Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 21

Nothing is more important than this, because if the normal steps are followed, if the chief of public security wants to become permanent, he must first become the deputy mayor and then become permanent as the deputy mayor, but at the same time he has to face many Competition between administrative bureaus or county secretaries.

And if the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee is appointed to the permanent position, there will be almost no competition, and the news has not been made public. The most important thing now is to keep the position of secretary of the Political and Legal Committee. Others, that's called depression.

It is not ruled out that there are also people who got the news and came out to pick the fruit in advance. The people below may not be very well informed, but the above is different. If you say that you are still the secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, then there is no doubt that you will be admitted, and now you are afraid of the above. Someone came to ask for this chicken-threat position.

Therefore, Hong Anzhong can't take care of Su Ming anymore. The relationship between the higher authorities must be well managed, and the city must be maintained. Otherwise, he will not feel at ease when he enters Beijing, and there will be no problems with the affairs of the bureau, especially in such a critical period. , the more you can’t give someone a handle on a fire in the backyard.

On his son's side, he didn't have time to talk too much, he just told him that I may be going to become a permanent member, be more calm recently, and don't make trouble for me, it seems that someone surnamed Ye reported you for flirting with girls, be careful .

Hong Tianzheng thought of Ye Lang's head first, shit, didn't I promise you that I was a few days late and didn't do it, you dared to report me, and sent someone directly to the school to pull Ye Lang over without saying a word He beat Ye Lang violently, and beat Ye Lang half to death.

After the beating, he asked Ye Lang why he reported himself and almost killed Ye Lang. How could he have the guts? After crying like blood, Hong Tianzheng also felt that it was a little impossible, but he would not admit that he was wrong. Understand.

"Anyway, people said that it was you Ye Lang who reported it. The whistleblower is exactly the same as you. In view of the past, I won't make it difficult for you. Get out." Anyway, this guy is useless, and now it's Dad again At the critical moment, let's play it safe, it's too public to bring girls out from school, although those girls are very fun, but it's okay if they play too much.

Ye Lang left Beiyang Mountain crying step by step, and walked a long way before finding a public phone, calling someone to pick him up, and telling his father when he got back, Ye Tianming had no choice but to resent that People who frame themselves.

"Dad, do you think that kid surnamed Su did it?" Ye Lang was sitting there angry, when suddenly he had a flash of inspiration, thinking that he hadn't seen Su Ming for a few days, so he suspected Su Ming as his target body.

"Does that kid have the guts?" Ye Tianming doubted. In his impression, he always involuntarily combined the images of Su Ming and Su Ziqiang.

"He didn't come to school these days, could it have something to do with him?" Ye Lang had suffered from Su Ming, and he could tell that Su Ming was absolutely different from his old man just because he hit him when he rode a bicycle .

"You still said that you gave someone a brick and opened his head. Two days ago, Lao Su told others that his son's skull was cracked, and he was dizzy every day, and some people became vegetative Possibly, the old man who killed me saw him and detoured." Although Ye Tianming said that he was arrogant, he still knew that his son had done something wrong, and if he didn't pursue it, it was because of his own face, otherwise, he would be regarded as having a relationship with him. It's not justified to beat people up like that, and I still have to make up for Old Su if I have a chance.

"No way, I heard that kid also won the big prize?" Ye Lang was a little disapproving, it was so serious, it wasn't because Tang Lihua dumped him, so he was ashamed to go to school.

"What do you know, that's what fools are blessed with." Unknowingly, the two put aside their doubts about Su Ming, and began to discuss how to solve this matter. Hong Tianzheng's line cannot be left like this Ye Tianming even considered whether to buy a car from him, but considering that the factory would not approve it, he was a bit reluctant to take his own money.

Here, the father and son are enjoying themselves happily, while Su Ming and his father got into an argument again. For Su Ming who didn't even say hello and didn't come back all night, Su Ziqiang used his old man's airs to teach Su Ming, but what happened to Su Ming, who was used to seeing big shots? He is still afraid of his father, but as a son of man, it is unjustifiable to quarrel with his father.

"Little Fatty and I are planning to do business together. We have ordered some items from Chuanping to sell here. I went to Chuanping to see the goods yesterday." Su Ming had no choice but to make up lies to lie to his parents. He would definitely disappear frequently in the future, saying that he was alone Parents definitely don't agree with people doing business, so they had to use Xiaopang as a shield.

"Two and a half boys, what kind of business do you do? If you lose money, you can't do it. You can still do business. You can go to your school with peace of mind. It's the right way to go back to work in the factory after graduation." Su Ziqiang curled his lips. For him, doing business Then there is work insurance, the factory is in charge of sickness and injury, and the salary is still paid after retirement. Who cares if the business loses money? This is the common thinking of the older generation of state-owned enterprise workers.

"I have a job at work, and I can't afford anything for the rest of my life. If someone is in business, he can set up a ten thousand yuan household a year." Su Ming replied unconvinced, although he knew that such an answer would make his father angry, But after going out to see the world, let him return to that factory as an ordinary worker and have to endure the oppression of others, he would not die willingly.

"It's easy to say, but it's as simple as what you said. If the business is so easy to do, everyone will go to business, and who will work? You didn't look at Lao Wang next door. He put aside his good work and quit, so he must do it. What kind of tea, in the end, you just come back to work obediently, and you don’t even have seniority.”

Su Ming's father is like this. One failure example can always be remembered in his heart, and he can't see other people's success at all. In the compound, anyone who can live at home is someone who is doing business outside, just relying on work, Not a single family lived in a loose way, and even Su Ming's mother wanted to approve some wool to sell in the yard, but he refused to let him.

"You just talk about him, why don't you talk about Mrs. Huang, Brother Liu, and Uncle Zhao? They started off as a small business, and then they gradually grew. That one is no better than ours." Su Ming naturally I won't give up easily. Now that I've come to this point, I have to argue with my father.

"Stinky boy, your wings are so hard that you want to fly. If it weren't for your injuries, I would have killed you. I won't tell you so much. You can do whatever you want. Anyway, the family won't give you a penny." When they can't fight, the only trick parents can use is economic sanctions, just like how the United Nations deals with disobedient countries.

"I didn't intend to ask you for it at all." Su Ming retorted softly as he walked towards his room. He didn't intend to do business either, so naturally he didn't need to ask for money.

"If you lose money, don't expect me to help you pay it back." His father said angrily, seeing that Su Ming had already approached the room, he sat there to try his luck. Ming a penny, in fact, for him, this is already a progress.

Since his father had such an attitude, Su Ming felt relieved. The next day, Su Ming rode the motorcycle to the house openly. His father only scolded him for being a prodigal, and ignored it. But Su Ming's mother, Let Su Ming take her to buy a la carte, and enjoy the treatment of having a driver in advance.


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