Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 22

Only two days later, Su Ming met the investigation team from the Provincial Department at the family courtyard of the Education Bureau. The investigation team was led by a team leader and brought a person to meet Su Ming.

"Just the two of you here?" Su Ming asked as soon as he met, what can two people do.

"There are six more outside." For this investigation, because he was afraid of being tipped off, the other party became alert. Chen Minglu spent a lot of effort and passed several checkpoints before picking out eight elite soldiers and setting off. I didn't tell them the target of the action at all, and I didn't tell them the content of the action until they arrived in Queshan City.

And it was stipulated that the entire investigation team does not allow any one person to have the opportunity to act alone, even when going to the toilet, two people must go to the bathroom together, and no one is allowed to make exceptions.

This is the reason why the team leader came here to see Su Ming and brought people with him. It was not for show off, but for mutual supervision. There is no hard evidence of human evidence and crimes. It is not so difficult to take a knife against a public security chief. It's easy, and once the other party finds out, the other party will definitely be able to eliminate all the evidence, that's why Chen Minglu is so cautious.

After asking about Su Ming's situation, the two left. Su Ming wanted to participate in this investigation, but unfortunately he ignored it at all.

Two days later, when these guys appeared in front of Su Ming again, looking at their expressions, Su Ming could be sure that they had gained nothing, and Su Ming couldn't help feeling a surge of pleasure in his heart, you think you guys are awesome, Now it seems that you know that you can't do without me, you know my importance.

They found the small white building, but it was empty and there was no one there. They stared at it for two whole days and saw no one.

However, they found many traces of car tires in the compound. Judging from these traces, these cars appearing here have never been officially imported in China, which proves that the information provided by Su Ming that there are smuggled cars here is true.

Su Ming felt uncomfortable when he heard it. I was free to make fun of the police. Isn’t this looking for trouble? I was going to tell them about the cave, but Su Ming didn’t plan to say it when I heard this. The things inside must be very important. And it is so hidden, it will never be moved away easily, as long as you stare at it, you will definitely gain something, but now Su Ming doesn't want to tell them.

"I'll give you two ideas. We can agree in advance. These are just personal opinions for your reference. If you don't get anything, don't blame me for wasting your time." Su Ming suddenly thought of an investigation idea, but it was very Trouble, think about it, it's not my own hard work anyway, it's not too much to make them who look down on people work harder.

"Tell me, let's listen and see. As for whether it's feasible or not, it's up to us to judge." The attitude of the other party didn't seem to pay much attention to it. In their view, these professionals have no ideas, and Su Ming's ideas are not that good. .

"First, although the girls in our school haven't moved much these days, I think they must still be in touch. I will provide you with the list in a while, and you try to match up with them, and then keep an eye on them. There will definitely be gains. Another way of thinking is that I eavesdropped on their conversation that day, saying that Shengquan District would purchase 20 to 30 smuggled cars from them. The person in charge of this matter is the deputy secretary and deputy head of the district. He has a son called him Brother Wang, maybe his surname is Wang, if you go to scout in this direction, I think it will be effective."

The two policemen in front of them showed surprised expressions. Based on this simple information, they can think of two reconnaissance ideas. The reason is that the other party did not expect that the other party still has this ability.

Moreover, these two ideas start from the outside, so as not to attract the attention of the other party, and once you gain something, whether it is organizing a mass murder or smuggling cars, you can start directly. This young man, could it be said that he was born to do criminal investigation? s material.

The two discussed it, and decided to adopt Su Ming's work ideas, and included Su Ming in the scouting team. At this time, Su Ming raised objections, focusing on his own studies, and rejected their request. These are all errands. Well, Su Ming sneaked on them on purpose, he didn't want to suffer this.

They also knew that Su Ming took advantage of this to get angry two days ago, so they didn't force it, and went to investigate according to the idea Su Ming said.

This question is more difficult. What is the most difficult thing to say in this world, that is, making money is the most difficult. Foresight, opportunity, and ability are all indispensable. Now Su Ming has the ability, but his vision is not good. I don’t know how to use his ability. However, as for the opportunity, it has to wait until a way to use it is found.

Except for the casinos, Su Ming really doesn't know about other places, but there is no casino here in Pingyang, so he can't go to Hong Kong or Macau, right? Su Ming really doesn't have the guts.

The evil capitalist society is full of cannibalism everywhere. This is mentioned in the middle school politics textbook. Although Su Ming doesn't believe it, it still feels very dangerous.

One day, Su Ming went to the Educational Bureau's family home to wait for news, and suddenly met that warm-hearted Uncle Pan on the road, and saw Su Ming come up and reach out to grab Su Ming.

"Boy, I've been looking for you for several days, but I haven't seen you. Where did you go? My old man is worried that you will be arrested."

"I'm here every afternoon to evening, why can't I find it?" Su Ming asked strangely, he just didn't take the initiative to find him, if he wanted to find him, how could he not find him.

"I said, that happened to be my time to play chess, no wonder, come on, boy, I have something to ask you, come to my house and talk." The old man left Su Ming without saying a word.

"Come to my house, my house is quiet." Su Ming took the old man to his room, and the old man yelled as soon as he entered the door: "Wow, isn't this the so-and-so room of the Education Bureau? I wanted this at the time." It was a trick, but it was taken by her, and she couldn't keep it, it was wasted, why did it fall into your hands."

"What do you want from me?" Su Ming really couldn't answer this question. He slept with someone else's daughter, and he was given a house as a gift, so he was considered a bad boy.

"That's right, Tianyun came back from a meeting and asked me what I needed to find him, so I told him about your situation. Of course, I didn't disclose your personal situation. Tianyun is very interested in this matter and wants to tell him Let's meet and find out, what do you think? You can rest assured that Tianyun is definitely not that kind of pervert."

"Is that the head of the organization?"

"Yes, that's him."

"Well... let's meet then." Su was obviously unwilling.


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