Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 15

Su Ming was afraid of bringing disaster to his family, so he first came to the family courtyard of the Education Bureau. He wanted to go back to the house, but when he saw a big tree that was very lush, there was a lot of shade underneath, and there were two long benches. , is a good place to rest, much better than going to the room to cover yourself. Seeing that there was no one around, Su Ming lay on it presumptuously. After a while, he was blown by the cool wind and fell asleep.

"Young man, wake up..." When Su Ming was woken up, he saw a fan beating him. Of course, the fan didn't move, and there was a person standing behind him.

"Young man, be a bit civic-minded, take up such a big chair to sleep by yourself, get up and give it to me." The gray sleeves are really good. Although they are very worn out, they are very clean, as if they have just been washed, but they speak very aggressively, feeling a bit old-fashioned.

"I'm sorry..." Su Ming wanted to say that there was another one over there, but when he looked up and saw the sun move westward, the bench was already under the sun. Such a hot weather made such an old man sit on it. Under the sun, isn't that harmful?

"Young man, is there anything embarrassing? Tell me and I'll see if I can help you." Su Ming originally wanted to leave here, but he was sweating profusely from sleeping just now, and now the wind blows his whole body soft and cool. It made people not want to leave, and sat there ready to sweat before leaving, but immediately remembered that incident, and frowned involuntarily, and after being discovered by the old man, he immediately asked enthusiastically.

"Young man, if you have anything to say, just tell me. Even if I can't help you, I can at least give you advice. Although I'm just a retired teacher, I have a lot of students. I'm sure I can help you." The old man was really enthusiastic, or maybe he was really bored, Su Ming wouldn't let him leave, so he had to ask clearly.

"You can't help me, this matter is very big, no one can help me."

"What a big deal. My student is the head of the organization of Pingyang City. I don't believe that even a head of the organization can't solve such a big problem." Hearing that he was underestimated, the old man immediately turned himself The biggest backstage came out, which made Su Ming unexpected.

"What does the head of the organization do?" The head of the organization just heard that he is powerful, but Su Ming really doesn't know what he does, but he doesn't seem to be as powerful as the secretary of the discipline inspection committee. Minister, the minister is definitely not as big as the secretary, Su Ming can be sure of this.

"The inspection, deployment and promotion of all cadres are under the control of the organization department. Do you think they are good or not? The organization department only needs to ask, and you can choose whoever you want to join." The old man looked at Su Ming's age, probably not. For love is for work, and it seems that there is a lot of work, so if it is love, you should sigh.

"So powerful? Better than the deputy secretary?" Su Ming asked suspiciously. He didn't dare to ask the Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee directly by name, so he had to bring out the deputy secretary.

"At the same level as the deputy secretary, except for the need to accept the guidance of the first deputy secretary, compared with other deputy secretaries, they basically have their own share. There is no distinction between who is higher and who is lower." The old man saw that Su Ming didn't understand anything. Therefore, he had no choice but to popularize official knowledge for Su Ming.

Through the old man's explanation, Su Ming realized that the leaders who appeared on TV or newspapers are all department-level cadres. The difference is that some are in the main department and some are in the deputy department. The deputy mayor who made it to the Standing Committee is better than the one who didn't.

"If I report a department-level cadre for making a mistake, can the head of the organization remove him?"

"Ahem, department-level cadres are already provincial-level cadres, and the provincial organization minister can make the decision. Under normal circumstances, the same level cannot control the same level. Even the secretary of the municipal party committee has only the right to make suggestions but not the right to dispose." The old man said. Thirsty, he took a sip from the water glass under his feet, and was choked by Su Ming's astonishing words.

"There are not many department-level cadres. Young man, who do you want to report? You tell me, and I will give you advice, so that you won't offend someone you shouldn't." Seeing that Su Ming's expression didn't seem fake, the old man said asked Su Ming worriedly.

"It's not at the departmental level, it's one level lower than the departmental level." Su Ming didn't know, it should be.

"That's no problem. Department-level cadres happen to be in charge of the organization department." Hearing that they are not at the department level, the old man is relieved. Although the organization department does not care about discipline inspection, if a cadre is reported, the head of the organization can definitely report to the standing committee. Ask the discipline inspection to investigate this cadre, or communicate with the secretary in private, and the secretary will mobilize the discipline inspection committee.

"However, there are a few bureaus that are directly under the bureau, and in the personnel listing, they only have the right to make suggestions, not the right to dispose." Su Ming just got a little down in his heart, and the old man raised a word to Su Ming again.

"What bureaus are they all?" Su Ming asked cautiously, praying in his heart that there would never be a public security bureau.

"The Industrial and Commercial Bureau, the Taxation Bureau, the Electricity Bureau, and the Post and Telecommunications Bureau are all these, and those like the Public Security Bureau and the Education Bureau need to communicate with the higher-level departments. I said which bureau you messed with? Don't worry, I won't tell you."

"Uh, no, I don't want to make a second mistake." I've suffered a loss just now and was almost betrayed. Although I think the old man is quite reliable this time, Su Ming still doesn't dare to take risks. Now he doesn't have any makeup on. dress up.

"Have you reported it once? How did you report it?"

"Did you report it directly?"

"Report directly? Did you write down your real name?" the old man asked in surprise.

"No, I used a pseudonym."

"Then it's okay, they can't find you, as long as you don't write your address on it stupidly." The old man waved his hand and made a little joke with Su Ming.

"Address? No, I went directly to report it."

"Ah! Then why don't you run away and stay here to waste time? You don't have any money, right? I can lend you some." The old man really didn't expect it. This kind of doorway is quite clear, and he can write anonymous letters. He didn't expect to be so stupid that he directly reported it in person. That's not courting death.

"It's okay, I use a pseudonym and put on makeup."

"That's about the same. I'm not so stupid. Did you go there to report?"

"Discipline inspection committee."

"The way is right, what's the result?"

"He called the guy and told the guy to come get me."

"The one you reported was from the Public Security Bureau?" The old man was quite clever, and he immediately recognized the person Su Ming was reporting to.

"Ah! It's the Public Security Bureau." Now that he was found out, Su Ming admitted it.



"Then you'd better run, the Public Security Bureau is specialized in investigation, and sooner or later they will find you."

"Then what should I do?" Su Ming didn't know what to do. Since there was someone in front of him who knew a lot about the officialdom and was eager to help him, it was as if he had caught a life-saving straw. Caught the old man's arm.

"Oh, wish you luck."

"Ah, didn't you say that your student is the head of the organization, who is in charge of cadres at this level?"

"That is to say, but the chief of public security is a bit difficult to handle. It is a dictatorship in itself, unless he is transferred to another position first, but for no reason, it is not easy to transfer, unless you have Is there any definite evidence?"

"No." Su Ming quickly shook his head. What he heard that day could not be used as evidence at all, but only as clues.

"Then there is no other way, but..." When he said this, the old man hesitated.


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