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Chapter 14

Su Ming read several issues of the Pingyang Daily, and found that there was no news about the chief of the public security bureau, either the secretary or deputy secretary, or the mayor and deputy mayor. There were not many bureau chiefs who showed up. At night, Su Ming read the Pingyang news again. The same goes for discovery.

According to Su Ming's understanding, regardless of the newspaper or the TV, according to the size of the page and the order of appearance, one can analyze who's level is high or low. Except for the secretary and the mayor who must be ranked first and second, the others are all deputy secretaries, The deputy mayor, occasionally a director of the National People's Congress, the chairman of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, etc., and then the minister of organization and propaganda.

It seems that there is nothing terrible about a public security chief. There are many people who are more powerful than him in Pingyang. Dangerously.

At this time, Su Ming was suddenly attracted by a piece of Pingyang news, which said that Huang Guobing, secretary of the Pingyang Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection, called for learning the spirit of XXX’s speech at the Seventh Plenary Session of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, launching a special campaign to severely crack down on cadres’ violations of law and discipline, and anti-corruption work in the new era There is a long way to go, and we must be persistent and so on.

Seeing this, Su Ming's confused thoughts seemed to be opened a window, and his heart lit up. Isn't this just right? This person seems to be of a high rank, and the Commission for Discipline Inspection seems to be in charge of this. Now It is the period of crackdown again, and it is God helping us.

Early the next morning, after making some preparations, Su Ming came to the gate of the Pingyang Municipal Committee at the intersection of Gonggong Road and Tuanjie Road. There were many signs on both sides of the spacious gate, **Pingyang Municipal Committee, Pingyang Municipal People's Government, etc. , Su Ming saw the sign of **Pingyang Disciplinary Inspection Committee at a glance among the many signs, and it really was here.

It was the first time in his life that he stepped into such a solemn and solemn place. Su Ming didn't even dare to look at the road. Under the watchful eyes of the gate guards, Su Ming walked in like a zombie. Why do you say that? Dare to bend.

After turning around several times and asking several people, Su Ming found the Discipline Inspection Commission. Fortunately, he heard that he went to the Discipline Inspection Commission. No one asked a few more questions. When Su Ming found it, he found that it was an ordinary couple It is a small red-brick building, and the car parked at the door is nice, it looks very grand, and there is a crown logo on the front of the car, so Su Ming casually named it Crown.

Secretary Huang was about to go out with his bag in his arms, when he suddenly heard that someone was coming to make a report, so he met Su Ming in person out of curiosity. There were countless letters of report to the Commission for Discipline Inspection, and he was the first one to report in person. It was the first time that Secretary Huang encountered such a situation after several years of experience as a senior inspection cadre.

But when he saw Su Ming's age, he thought it was normal. A young boy with a hairy head could have any important issues to report, but he still greeted Su Ming to sit across from him with a smile on his face, and was kind. He shook hands with Su Ming.

Su Ming was also impressed by his demeanor. With a square face, a burly figure, and a very loud voice, he didn't have any pretensions. Su Ming felt as if he was in front of the country's leaders, solemn Without losing the affinity, it is in line with the righteous and dignified image in Su Ming's mind.

"Young man, what's your name?"

"Su, uncle, my name is Ye Lang." Su Ming almost gave his real name out, but when he came, he decided to give his pseudonym first, so he made a mistake in his busy schedule, and called his uncle to make up for the flaw.

"Don't be nervous, call Uncle, I'm over fifty, who do you want to report?"

"I want to report the Public Security Bureau Chief Hong Anzhong." Su Ming boldly said the other party's name, which he found from the newspaper. At the same time, observing the other party's expression, he found that when he mentioned the other party's name, Secretary Huang's voice His eyes flashed brightly, and then narrowed again, as if a hunter had found his prey. Sure enough, it was the only official novel that Su Ming had read, and the only official knowledge came from This book.

"Oh, what are you going to report him for?"

"He indulged his son to be a hooligan, toyed with female students, and beat others." At the beginning, Su Ming was going to say that he was smuggling drugs in cars, but after thinking about it, he might have to explain why he appeared there, and then chase after him. To his own head, it is a trivial matter that he hurt Chang Kuan. If the ability of motorcycle and perspective is exposed, the danger will be great. Su Ming doesn't want to be a guinea pig for others.

"You mean Hong Tianzheng? He seems to have graduated?" The look of surprise flashed by, and Huang Guobing's words made Su Ming a little wary. Hong Tianzheng, so that guy is called Hong Tianzheng. It would be nice to find out Hong Anzhong's name in the online search, and it happened that Hong Anzhong was published in the newspaper once, otherwise Su Ming might not even be able to find out his name.

"He always went to our school to make trouble, and beat anyone who dared to resist. He injured several people, made several female students pregnant, and some almost committed suicide." Su Ming deliberately said that he was very wronged.

"Oh, it's so serious. I just have something to do. Write down the report and wait for me to come back here. Remember not to hand it to anyone, you know?" Secretary Huang looked at his watch first, then said solemnly. He handed Su Ming a stack of manuscript paper, and left the office with his hands behind his back. When he reached the door, he told the people in the next room not to disturb Su Ming.

Su Ming threw the manuscript paper aside, and then stared at the figure's back through the wall to see what he was going to do. After walking not far, he turned around and entered an empty office. Then he picked up a phone book and dialed the number according to the number in the phone book.

It happened that Su Ming had the same phone book in front of him, and he wrote down the number by observing where the other party's fingers fell. After comparison, Su Ming found that he was calling the chief of the public security department.

Although he couldn't hear what he was talking to the other party, but Su Ming knew that it was definitely not a good thing, maybe someone would come to arrest him soon, if he didn't slip away at this time, when would he wait, the Public Security Bureau is only half a street away from here , will be here in a few minutes.

Su Ming didn't dare to go out from the door. There were still people guarding him outside. He stretched out the window and saw that it was not high from the ground. Su Ming jumped out of the second floor cruelly, and sat on the ground directly. Then Su Ming quickly hid behind a row of holly trees, took off his glasses and threw them away, then found a toilet, took off his outer shirt and stuffed it into the toilet, washed his pale yellow face, soaked it The water changed the shape of the hair, and it returned to its original appearance.

This is Su Ming's own make-up technique. Although he didn't expect that the other party would betray him directly, Su Ming was worried that if this happened, the equipment work would not be in vain. He smiled at the mirror and left the toilet .

When Su Ming walked out of the gate, he happened to see a few policemen running over from there. Su Ming hurriedly turned and walked to the side. Fortunately, these policemen were only focused on going to the Disciplinary Inspection Commission, and did not think of the arrest target to rub against them at all. over the shoulder.

Su Ming thought for a while, and felt that the way of reporting was not so beneficial. He could not report casually without certainty. The Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection seemed to be in the same group as him, and he almost hurt himself. Later, Su Ming found out that the two of them were not People from the same faction are usually at odds with each other, but the crimes I have thrown out are too small to be worthy of the other party's hands. If I have told the real situation at that time, it may have a different ending, but Huang Guobing is not either. What a good guy, and the possibility of a compromise between the two parties is greater.

Not to mention that he didn't succeed this time, and he almost exposed himself by bluffing. The loss outweighed the gain. The main reason was that he didn't know much about the officialdom, so he made such a big mistake. No, he had to supplement his knowledge of the officialdom.


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