Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 23

Under normal circumstances, if one dared to treat a prefecture-level city organization minister like this, he must be a provincial-level cadre, and one with real power. Seeing this kid-like character in front of him posing like this, Old Man Pan couldn't help laughing.

"Okay, at this time tomorrow, I'll bring him here, talk about what you want." The old man left very happily after speaking, leaving Su Ming wondering what the other party meant and what his intentions were when he came to find him. ?

You shouldn't have anything to do with him, right? After thinking for a long time, Su Ming couldn't think of a reason, so he had to wait for tomorrow. On the way, Su Ming turned to Guo Xiaopang's house. Xiaopang happened to be looking for him too.

This guy is wearing trousers with suspenders, and with his short and fat body, he looks very wretched, but he feels very good about himself. He keeps pulling on the suspenders on his chest, grabbing them from time to time, letting go, and hitting him Make a popping sound.

"It's so annoying. I really don't know how Xiao Ling chose it for you. This dress is so ugly." The friendship between the two of them is deadly, so there is no need to speak politely. This dress was chosen by Xiaopang's girlfriend who sells clothes. Yes, she sells clothes in a shopping mall, and through some channel, she made such a set for Xiaopang. After wearing it, Xiaopang feels very imposing, and doesn't have to worry about the pants falling down, so he wears it all the time.

You can wear it as you like, but I like to pull and pull the suspenders like the people in the movie. Su Ming doesn't like this action very much. Every time he sees it, he will sarcastically say a few words until Xiaopang stops. Both of them have to fight first.

"Xiaoling heard that the clothes in the south are very cheap, and there are more styles than here. If not, my brother and I will go to the south to approve some clothes and sell them here. What do you think? Anyway, I don't want to be a driver anymore. I'm exhausted every day, and I still suspect me of stealing oil. I'm the only one in the whole team who didn't steal it, and I'm still suspicious, I really don't want to do it anymore."

Xiaopang's fleet is also managed by the factory. There are dozens of large and small trucks, and there are hundreds of drivers. They basically rely on stealing the oil in the car to get by. The only one who doesn't steal oil is probably Xiaopang. , Xiao Pang felt that his family was not short of that money, so he couldn't afford to be a gas nerd, but he didn't expect that he was outraged by the public, and many people went to the higher authorities to sue him.

After Xiaopang finished complaining, he stared at Su Ming to go home and think about his proposal, and then he brought out a big oil pot from home. Naturally, he bought oil for Su Ming after he changed his motorcycle.

"You can take it if I give it to you. Why are you being polite to me?" Su Ming refused, but was forced into his hand by Xiaopang, and Su Ming couldn't figure out whether his motorcycle needed oil or not. After riding the motorcycle for so many days, Su Ming has never refueled, and after so many days of running, he can still run.

But when it was shaking, Su Ming felt that there was not much oil in it. When he brought the oil pot home, Su Ming thought about it and added oil to it, so as to save himself from having to push it back in case he ran out of oil halfway. , There are a lot of things going on recently, so we can't delay.

Su Ming thought about filling it up once, and then seeing how long it could run. He didn't expect that a large pot of ten liters was poured into it, but it was still only half full, and he didn't know where so much oil was poured into.

But there are too many strange things about it. No matter how strange it is, no bicycle becomes a motorcycle.

There is still no news from the investigation team, but this is not a matter of urgency. After school in the afternoon, Su Ming came to the family courtyard of the Education Bureau to see what the head of the organization was looking for.

After waiting for a while, old man Pan led a middle-aged man in his forties, with white shirt, black trousers, black leather shoes, standard leadership attire, and delicate skin. With thin skin, it is impossible to do business in the wind and rain.

"Xiao Su, this is Minister Lan, Tian Yun, this is Xiao Su." Old man Pan introduced the two of them beside him, and Lan Tianyun frowned habitually, but he thought that the teacher never paid attention to this point , In the officialdom, they are introduced to each other only when their identities are equal, and neither of these two people can be regarded as in the officialdom.

The two sides got to the point without chatting a few words. Naturally, Lan Tianyun came to ask Su Ming how he went to the provincial capital to report Hong Anzhong. It can't be said that when something goes wrong and the organization department needs to come up with a replacement, he can catch the blind. Of course, this is just his superficial talk, and what he thinks secretly, even old man Pan doesn't know.

Old man Pan can only say that he understands the officialdom, but he doesn't have a deep understanding of it. Naturally, he doesn't know the complexity of political struggles, and the position of chief of public security is a very important chess piece for Lan Tianyun.

Once the problems in Hong Anzhong are taken down, there will be a power vacuum in his group of people. As long as this position is brought into their own faction, the current unfavorable situation can be reversed. This is what they have been waiting for for a long time .

He and Luo Jianghuai, the current secretary of the Municipal Party Committee of Pingyang City, are considered to be in the same faction. It is said that the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee is the top leader, not to mention completely controlling everything in Pingyang City, at least the right to speak should be the first, but this is not the case in Pingyang City, because in Pingyang City On his head, there is also the Supreme Secretary, the former secretary Mu Peiyuan. When he was about to retire, he gave up the opportunity to serve as the vice chairman of the CPPCC in the province and chose to stay in Pingyang City as a director of the National People's Congress. At the main hall level, the higher-ups considered that he was two years away from retirement, so he reserved the position of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee.

Mu Peiyuan has been the secretary of the Municipal Party Committee in Pingyang City for eight years, and he started his career in Pingyang City. From a clerk in the village, to the director of the Revolutionary Committee, to the Secretary of the County Party Committee, and to the Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, he took every step. Incomparably solid, he also promoted a large number of people who followed him.

Although he has retired from the post of secretary of the Municipal Party Committee, he still has a place on the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee. Deputy Secretary Gan Weimin, Minister of Propaganda Tan Xiaolan, and Executive Deputy Mayor Zhuo Tiejun are all his loyal subordinates. Alone outside the blue sky, with no one around, Mayor Mi Dafeng and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Huang Guobing had the idea of uniting Mu Luoluo, so his life was naturally very sad.

Mi Dafeng's choice cannot be wrong, because even if he joins forces with Luo Jianghuai, there is no benefit. The Standing Committee is still divided evenly, and the power will not belong to him if he wins. If Luo Jianghuai can be squeezed out, he will There is a chance to compete for the throne of the Municipal Party Committee Secretary. Although it is possible to be controlled by Mu Peiyuan, Mu Peiyuan is about to step down after all, and in comparison, he is at least older than Luo Jianghuai. It is also easier to boil than Luo Jianghuai.


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