Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 11

When Su Ming was enjoying the cool breeze blowing on his body, as if a lover was stroking, a silver-gray Toyota Camry suddenly stopped in front of him, making Su Ming stagger in fright. It was the one that came to pick up Ye Lang.

Su Ming hurriedly turned around and squatted on the ground, lowering his head as if he wanted to be in close contact with the ground, but this is not safe. If it was Ye Lang, he would be able to recognize it at a glance. Su Ming looked around and found two people not far away. Two beggars were exchanging food in their hands, Su Ming slowly moved behind the two of them while no one was paying attention.

Seeing Su Ming approaching, the two beggars held the food tightly in their arms vigilantly. Su Ming smiled at them and nodded, meaning that you can just keep eating. Unexpectedly, it would cause the other party to misunderstand. One looked kinder, and even writhed in his arms for a while, took out a chicken rack that someone had gnawed on, and handed it over reluctantly.

Not to mention that there was basically no meat on it, and what was still dirty was food residue and dust. The other swallowed sharply after seeing it, and Su Ming could hear the huge thumping sound clearly.

Su Ming stretched out his hand and was about to push it away, but he didn't want to be stained with that thing, so he tilted his body backwards, just in time to see Ye Lang leading three or four girls, dressed beautifully, coming from a distance.

Su Ming hurriedly lowered his head tightly, and the other party's dick was just brought to his mouth. Seeing the other party's sincere eyes, the other beggar opened his mouth and was about to curse, so Su Ming had to take it in his hand and put it to his mouth pretendingly.

Although Su Ming's clothes don't look like a beggar's, but summer clothes are generally not good or bad. Su Ming hid behind the two of them again. Ye Lang just glanced at the motorcycle on the side of the road and didn't pay attention to it. .

"Brother Wang, I'm sorry to ask you to come pick us up again." Ye Lang bowed his head to the young man who was driving, and opened the door to let the girls who came with him get into the car.

"What's the matter? Who dares not to do what Brother Hong told you to do? Today, there are important guests coming. Have you found the new stuff you were looking for? I think it was just a few days ago." The guy sitting inside With a fair face, he asked Ye Lang arrogantly, the arrogant Ye Lang was like a pug in front of him.

"Brother Wang, don't worry, these are the first visits. If you don't believe me, you'll know if you try it later." Ye Lang had a lewd smile on his face, like a pimp.

"You got me in today's round, don't live in vain, get in the car quickly, brother Hong is still waiting there." After Ye Lang got in the car, he turned around with an accelerated flick, and drove towards the road he came from.

Then Su Ming put down the chicken rack in his hand, looked at his oily hands, took out two ten-yuan bills from his clothes, wiped his hands, and threw one to each of them. The motorcycle sped away.

The other party rushed all the way, kept running at red lights, did not hide when they saw pedestrians, and did not have any traffic policemen to hinder their arrogant performance. They stood there one by one, as if they hadn't seen it. Su Ming followed behind and enjoyed it. Gained the prestige of someone clearing the way.

Su Ming didn't follow too closely. Movies and TV show it like this. As long as you don't lose track, the distance should be as far away as possible. Gradually, the car drove to the outer ring road, and it was more convenient for Su Ming to follow now. Just hang it from a distance.

"Hey, there seems to be a motorcycle following us all the time?" It was a girl on the left in the back row who spoke. She likes to put her head outside to enjoy the feeling of being blown by the wind. After several times, she found a blue motorcycle behind her. The motorcycle has been following the car.

"Then there is a blue-headed green man who dares to run a hundred and two on a motorcycle. Isn't he looking for death? Don't worry about it. I'll get rid of him right now, hum." Wang Geling, who was sitting in the driver's seat, snorted and tried Push the accelerator all the way down.

The speed was rising crazily, the girl sitting on the far right turned pale with fright, the scenery on both sides flew by like lightning, and the speed was quickly raised to 160, and everyone in the car was scared Not even daring to say anything, Wang Ke turned his foot back a little.

"Look, that guy is chasing us again." At this time, only the girl on the left could remain normal, and when she turned her head and saw Su Ming chasing up again, she hurriedly shouted.

"***, what kind of motorcycle is he? It can run 160, no, I have to see it!" Now Wang Ke couldn't take it anymore, and slowly slowed down, ready to stop and see what it was Who is so awesome that he can ride a motorcycle to 160.

His deceleration frightened Su Ming. Seeing the numbers on the motorcycle, Su Ming also knew that he was just chasing after him. His performance was a bit too much. It must have aroused the suspicion of the other party. What should we do now? , except for the kid driving the car who doesn't know him, everyone else knows him.

Suddenly Su Ming came up with an idea, slowed down the speed accordingly, and then pretended that there was something wrong with the motorcycle, squatted there and looked at it for a long time, then stood up and kicked his own motorcycle violently.

Su Ming's tactic of showing weakness really paid off. Wang Ke and his party, who had stopped the car, were about to get out of the car. Seeing this, they all burst into laughter, so they didn't think much about it. They started the car again and drove forward.

Only then did Su Ming heave a sigh of relief. It seems that you can't follow like this, because while you can see the other party, the other party can also see you. Once the other party's vigilance is aroused, it's a trivial matter to startle the snake. I'm afraid it will be a disaster for myself.

Su Ming felt that the other party would not turn back to the city again, so he focused his attention on the intersection going out of the city. After running for a short distance, at an intersection heading to Beiyang Mountain, Su Ming found The traces of the car just now.

Beiyang Mountain is the only big mountain around Pingyang City. The scenery on the mountain is beautiful, the trees are lush and lush, and there is a small mountain stream on the mountain. Su Lai even came here to touch crabs when he was a child.

There are relics on the mountain where Shao Yong, the great Confucian of the Song Dynasty, gave lectures, but in Su Ming’s view, it’s just a pile of rocks. In recent years, some people have proposed to develop and build this place into a scenic spot, but there’s nothing to see. Come on, develop this place into a scenic area, it's no wonder that some people come to play, no one comes if you don't need to spend money, and even less if you spend money.

At some point, this road into the mountain was repaired and expanded. Su Ming was riding a motorcycle on the mountain road, and suddenly felt that the sound of the motorcycle chug in the evening forest was particularly loud, so he rushed over like this , What if the other party finds out, no, Su Ming stopped thinking of this.

It would be great if this motorcycle could turn back into a bicycle. Su Ming pushed it for a short distance. Although he didn't feel any change in weight, after all, with such a big body, it is naturally not as convenient to push as a bicycle. Su Ming missed the original bicycle again.

It's a pity that no matter what method Su Ming uses, he can't make it change back, so Su Ming can only push it like this, and walk slowly up the mountain. The heat is unbearable.

Soon, Su Ming found a three-story white small bungalow behind a small hillside. In official terms, it was called a villa. The house was surrounded by high walls. There are twenty or thirty cars of various models.

There were two burly men standing outside the door, wearing the same black elastic vest, the vest was bulging with muscles, and holding a black electric baton in their hands, Su Ming stopped far away.


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