bandage, the doctor let him go home. When the three of them came back, they didn't know where they were taken.

For Pingyang City, Pingyang Iron and Steel is like a self-contained collective. For foreigners who dare to come to the factory to cause trouble, they are usually beaten up and thrown away casually. People in the factory fight with each other, and the outside world doesn't care at all.

Of course, it’s not that they don’t agree with the people in the factory, but that they don’t need to come forward for this kind of thing, and the workers alone can handle it. Should they be used? There are several naked and strong workers in Pinggang. Ten thousand people are all from working backgrounds and have unified standard weapons. I haven't heard of anyone coming here looking for work to take advantage of it.

Su Ming wanted to keep those three people and ask who ordered them to come, but those uncles and uncles didn't give him this chance at all. Su Ming asked his mother behind his back, and her mother also said that the three people went straight into the house He asked where Su Ming was, and Su Ming's father saw that their attitude was wrong, so he went to pick up a weapon, and the two sides started fighting immediately, without knowing why.


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