Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 24

This is a pain for Luo Jianghuai. He is the top leader in name, but in terms of power distribution, he can't even get into the top three. Those who can reach this position can be considered to have perseverance. Luo Jianghuai has been holding on to it. , waiting for the opportunity to come back.

As Mu Peiyuan's age gradually reached the point, Deputy Secretary Gan Weimin's body was hospitalized again because of a tumor. The Hong'an Middle School they had been operating had temporarily stopped. As an organization minister, Lan Tianyun also got the wind , I know that the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee is going to be a permanent member in the near future. It would be better if Hong Anzhong can be taken down. If Luo Pai has no status in Pingyang City, and Mi Pai will not want Mu Pai to be too strong, then they will have no chance, so for this plan, Lan Tianyun thinks it is still very likely to succeed.

It's a pity that the information obtained from Su Ming is too simple. Although I feel that Su Ming has concealed something, he is unwilling to say it, and he has no way to force him to say it. He is the head of the organization, not the chief of the public security bureau. Chief of Public Security Gao.

On the other hand, Su Ming saw that he would frown every once in a while, and at the same time press his hand occasionally on the waist, so he looked there more curiously. After being discovered by Lan Tianyun, Su Ming smiled embarrassedly laugh.

"Hehe, I feel a little pain here when I drink alcohol. I drank a little with the guests at noon, and it still hurts now." Lan Tianyun explained to Su Ming first.

"Luck, if it doesn't work, drink less. At your level, is anyone forcing you to drink? Have you been checked in the hospital?" Old Man Pan asked with concern.

"I checked, and the doctor said there is nothing wrong with it. I just told him to drink less alcohol. Thank you teacher for your concern." Lan Tianyun still respected this teacher sincerely, and he stood up to answer, but what he didn't explain to the teacher was that although no one I dared to force him to drink, but that was for the subordinates. If it was the person who should drink, then he had to take the initiative to drink and drink more.

"Minister Lan, I think you should check this place carefully. I'm afraid there is something wrong with your internal organs. It's probably just the beginning of the disease, and the symptoms are not obvious. Be careful." Su Ming pointed to Lan Tianyun's upper abdomen , Just now he subconsciously looked at the position he pressed with his clairvoyant eyes, and found something unusual, especially when he compared it with the old man Pan next to him, he immediately felt that there might be something wrong with his body, so he persuaded him to have a good check-up Of course, there must be a problem with the pain. It is nothing more than the difference between big and small. If it can't be detected, it is the doctor's problem. Su Ming will definitely not say that he has misjudged his eyes.

But what is the name of the part where he has a problem, Su Ming can’t remember it, it’s not one of the liver, gallbladder, stomach, intestines and lungs, and that place can’t be kidney or bladder, but Su Ming can’t remember what this organ is called. Get up, so I have to point out the location to him and let him check it out by himself.

Not to mention the worried old man Pan, even Lan Tianyun was also frightened. He was a little frightened at first, because Gan Weimin is also in good health, but recently his stomach hurts a little. .

Not long after the other party started to have a stomachache, he also started to have pain. Although the location of the pain was different, he did not dare to take it lightly. He checked several times, but the doctor kept telling him that there was no problem, and there was nothing he could do about it. Let's ask the doctor to find the problem. I didn't expect Su Ming to say such a serious thing. His face turned pale from fright, and his body broke out in cold sweat.

"Mr. Su is good at medicine? I don't know how serious my condition is?" Lan Tianyun spoke tremblingly, looking at Su Ming with full face, hoping that Su Ming would be like the legendary world expert , Immediately save him from the hands of the disease.

"No, no, I don't know medical skills. I just know how to observe complexion and find problems through complexion. You should go back and check carefully. The more hidden the place, the more you need to check it carefully." Su Ming had to talk nonsense. , he knows shit medical skills, he is just equivalent to an ultra-high-definition full-color X-ray machine, but even if he dubiously believed what Lan Tianyun said, it was old man Pan who went downstairs with him on his arm, otherwise his legs would be weak of.

Lan Tianyun didn't dare to delay for a second. He arrived at Chuanping that night, entered the best 573 hospital in Chuanping, and asked the doctor to check the parts according to Su Ming's instructions. It is on the pancreas that ordinary people tend to overlook.

Fortunately, the cancer has only just begun, and the cancerous tissue does not exceed 2 centimeters, which cannot be scanned by current X-ray machines. The 573 Hospital has a newly imported CT machine, and it was discovered through it.

After listening to the doctor's introduction, Lan Tianyun was frightened for a while. If it wasn't discovered by an expert, he didn't know when he would have to wait until it was all those quack doctors who almost killed him. At this time, Lan Tian Yun is very grateful to Su Ming, with admiration and superstition.

The newly-imported machines are almost undetectable. People can see it just by looking at the complexion on their faces. The traditional Chinese culture is so profound. ability.

From this time until his death, Lan Tianyun was superstitious towards Su Ming, and believed in what Su Ming said, and the reason was that no one else understood him except Pan Daonian who could guess a little.

Because it was discovered so early that even surgery was not needed, Lan Tianyun felt relieved, and his gratitude to Su Ming grew deeper in his heart. Everything is in vain, not to mention, the future will also be affected.

A cadre with hidden dangers would always make people worry about being promoted. He has used this reason to veto many people, so he naturally didn't want to get such a result.

He didn't even tell anyone about this medical visit, but when old man Pan asked about his condition, he said it was not too serious, and then he asked old man Pan to tell Su Ming that he was going to visit Su Ming in the next two days.

Old man Pan immediately felt that Lan Tianyun's illness was not as simple as he said, otherwise he wouldn't treat Su Ming so seriously. Did I really miss him, that kid is a god?

"Teacher Pan, why are you always looking at me?" When he saw Su Ming the next day, Old Man Pan kept looking at Su Ming's face. If there is no ink ball, just ask him.

"Do you see what's wrong with me?" Old Man Pan stretched out his old thin face in front of Su Ming.

"How should I say it?" Su Ming looked at it pretendingly, his face became more and more serious, his mouth seemed to be difficult to speak, and old man Pan was so frightened that his face was as blank as a sheet of paper.

"Just tell me what's going on, I can hold on." Old Man Pan couldn't sit still, and it took a long time for him to recover.

"Except for being a little more curious, there is nothing wrong with it." Su Ming didn't dare to scare him anymore when he saw this. At such an age, don't scare him into anything, it's his own fault.

"Ah!" Only then did the old man know that he was being teased by Su Ming, and he turned his head angrily to ignore Su Ming, and he didn't bother to ask the bottom line. Su Ming was relieved at this point, hoping that he would not be able to do it himself, so he should remain certain of mystery.


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