Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 13

Su Ming doesn't know how capable a public security chief is, but Su Ming knows that he is definitely far from being an opponent. He is afraid that if he sticks out his little finger, he can smash himself to pieces and destroy his family.

what to do? For a moment, Su Ming even thought of running far away, but thinking of his honest and timid father and gentle and virtuous mother, it is a bit unrealistic to run with his family behind him. As for leaving them to run alone, Su Ming never thought about it. over.

Although Su Ming still wanted to hear some inside information, but the imminent threat made him have to give up this idea. Maybe the other party had a feverish head and took the knife on himself. Didn’t you hear someone say that once you do it, you will die. To cripple the result.

Su Ming originally wanted to go back the same way, but suddenly a few more cars came from the bottom of the mountain, and two of them were police cars. As soon as he stood up, Su Ming shrank back in a hurry. If they found out, what did they do? Those who absolutely don't mind killing one or two people with these activities, Su Ming began to look for escape routes everywhere, not daring to take the main road.

The noise over there lasted until late at night. On the other side of the hillside where Su Ming was, there was a valley. The valley was very deep, and there was still the sound of gurgling water below, but the edge was quite peaceful and not so steep. You could walk along and see The night was getting darker and darker, and it might be dawn if we stayed any longer, so Su Ming dragged his motorcycle and slowly moved to one side.

After walking for a long distance, the front suddenly concaved into the mountain, and there seemed to be a big black mouth opening in the depths. It looked particularly hideous in the gloomy night. Su Ming looked carefully and found that it was a cave inside. The cave is quite hidden, and it is a good place to hide in times of chaos.

Su Ming found that there was a mountain road on the other side of the cave, so he thought that he could ride a motorcycle when he came back, and hide the motorcycle here to monitor the other party.

Great, this will be his forward position in the future. Su Ming put the motorcycle aside and walked into the cave alone. The cave entrance is big enough for a big truck to enter. He didn’t expect it to be even bigger inside. It was even bigger than Su Ming imagined.

However, except for the middle of the cave, other places are not very smooth. There are boulders like lying cows, deep caves, and stone pillars hanging from the top of the cave. Su Ming stumbled inside, not only to be careful of his feet Be careful of the stone pillars above your head.

The road ahead was ascending and suddenly sinking. Su Ming stepped into the air and leaned forward suddenly, just lying on a big rock in front of him. The pain was not as painful as he imagined. Su Ming was wondering why the material of this rock was so It was soft, and it didn't have the cold feeling that a stone should have. At this time, there was a creaking sound from under the stone, and the stone was also moving.

Su Ming hurriedly rolled to the side, not caring that the rock next to him was so hard that it could kill people. When he just hid behind a big rock, he saw the rock moved to the side, a flash of light, and a stone drilled out of it. People.

Su Ming didn't know this person, but according to the direction of the passage, it seemed that he came from the villa. He didn't expect that there was a passage connecting the two sides, so his own idea was in vain.

I'm still planning to use this place as a forward position. If I did that, wouldn't I have sent myself to the enemy? The guy who came out of it was holding a very bright flashlight in one hand and a big bag in the other, looking very dark. Not knowing what to pretend, Su Ming quickly shrank his head back and forth.

Just as he was walking, this guy stopped suddenly and looked towards the entrance of the cave. Su Ming's heart immediately rose to his throat. If he put the motorcycle casually, he wouldn't be able to see it, right?

Su Ming was worried, so this guy turned his head and walked forward again. When he came to a pile of big rocks, he reached into the crevice of the rocks and picked up a string of shiny things, and then continued to walk into the hole ,key? Su Ming memorized the position and quietly followed behind the other party.

Because the heights here are very uneven, and there are constant stones blocking the road, Su Ming followed very carefully, not daring to make a sound, and every step he took, he had to explore with his hands in advance, using both hands and feet, crawling on all fours like a wild beast.

When Su Ming caught up with the other party, the other party had already gone deep into the cave. What looked like a stone wall turned out to be an iron gate, which looked dark like a stone wall. There were three locks hanging on one side of the iron gate. At this time, they were all opened, and the iron door was pushed aside by him, without any sound.

The space inside the iron gate is not large. With the light in the opponent's hand, Su Ming saw a very strange car parked inside the iron gate, just like a car in a movie.

There seemed to be some things on the back of the car, but Su Ming couldn't see clearly from the outside. He only knew that the other party came out after squatting behind for a while, and the bag in his hand was already empty.

The iron door was probably very heavy. The guy closed it too hard and coughed a few times. Su Ming immediately recognized that it was the voice of Brother Zheng, and immediately shrank back to the innermost place in fright, not daring to move.

Until the guy got into the hole and restored the fake stone to its original shape, Su Ming waited for a while before standing up, and first went to the crack of the stone to feel, hehe, the key was indeed inside.

Su Ming took it out and took a look. There were about a dozen of them, big and small, and there was also a key with a particularly strange shape, probably some kind of safe key. What valuables.

When Su Ming came home, the sky had already brightened. Not long after he lay down, his hard-working mother had already gotten up to prepare breakfast for Su Ming and his son. Su Ming only rested for a while before being called up by his mother to eat up.

Su Ming had already thought about the excuse of coming home late, so he said that he went to Liang Cai's house to play, and his mother didn't think much about it, and drove Su Ming to school after dinner, without paying attention at all, what Su Ming pushed was not A bicycle, but a motorcycle.

Su Ming didn't go to school, but went directly to the family courtyard of the Education Bureau, first put the motorcycle here, and then went to the bicycle second-hand market to buy a bicycle similar to the original one, preparing to pretend to deal with his parents.

After getting ready, Su Ming went up to recall what he heard last night, wrote it down in a notebook, then sat there and began to think about what to do. Thinking about Su Ming, he fell asleep.

It was already noon when he woke up, and Su Ming cursed that he was heartless, it was already this time, and he dared to fall asleep, and he didn't hurry to think about what to do about this matter, it was a waste of time.

But after much deliberation, Su Ming didn't know how to solve it. The chief of the public security bureau, for the current Su Ming, he was a high-ranking figure who needed to be looked up to. Usually when he walked to the gate of the Public Security Bureau, Su Ming's calf would spin in fear.

Su Ming was walking alone in the community, and suddenly he was attracted by the newspaper column on the side of the road. There are newspapers, and the newspapers are full of reports on the activities of cadres at all levels. See if there is any information that can be used on it. For a For students, officialdom is an unknown territory, and they have to be careful.

People who don't specialize in officialdom don't know how to understand this complicated system at all. Su Ming can't even tell the big from the small. He only knows that the secretary is the biggest, the mayor's second, and then the chief of public security, right? But it seems that someone said that the head of the organization is also very powerful. Which of the two is more powerful?

I heard from Tang Lihua that his father was a department-level cadre. What is the level of a department-level cadre? Su Ming did know that there was a Department of Education in the province, so Tang Lihua's father was at the same level as the head of the department, so wouldn't he be more powerful than the head of the Public Security Bureau? No wonder his parents didn't agree, how could such a powerful big shot allow his daughter to associate with a commoner like himself.


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