Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 25

As soon as old man Pan left, people from the investigation team came over and told Su Ming that traces of the batch of cars were found in a factory compound in Shengquan District, but the factory was heavily guarded and they couldn't get in at all. No matter what method, they couldn't get in. Naturally, Su Ming would not seek death, so the question had to be decided by Chen Minglu above.

After contacting Chen Minglu, the investigation team temporarily stopped all actions and waited for the follow-up force to arrive. Although other charges could not be accepted, the charge of smuggling cars in large quantities was enough to bring Hong Tianzheng to justice. According to the law, Hong Anzhong, as a father, can never escape the crime of dereliction of duty.

Su Ming took the opportunity to go back to the cave and took out the keys to make a set, and then put the original one back, resisting curiosity and not opening the door, although now Su Ming can easily store all the things inside. For what you have, but if you don't destroy your biggest enemy, occupying those things will only bring you a bigger disaster.

It's not that I don't want it, it's that the time hasn't come yet, you wait here and don't run around, one day, I will take all of you away, and Su Ming left here step by step, full of reluctance in his heart.

Such a secret place is definitely used by Hong Tianzheng to store important things. Among other things, the car inside alone is worth a lot of money. Su Ming Pingyang has never seen such a strange car. It's worth a lot of money.

That night, when Su Ming was watching TV at home, he suddenly saw a piece of news. The Secretary of the Municipal Legal Committee and the Chief of the Public Security Bureau presided over the implementation of the spirit of the National Political and Legal Work Conference, conveyed the content of learning in Beijing, and innovated the reform of the political and legal work mechanism. Promote political and legal work to a new era.

In this meeting, for the first time, the position of Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee was mentioned before the Director of Public Security, giving a clear signal that Hong Zhongan was the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee first, and then the Director of Public Security.

When Su Ming saw this, all he thought about was that Hong Anzhong was back, would he be in danger? At the same time, he was also watching the news of Lan Tianyun, but his heart was full of anxiety. The reason for taking the position of Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee from Hong Anzhong, did not expect that the other party also had the foresight to take the lead in highlighting his position, creating a fait accompli, needless to say, it must be the ghosts of Gan Weimin and Tan Xiaolan, Hong Anzhong has not yet this brain.

Although Chen Minglu did not see the news, he received the information that Hong Anzhong had returned from Beijing early in the morning, and his heart was moved. The more this happened, the more they were lax, why not take advantage of this time to make a move? City departure.

In order to ensure the speed and secrecy of the mission, he did not use a large number of police officers. Although he was not the head of the department and did not serve as the first political commissar of the provincial armed police force, he mobilized an armed police force by virtue of his connections in the army.

At the same time, they also first stationed in Queshan City, and then waited for news from here. Without definite news, they dared not set foot in Pingyang City at all. A local snake like Hong Anzhong would only hear the news if there was a slight disturbance.

Sure enough, just as Chen Minglu expected, as soon as his father came back, Hong Tianzheng swaggered through the city with his convoy, including Japanese cars such as Toyota Camry, Honda Civic, and Nissan Patrol, and a few Duke Kings in the middle. And Lexus, swaggering into the market, extremely arrogant.

At that time, German cars dominated the country. Apart from Santana and Jetta, the Audi 100 was a higher-end car. In addition to being big enough, it was bulky and thick, making it look unbearably stout.

There are so many elegant or beautiful cars passing through the city all the way, people who saw them thought it was some kind of motorcade led by a big leader, and each of them gesticulated, causing quite a commotion.

While Hong Tianzheng was being scolded by his father Hong Zhongan for not knowing how to restrain himself, Chen Minglu also received news that 200 armed policemen were divided into three teams and entered Pingyang City from different directions, aiming at Beiyang Mountain.

At this time, Ye Lang had already come to Beiyangshan Villa again, focusing on describing to Hong Tianzheng Su Ming's recent appearances and disappearances, trying to exaggerate Su Ming's threat, meaning that Su Ming was the black hand who reported this incident.

In fact, he didn't have any evidence, but he didn't need any evidence to make a false accusation, and he invented the word "Mushouyou" and used it here. Hong Tianzheng really believed his words.

As soon as Hong Tianzheng heard that Su Ming was the culprit of this incident, he became angry immediately. Not only did he hide his head and show his tail for so many days to delay his business, but he also delayed his enjoyment of life. He was worried every day, and he was worried about playing.

Even when he was young, he was fond of women, but he never played with other people. His fixed objects were only those three or four people. Besides a female college student just assigned by the Public Security Bureau, there was another one from Pingyang No. 1 High School. The first year of high school is the belle, and the other two are women from good families.

Appearance and temperament are indispensable, and there must be a variety of styles in bed. That night, he took the two women from good families to the villa, and planned to have a good night. He just ate some imported Spanish flies half an hour ago. He was full of blood, and he was furious after hearing Ye Lang's words.

"I haven't taken care of dealing with him yet. I didn't expect that he would trouble me first and call me the black second." The second black second was originally surnamed Hao, and he was the most powerful in his hands. As long as he has a word, his subordinates will do anything, whether it is murder or arson.

"Ye Lang, you take the black second child over there, and bring that kid to me. Tonight, I want him to know how powerful I am, Hong Tianzheng, and dare to report me." Hong Tian was stimulated by the medicine, his face turned red, and his temper He also kept pushing up, and after they left, he immediately turned around and entered the bedroom, and soon there were tears of clothes and screams in the bedroom.

Hei Er Er brought two subordinates and drove away from Beiyang Mountain with Ye Lang. Not long after they left the mountain, all the exits of Beiyang Mountain were surrounded by armed police.

At this time, Su Ming had quietly come to Beiyang Mountain through that small road. It turned out that Guo Xiaopang and his girlfriend Xiaoling were about to go to the south to buy goods, but because his father disapproved of him resigning and going into the sea, he cut him off. The source of income, they were about to leave, but they stopped because of this.

Su Ming didn't have any money in his hand, so he couldn't ask for it from his family, so he had to use his brains here, thinking that if Hong Tianzheng stored his property here, there must be a lot of it. won't notice.

Unexpectedly, as soon as he approached here, Su Ming saw the bright lights over there. He was about to go down the mountain, but he saw the shadow of people at the bottom of the mountain. It seemed that a large number of people surrounded him from below, so Su Ming had to hide again. Back in the cave. Could it be that the Public Security Bureau is going to do something today? Don't even say a notification, what should I do now?


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