Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 10

A few days have passed, although Ye Lang would still stare at him with hatred every time he saw Ye Lang, but he didn't take any other actions. This guy swallowed his anger so hard, he must be planning some kind of conspiracy. The more this happened, the more vigilant Su Ming became, and he secretly followed his whereabouts.

After staring at it for several days, Su Ming found that every afternoon after school, this guy would take several girls out. Every time there was a car waiting for them outside the school, and the girls he took away were all compared in that way. Known for its openness.

Three or four every day, and people change frequently? Is it to gather crowds? This crime is quite serious, so Su Ming wanted to follow him around to see if it was true, heh heh, if he reported it to the police, he would also get a prize.

After making up his mind, the next day the other party's party got into the car again, and when they roared away, Su Ming chased after him on his bike, but with two wheels, no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't catch up with the four wheels Yes, and they are driving very fast on the street, even busy at the red light, Su Ming always stops and waits for the crowd, how could he catch up with him.

Back home with tired legs and waist sore, this is the first time Su Ming has been so tired since he had this bicycle. When Su Ming saw the messy motorcycle thrown on the ground, he suddenly thought of , It would be great if my bicycle was a motorcycle.

Su Ming knew how to ride a motorcycle a long time ago, and he has learned to drive like Guo Xiaopang recently. Apart from not having a license, it is no longer a problem to go on the road. Xiaopang’s family has a motorcycle. Borrow it?

Just as Su Ming was going to push the cart again, he suddenly stumbled. The bicycle happened to overturn on the motorcycle. Su Ming pulled it a few times but failed to pull it away. Now, at this time, the abnormality suddenly occurred. There was a strong suction force coming from the bicycle, and it felt like it was going to suck his brain away. Like leaving your own body.

Su Ming stretched out his hand to support the wall next to him, but his body couldn't hold it anymore, the feeling of being sucked kept increasing, like an invisible pipe connecting himself and the bicycle, while his spirit continued to Follow this pipe to the bicycle.

He felt that he was getting weaker and weaker, but his body was still standing there firmly, but his thinking was getting slower and slower, as if he had stagnated. Slowly, his brain became blank, and Su Ming slowly fell down.

Su Ming came back late, and Cai Xingjuan kept watching down worriedly. Seeing her son coming back, she yelled twice but got no response. She hurried down to have a look, and saw her son lying motionless on the ground, she immediately called out loudly. cried out.

When everyone hurriedly carried Su Ming to the ambulance, no one noticed that the bicycle inside was shining dimly, and at the same time, more and more parts had been entangled with the motorcycle.

When Su Ming woke up, it was already midnight, his mother was still watching motionlessly, his father kept turning his feet beside him, and there was a large thermos cup next to him, the faint scent of fragrance made Su Ming's stomach feel uncomfortable. He called out impatiently.

"Xiao Ming, you're awake!" Seeing her son's eyes opened, Cai Xingjuan hastily wiped away the tears from her cheeks, and while asking Su Ziqiang to fetch hot water, she frantically filled her son with food.

"Mom, what's wrong with me?" Although he vaguely felt that it was because he was looking at the bicycle with a perspective eye, Su Ming still thought it would be better to ask, in case there was indeed something wrong with his body.

"It's not that Ye's bastard who beat you. I didn't expect it to be so serious." After she finished speaking, Su Ming realized that after she arrived at the hospital, nothing wrong was found at the beginning, and some doctors even said that she was studying. Tired and hurting my brain, I can just take a rest, but my mother is still worried, and would rather take the money to take a film, and then I can see that there is a tiny "X" shaped crack on my forehead.

This frightened Su Ming's parents. They didn't know that the crack was left by one shot and one bump, which happened to form an "X" shape. They thought it was Ye Lang who hit it, so they naturally hated Ye Lang. To the extreme.

Su Ming touched it in disbelief. The bread on it was thick. Su Ming pressed it hard, but he didn't feel anything. His head was opened. Why didn't he know it? It didn't hurt or itch. In his intuition, Su Ming thinks that the ability of clairvoyance should be related to this crack.

Su Ming didn't stay in the hospital too much, and returned home at noon that day. The forehead cannot be plastered, so he can only eat more calcium-enriched food to let it grow back slowly. Just be careful not to touch it again. I can't see it anymore, but I still don't worry about bandaging it.

Su Ming tried it when no one was around, and sure enough, his perspective ability was much worse under the condition of bandaging, and it returned to normal as soon as he took it off. Su Ming immediately thought of the possibility, if the crack healed, wouldn't it be Lost your ability to see through?

Is it possible that when the power is gone, you have to smash yourself. It is hard to say whether you can smash it like this. The sense of closeness arises spontaneously. At the same time, Su Ming has been thinking about how to prevent it from growing well. With this worry , Su Ming doesn't want to take medicine very much, but he still wants to eat ribs if he can't help it.

After sitting at home for a while, Su Ming still couldn't let go of Ye Lang's matter. Seeing that it was still early, he wanted to borrow Guo Xiaopang's motorcycle and chase after him to see where he was.

Opening the small room, a strange thing happened, Su Ming's bicycle didn't dare to fly away, Su Ming rubbed his eyes in disbelief, the bicycle that accompanied him for seven years was still missing.

What is strange is that there is a nearly new motorcycle in the small room, and the sky blue Jincheng 100 is placed there. The faint light shines on it through the gap, and the reflected wall is a beautiful blue.

It turned out that the pile of waste parts had disappeared. Su Ming wisely pushed the motorcycle out of the compound without yelling. Fortunately, everyone in the courtyard was taking a lunch break and no one saw it.

Su Ming stepped onto the motorcycle, kicked his right leg suddenly, and the motorcycle started, but not only the sound was not as loud as other motorcycles, but the vibration of the engine was so light that people could barely feel it.

As soon as he gasped, the motorcycle rushed onto the road, and the speed was much faster than Xiaopang's. His was still 125, but Su Ming knew it well. Since this motorcycle is the same as that bicycle, then this kind of abnormality will occur. It is also normal.

The stinky sweat all over was quickly dried by the wind, and the heat was carried behind him. Looking at the speed on the dashboard, from one hundred to one hundred and two, he thought that the pointer had come to the end, but he didn't expect the dial to reach the end. After turning, the following numbers reappeared, but the speed still did not reach the maximum.

Taking advantage of the fact that there was no one on the street, Su Ming ran wildly all the way. Finally, when the speed reached 160 yards, his eyes could not be opened due to the wind, and the exposed skin was so painful that the only thing on his leg was The few fine hairs on his body were also pulled out one by one by the strong wind.

Only then did Su Ming slow down the speed. The motorcycle on his body felt like an extension of his own body. He couldn't control the speed of advancing and retreating. No matter how bumpy the road was, he felt nothing at all when riding on it, and it was extremely stable.

After enjoying the pleasure brought by the speed of Fengchi Electric Engine, Su Ming parked the motorcycle outside the school, bought a cool hat to cover his head, leaned on the motorcycle and waited quietly.


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