Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 26

Let's talk about the villa here, everyone is having a good time, especially the few female students brought by Ye Lang, who are very popular with those gangsters. They can hold real female college students under their bodies and play with them, which is more difficult than anything else. People are happy.

Especially after taking those fetishes that make people feel ecstatic, they are so stimulated by the drugs that they lose their minds. More than a dozen white worms rolled around on the carpet in the hall, staged a scene of lust .

The security guards in charge of the security work outside couldn't stand this stimulation. It is estimated that no one dared to come here to find trouble. It is better to find happiness, put down the work in hand, join this game, and throw away their responsibilities. On the one hand, Hong Tianzheng in the room was eager to vent his desire, and had no time to worry about such trivial matters.

The first to arrive was a team leader, but seeing the bustle and bustle inside, he didn't dare to go in, and wanted to wait for the people inside to rest before entering. By the time Chen Minglu arrived at the scene, it had already been delayed for more than half an hour At that time, Chen Minglu was so angry that he wanted to kick him twice. When he rushed in at this time, it was the time to get both stolen goods. You may not be able to catch anything when he rests.

After the entire yard was surrounded, someone jumped over the wall and opened the gate secretly. Chen Minglu led the team and rushed in. When he rushed inside and found that there was not even a sentinel, he couldn't help but think of a famous saying "God wants to Let people perish, first make them mad."

For such an important place, he didn’t even send a guard. For him who came out of the army, this was an unforgivable mistake. It’s hard for him to put in so much effort. rushed in.

Chen Minglu waved his hand in all directions, letting people take control of the entire courtyard first. He sighed as he looked at the smuggled cars all over the courtyard. These cars alone were enough to keep the judge in prison for life. Hong Anzhong was really bold enough.

At this time, a gunshot suddenly sounded, and Chen Minglu knew it was not good, so he rushed towards the place where the gunshot sounded. It turned out that an armed policeman was climbing up the second floor. When the soldiers on guard below got nervous, they pulled the trigger.

Now that it has been exposed, Chen Minglu hastily ordered everyone to rush inside immediately, and not to shoot if they did not resist, and seized all the people inside, but he was lamenting the low combat effectiveness of the armed police force now. If he changed his original subordinates, what would happen there? thing.

The first batch of people who rushed in had already found a pile of white meat worms in the hall, and at the same time, the drugs placed on the table were also found. If you talk about smuggling, it’s nothing more than a serious case. Generally, the death penalty cannot be imposed. , but drugs are a thing, once it exceeds a certain amount, it is undoubtedly the death penalty.

After being convicted of these two crimes, even if Hong Anzhong has great abilities, he can't turn himself over. However, it would be even better if his son could be caught. Chen Minglu quickly found two or three of them in other rooms. Some of the young people were holding women, some were still in a daze, and they looked like they had overdosed on drugs, but after searching for a long time, they couldn't find their target, Hong Tianzheng.

"Say, Hong Tian is there?" Chen Minglu found a relatively sober one, and directly pointed the gun at his head and asked.

"Ah!" After a scream, a smell of dry urine came out from under his pants. Chen Minglu shot him twice with a gun in disgust, before he came back to his senses and pointed to a corner.

Chen Minglu went there and knocked with the butt of his gun, and found a secret door on the wall, he didn't bother to find the door switch, he just stepped down and kicked the door into the room.

At the same time, there were two screams in the room, and when he rushed in to take a look, two naked women were hiding on the bed, covering their bodies with some cloth, but there was no figure of Hong Anzhong in the room.

Chen Minglu cultivated an iron-blooded style in the army, so he would not care about these two beautiful women, so he pointed at them with a gun, but no matter how he threatened, the two of them just said that Hong Tianzheng was still here before going to sleep, When I woke up, it disappeared, and then I saw the door fly in.

Seeing that he couldn't find out why, Chen Minglu pulled a sheet to cover the two of them, and asked his subordinates to drag them out, and then began to search the room carefully. Soon he found a hidden door on the wall. But after it was broken, there was another thick iron door immediately below.

He knocked a few times and listened, the sound was very dull, so he wisely didn't try with his foot, the door was locked from that side, no matter how powerful you are, you can't get through here, and when you came here, you didn't bring a heavy Equipment, there is no other way now, do you want this guy to escape?

Chen Minglu went outside to make arrangements. Except for the people who stayed behind, everyone went outside to search to see where the exit of the passage was. At the same time, he asked the people from the Public Security Bureau who followed him to complete the work of evidence collection and identification of criminals.

Su Ming, who was hiding in the cave, was also startled by the gunshots. After waiting for a while, there was no movement. He was about to go out to see how things were going, and whether he could leave here earlier, when he suddenly saw the passage open over there, panicked A person came out in a panic, naked, without even a piece of underwear, and occasionally the light shone on the lower body, making people look sick with white flowers.

Su Ming didn't even dare to breathe out behind the stone, Hong Tianzheng was carrying a pistol in addition to the flashlight, if he found out, he would be dead.

Hong Tianzheng walked to the place where the key was placed, reached out and took out the key and left, but forgot the pistol on the rock. Su Ming wanted to get the gun, but was worried that Hong Tianzheng would turn his head. When he saw Hong Tianzheng After opening the door and going in, he kept fiddling inside, then went quietly and took the gun in his hand.

Only then did Su Ming feel relieved, even if he was exposed, he was not afraid of the other party, so he sneaked up close, and then looked inside with the help of the light.

The doors of that car were all wide open, and Hong Tianzheng was still moving things into it, stacks of which seemed to be large sums of money, and some things wrapped in plastic bags. After filling the things, Hong Tianzheng Suddenly walked outside naked.

Hey, he was not in a hurry to escape, what was he doing outside, Su Ming followed him curiously, saw him go outside, looked in the direction of the villa for a while, and suddenly said harshly: "One day, I will Find out who killed me, you wait, I will come back again."

"There is no such opportunity." A voice suddenly sounded from behind. Just as Hong Tianzheng was about to turn around, he felt a strong force coming from behind, and then his body fell down the mountain involuntarily, accompanied by bursts of screams , until there is no more sound.


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