Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 12

Su Ming looked at the surrounding environment, and felt that the location was not very good. Since the road came from here, their attention was also focused on this place. It was impossible to approach the villa from this side, and they had to go around to the other side. .

Su Ming quietly walked around from the other side of the road to the other side of the villa. Since there was no road and the motorcycle had to be dragged, it took Su Ming a lot of effort to reach the target hillside. , I happened to see the villa in Fuguan here. Although I couldn't see the inside of the house, I could see everything in the yard.

Although the sky has not completely darkened yet, the lights inside are already bright and lively. This is the first time Su Ming has seen a house equipped with such a large glass window, which is larger than the windows of a school classroom, and it is a whole piece of glass. .

But so what if you come here, you can’t get in, you can’t do anything except watch people having fun inside, after spending so much effort chasing here, just leave like this, Su Ming is not reconciled, I had to sit there, leaning against the motorcycle that had been put down on the ground.

It would be great if there was something that could detect the situation inside. Su Ming had a strong idea. At this moment, a crisp beep sounded in his ear, which startled Su Ming, but when he listened carefully, it was not the surrounding What came out seemed to penetrate directly into the brain.

"The detection beam is activated, the detection function is turned on, beep, it shows that the device does not exist, please adjust the direction of the sound." As this calm female voice sounded, a knob with a pointer appeared on the dashboard of the motorcycle.

Su Ming soon heard a lot of mixed sounds, including the chirping of birds, the flapping of insect wings, the rustling of leaves, and many other sounds that Su Ming couldn't distinguish. Come in, almost make Su Ming faint.

"Brother Zheng, when will I do that matter for me?" Su Ming casually turned the knob in one direction, and suddenly heard a cautious voice. Su Ming didn't hear it at first, but soon Su Ming reacted, It was Ye Langzhong's voice, so Su Ming stopped the knob to this position and listened attentively.

"Didn't I tell you that things have been very busy recently, you didn't see that there are guests here to entertain, and there are so many cars in hand to deal with urgently, then there is time, turn around, it's not a big deal. "Brother Zheng's tone was a little impatient.

"Don't worry, don't rush. Then that kid will be cool for a few more days, and he will do his best. Brother Zheng, if there is anything on your side that the younger brother can help, just open your mouth and go up the mountain of swords and down into the sea of fire, brother." There is no other way." Su Ming wanted to vomit after listening to the naked flattery, but Su Ming became more and more curious about the identity of this brother Zheng.

It must not be a small character who can make Ye Lang flatter so shamelessly. Of course, a small character can't afford such a big battle. Ye Lang must deal with himself when he asks the other party, but he doesn't know the other party. He had no way of guessing where to start, and he couldn't even talk about precautions, so Su Ming lifted his spirits and continued to listen.

"Just you? Want to help me, tell me, can you sell me a few cars, or sell me a few bags of white flour? And I don’t need it, looking at your body, I can’t stand a knife for me, what use do I need you for?” The words were contemptuous, but Su Ming’s heart moved, selling cars? There is also white flour, is white flour a drug? Is this guy a drug smuggler?


"Please contact me with a few more high-end people in your school. I think the job of pimping is very suitable for you." The joke in the words is that Su Ming, who is far away here, can hear it, but Ye Lang doesn't say a word I dare not say anything.

"I... might want to buy a car in my father's factory." Ye Lang choked out a few words after babbling for a long time.

"Can your father be the master of the group? How many cars can you buy for a small branch factory? I'm too lazy to spend that time on one or two cars. Wang Ke's father has agreed to buy ten cars at a time. Seven cars, don’t worry about it.”

"What does Brother Wang's father do, can he ask for so much?" Ye Lang asked in a flattering tone, Su Ming knew without looking, that this kid must have a flattering face.

"The deputy secretary and deputy head of Shengquan District, better than your father, right?"

"Of course."

"Just the few outside, whoever is the relationship, is better than your father, let your father work hard, and let's talk about it when he becomes the general manager, hehe."

Ordinarily Ye Lang should be happy that Su Ming is looked down upon so much, but Su Ming is a little bit unhappy. Ye Lang's father and others don't look down on him, let alone himself, and he doesn't know how he will deal with himself Just as Su Ming was thinking, he suddenly heard the other party mention him.

"Didn't you say that you found someone to deal with that kid two days ago, but the person you found was seriously injured and turned into a vegetable? I guess that kid did it. After these two days, I'll send someone to investigate He, even if he can't live in prison, he will have to suffer a little bit."

"It's not up to you if you can't live."

"It's that easy. My dad is messing with the procuratorate. It's not easy to handle, but it's okay to lock him up for ten and a half months. Once he's inside, he'll have to be crippled if he doesn't die. Don't worry."

Su Ming felt chills when he heard that, but Ye Lang was over there smiling like a night owl, Brother Zheng continued: "Okay, you go out first, my guest is coming soon .”

"Brother Ma San, are you satisfied with the goods this time?" After a while, he was still the same brother, but his tone was no longer condescending, but a little low-key, as you can imagine, the status of the person talking to him Must be higher than him.

"Okay, it's just that this kind of new and tender goods can still arouse people's interest, thanks to Brother Hong's painstaking hospitality these days, Ma San is very grateful here, if Brother Hong has the opportunity to go to Huaxiu in the future, he must come Find me in Dahu Town, Fengbo, and my brother will take you to Dongwan to enjoy the exotic taste."

"It must be, I don't know how to contact Brother Ma when we get there? Can you leave a call?"

"Hehe, our town doesn't even have a town ZF, let alone the post office. Who can you call? If you go, you will be sent to Dahu Town to look for me, but don't rush there, call me outside the town. With your name, someone will take care of you."

"There is no ZF! How did you do it?" Not to mention Brother Zheng, even Su Ming finds it a bit inconceivable that there is no government in New China, it is impossible.

"It can't be said that there are none. All government departments in our town are in the county seat, and we still have the final say in the town." Ma Sange said quite complacently.

"Then you don't care about those in the county?"

"Whatever, except for the appropriation from above, all the income in Fengbo is contributed by our town. They dare to control it."

"What do you have there?"

"From small household appliances and daily necessities to large automobiles, ammunition, gold and drugs, we have what you want."

"Okay, that's really great. I'll go to your place to investigate after I've been busy for a while. Let's cooperate more." The voice of this brother Zheng sounded very excited.

"It's best for you to go next February, when there are the most new products and there are fun activities to participate in."

"what activity?"

"You'll know when you go, it's a test of your eyesight." Ma San made a fool of himself here, but Su Ming paid attention, eyesight? Then his ability is not just suitable for use, Su Ming secretly remembered the information of Ma San in Dahu Town, Fengbo, in his mind.

Fengbo is a red base, and it is the hometown of XX, a revolutionary peasant revolutionary. Su Ming had learned these things in his middle school textbooks. He never thought that now, it would become a paradise for smugglers. Even the county government depends on them for survival. It's so powerful, no wonder this brother Zheng took so much effort to entertain him.

The two of them then talked about their experience of playing with women, and they kept listening to it. Su Ming was curious and novel. He even played with his mouth and entered from behind. Su Ming really opened his eyes. , while seriously violating Su Ming's moral values, it also strongly stimulated Su Ming's desire.

"Your father is the chief of the public security bureau here, what else is there to be afraid of?" Suddenly a sentence jumped into Su Ming's ears, pulling Su Ming back from the abyss of adultery, and at the same time letting Su Ming know No wonder the exact identity of Brother Zheng. With such an identity, it would be easy to punish such an ordinary person like himself. A strong sense of crisis suddenly surged into Su Ming's heart.


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