Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 16

"But what, old man, tell me." Su Ming hurriedly asked, Su Ming felt like he had stabbed a hornet's nest, and was desperate. Someone is willing to show the way, regardless of whether the road ahead is a deep abyss or a sea of swords and flames Well, let's go first.

"I heard that the relationship between Director Hong and the provincial department is very tense. You can find a solution from the provincial department."

"The Provincial Department, is it the Public Security Department?"

"Well, and when you get there, you have to find a big shot. It's best to ask someone outside to talk. Don't be like a lunatic who rushes inside and says you want to report so and so."

"Who is the big shot?"

"The director, the executive deputy director, or the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee are all fine, but it is difficult for ordinary people to meet these few."

"Then what should I do?"

"Well...forget it, my old man will help people to the end, send the Buddha to the west, and let me see if I can get you on the line." The old man pondered for a while, with a look of embarrassment on his face, and finally decided to help Su Ming a handful.

After speaking, he took Su Ming back to his house. It turned out that he lived next door to Su Ming. A middle-aged woman with a big age gap opened the door for them. After seeing Su Ming, the surprise in her eyes flashed. How did the old man bring a stranger into the house? strangeness.

"Chunhong, this is a kid I just met, and this is my wife." The old man's introduction explained Su Ming's suspicion, otherwise this daughter doesn't look like a daughter, and his wife doesn't look like a wife, Su Ming really doesn't know what to call her.

"Chunhong, take my phone book, I'll call Tianyun." The Tianyun he was talking about was Lan Tianyun, the organization director of Pingyang City. His name was Pan Daojiang, and he was a retired special-grade teacher. , his wife, Chunhong, was his former student. Among the two best students of that year, one became his wife who accompanied him day and night, and the other became the head of the organization. He was also dragged down by this relationship, or he would not A colleague who won't make it to retirement and is still an ordinary teacher, who only read from textbooks, has now become the director of the Pingyang City Education Bureau.

"Are you going to call again to trouble Tianyun for what?" The woman named Chunhong turned around and walked inside while expressing her dissatisfaction.

"This kid is in trouble, I'll ask Tianyun to see if he can help." Old man Pan smiled and beckoned Su Ming to sit down, while explaining to his wife.

"You can't open your mouth when your child needs it. You have to wait for someone to bring it up. Other people's affairs are good. You keep pushing forward. Don't you know that the more you use it, the more you use it, the thinner it is." The old man's wife muttered. He took out the phone book and threw it in front of the old man, while still expressing his dissatisfaction.

"It's my own child, so I'm embarrassed to open my mouth. This is business." The old man scolded, found the phone with the page with Lan Tianyun on it, and began to dial. Su Ming will see clearly now, the above is clear The words Lan Tianyun are written on the ground, not Hong Anzhong or the Public Security Bureau.

The old man first reported his home, put down the phone after a few words, and made a helpless expression to Li Tian: "He went to Chuanping for a meeting, and he won't be back for several days. Even the correspondents couldn't reach him. Or just help you."

"Forget it, no matter what, I still want to thank you, old man, then I'll go first." Since he couldn't help, Su Ming didn't have the patience to sit here, so he said goodbye and wanted to stay away.

"Go ahead, no matter what you do, remember to leave a way out for yourself." The old man didn't force him to stay.

"Goodbye, auntie." Su Ming was going to call the old lady, but looking at her age, that old word really couldn't be uttered. An auntie made the other party happy, and she kept saying hello to Su Ming with a smile on her face. Come to her house to play.

"I'm calling you an auntie. Seeing how happy you are, I really don't know what you women think." When Su Ming went downstairs, he heard the old man inside complaining.

Although the family is not short of money now, it is still difficult to take out money at home, not to mention this kind of inexplicable demand, so Su Ming simply borrowed 300 yuan from Guo Xiaopang and sat down for two Half an hour's train arrived at Chuanping City, the provincial capital. As soon as he got out of the platform, he was surrounded by a group of people.

"Stay in a hotel, stay in a hotel, the price is cheap, and you can even take care of the food."

"Isn't it a little brother to live in a hotel? Come to my hotel and each person has an electric fan."

"The environment here is elegant, and each person has a watermelon every day. The watermelons in Xinguan are big and sweet."

The messy and noisy Su Ming's ears were buzzing. Seeing a gruff-toothed sister-in-law standing there without saying a word, holding a board sign in her hand, Su Ming asked, "How much is the hotel for one night?" Others Seeing that Su Ming had chosen the right person, he didn't bother him any more, and went to solicit other guests.

"Thirty for one night, make sure that everything on the bedding is freshly washed." Seeing that Su Ming chose her, Mrs. Toothy replied hurriedly. With this opening of her mouth, the strong smell of garlic came oncoming, and it almost choked Su Ming to death.

"Do you care about the food?" Su Ming pinched his nose. Although it was a bit impolite, it was better than being smoked to death.

"Take care of the food for forty." The old lady with violent teeth took a step back, trying to face the ground when speaking, otherwise Su Ming would not be able to stand it.

"Forty." Su Ming hesitated for a moment, and calculated that he would not be able to live for ten days except for the round-trip fee, and he would not be able to buy a pack of good cigarettes when he was looking for someone to do business.

Before coming here, Su Ming estimated that the shop would be ten yuan a day, but he didn't expect it to be several times more than what he thought. What should we do now?

"There is no hostel in the city that is less than 50 overnight. Big brother, you have to think about it. Have you seen that alley? There is a third Erniu hostel in it. You can come anytime." After pointing out the location to Su Ming , Sister-in-law Baoya also went to solicit other guests. As for Su Ming, she calculated that if it was 50 per night, her own money would be enough for a few days.

Unable to make up his mind, Su Ming walked around the square of the train station, and suddenly saw a group of people gathered not far away, and a man who looked like a migrant worker was pushing out from the crowd, holding a stack of Bills, shouting: "Get rich! I'm rich!"

All of a sudden, Su Ming was attracted. What are you doing to get rich so quickly? It looks like there are dozens of them. Su Ming was not the only one who saw it in the square. Many people crowded past him. Su Ming exhausted all his energy. Just squeezed in.

Inside were three young men in a hurry, gathered around a table covered with a red cloth, on which were placed three upside-down bowls, one of them was turning the bowl around quickly, After you stop, ask the person next to you where the bowl is.

The person next to him is wearing glasses, looks polite, is wearing a white shirt, and is carrying a briefcase in his hand. He looks like a government official. I saw him look and look carefully, and then look up again as a memory , then hesitantly pointed to the one in the middle and said, "This is it."

"Are you sure?" the host asked.

"Well, sure." This one seemed to want to repent, but quickly nodded again.

"Okay, I guessed right. I'm willing to admit defeat. This is your ten yuan. I'll give you another ten yuan." After opening it, there was a melon seed under the bowl, and then he took out ten yuan from his body and gave it to him. I found this man wearing glasses, and then took out another ten yuan and gave it to him.


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