Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 17

Huh, so easy to earn ten dollars? Su Ming couldn't believe it, and after watching it a few times, Su Ming realized that if anyone wants to gamble once, he will take out ten yuan first, and if he guesses correctly, he will return the capital and give you twice as much. The words in the middle will return the money.

At least ten yuan at a time, you can play more, and you are sure you will win, Su Ming is tempted, seeing several people have won money, if you wait any longer, maybe you will win the money of these people When it was all gone, Su Ming quickly took out ten yuan and squeezed over.

"Little brother, where are you playing?" Although the person on the opposite side was sulky, he spoke very kindly. Su Ming didn't dare to speak, for fear that people would realize that his accent was not from a local. He directly handed over the money in his hand to the other party.

"Okay, guess which one?" The other party turned quickly, but Su Ming didn't remember this at all. When the other party finished turning and asked him, he just glanced at it and pointed to the bowl on the left.

"Little brother, you have good eyesight, are you still playing?" The other party was not lazy, so he handed over twenty yuan directly. Su Ming packed his ten yuan, and handed the ten yuan he won to the other party .

"This man is not dumb, is he?"

"No, you see he can hear people talking, ten dumb and nine deaf, you haven't heard of it."

"Tch, I've only heard of ten deaf and nine dumb, but I haven't heard of ten dumb and nine deaf." The people next to him were all talking there, and Su Ming just watched the other party change and change their tactics, playing and playing, Still pay Su Ming another ten yuan.

Su Ming just pretended to win ten yuan in this way, and soon won sixty yuan from the other party. Now the other party was a little unwilling. Su Ming basically won all the money won before. As for the other winners , Naturally they are all their accomplices.

So under the instigation of everyone, Su Ming quickly increased the bet to 20 yuan a hand. After Su Ming won several more hands in a row, the other party knew that they had encountered a tough hand. Surreptitiously made a gesture.

Su Ming played for a while and suddenly felt that the surroundings were a little quiet. Every time he won, there were cheers. He turned his head and found that at some point, a group of people changed around, and some of them seemed to win in front of him. Those who paid the money, including the migrant worker and the one wearing glasses, but at this time they all had fierce expressions on their faces.

No, this is a trap. Su Ming thought of the advice that Xiao Pang gave him when he came here. When he went outside, he had to beware of being robbed and cheated. Generally speaking, there are mostly scammers.

And if you want not to be cheated, you must not be greedy for money. Throughout the ages, all scams have used people's greedy psychology to make you fall into it unconsciously. Often when you discover it, you are already unable to extricate yourself.

Xiaopang’s words seem to have just faded away from his ears, and he has fallen into such a situation where he can’t extricate himself. If you want to leave, you have to be willing to do so. Clean it up, it won't be so easy for you to leave.

How to do it? Not to mention his own money, even if he won, Su Ming didn't want to give it to others, "Ah!" Because he was too absorbed in thinking, the money in his hand suddenly fell to the ground, Su Ming hurriedly squatted down to pick up the money, and waited for it At that time, Su Ming saw that there was nothing under the table, and suddenly had an idea, as if there was a plot in a movie where the main character used the table to get out of trouble.

Su Ming squatted there and didn't get up. Someone pulled him beside him. Su Ming stuffed the money on his body and got under the table.

The table is very ordinary, just an ordinary desk, but the wood is very hard and heavy. Su Ming put his head on it desperately, and waved his hands vigorously, but the effect is very good.

The summer clothes are quite thin, and the table is angular. When it hits it, it is more powerful than a stick, and it is also a combination of offense and defense. After a few laps, Su Ming knocked over three or four times, and opened a gap. , Su Ming didn't care whether the direction was right or not, and rushed out with his head on the table.

The rest of the people caught up, but Su Ming's swaying pace was too unpredictable, and once Su Ming found that someone was approaching, he turned around and there was a table, people came and went in the square, and Su Ming got rid of it soon pursue soldiers.

As soon as the table was not rested for a while, someone shouted from behind: "It's him, it's him who robbed, catch him." Su Ming turned around in fright, and saw that besides those people just now, there were two other people wearing clothes. Policeman with big cap.

police? For this profession, Su Ming didn't have any good impressions, it was too late to go to the table, and Su Ming didn't dare to bump into the police with the table, so Su Ming ran away.

"Day, it's okay, why don't you shout nonsense, or catch him." Both policemen have fat bellies, and it is impossible to catch up with Su Ming, so the two of them wisely didn't chase him.

"Then what should we do? He still won us hundreds of dollars." The guy doesn't know exactly how much Su Ming won, but it's always right to say more, maybe today's share money won't have to be paid .

"Look at you stupid, you can't even play with a child, quickly put it on the table and go to work, today's money can't be less." That's such a good thing, if the police are so foolish, they won't be called the police anymore .

"Then this kid?" Picking up the table, the guy didn't give up and continued to ask.

"I'll notify the brothers outside to see if I can stop him." The policeman picked up the walkie-talkie at hand and informed the colleagues at the exit of the square about Su Ming's appearance and attire.

Su Ming ran to the gate of the square and stopped. He was already as tired as a dead dog. He stuck out his tongue desperately. After resting for a long time, seeing that no one was chasing him, he felt relieved and started to leave. Suddenly, he found that the place where he was resting was just at the door of a police booth, and there, at some point, a policeman had already stood there.

"Go in!" The policeman kept a straight face, as if he couldn't express his selflessness otherwise, Su Ming's whole body was so weak that he couldn't run even if he wanted to, so he had to follow him inside.


"Su Ming."

"Home address? What are you doing?" Hearing that Su Ming's accent was not from Chuanping, and did not have that elegant taste, the policeman's tone became severe.

"Pingyang, student."

"What are the students doing in Chuanping?"


"Complaint? Who's the complaint?"

"Pingyang City Public Security Bureau." Anyway, he was arrested, and Su Ming lied lazily, telling the real purpose directly.

Hearing this, the policeman gasped, originally he just wanted to ask a few casual questions, and then let it go to help Fatty Wang, but he didn't expect to meet a guy who dared to sue the Public Security Bureau, and he felt a little scared in his heart.

Chuanping is the capital of Xiangning Province, so there are naturally a lot of people who come here to sue, most of them come and go by train, and he naturally sees a lot of such people here.

Generally speaking, people who come to complain are either really unable to survive, or they are the kind of people who like to be more serious when things happen. The former kind of people are easy to say, while the latter kind of people are extremely difficult to provoke.

One of his colleagues was like this, because he accidentally spit out a mouthful of phlegm, and ordinary people would at most swear a few words, and the timid ones might not even dare to swear, but he happened to hit the bullet hole, and the other party was a person who came to complain Now, by the way, he was also sued. Although he tried everything, he was finally transferred to a prison in the mountains far away, and the matter was settled.

The person in front of him obviously looked like this kind of person, so he tried to change his expression to be a little more pleasant and asked, "Where are you going to sue? The provincial party committee, the provincial government, or the Public Security Bureau? If you don't know the way, I have a map for you. "After speaking, he took out a map of Chuanping City and handed it to Su Ming.

"Where is the Public Security Bureau, how do I get there?" Su Ming searched the sky over and over, but couldn't find the Public Security Bureau there, so he asked him.

"Look, go left along this road for about 50 meters. There is a station. Take the No. 13 bus and get off at the museum. Next to it is the Public Security Bureau. Seven stops are enough for one yuan and five. Do you have any change? Do you need me? Here you go."


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