Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 9

When Su Ming reached out to find the Ace of Spades like him, Ye Lang's face turned white instantly, and he watched helplessly as he turned over the A of Diamonds and the A of Clubs in turn, in the same order as he did just now, and in the end it happened to be the king and the ace. Xiao Wang was facing Ye Lang, the corners of the two clowns raised their lips, as if they were laughing at him.

"Impossible, this is impossible." Ye Lang turned over all the cards in disbelief, but this is normal poker, how did this guy do it, looking at the clown-like smile on Su Ming's face , Ye Lang seemed to have fallen into an abyss.

"Ah!" Su Ming sighed, and asked him helplessly, "Do you want to do it again?" Su Ming's face was calm, but in fact, he was already happy in his heart, and he was always arrogant. It was too much to relieve hatred, and the people around also booed indiscriminately.

Under the eyes of everyone, Ye Lang would rather repent than lose face. First, he glanced coldly at the people around him, scared no one dared to speak, and then said viciously to Su Ming: "Boy, okay, give me Wait, let's talk after school." After speaking, he turned his head and left the classroom, although he still swaggered like that, but it gave people the feeling of a rat crossing the street.

After school, as soon as Su Ming left the campus by bicycle, he saw Ye Lang leading a few people blocking the front, hiding, of course he couldn't dodge, and kept doing nothing, so Su Ming simply kicked his feet hard to increase his speed. To the point where he rushed over, he was fine even if he collided with a motorcycle. If you don’t believe that you won’t be able to overturn a few people, Su Ming’s plan was to kill him, and since you made me feel bad, don’t think about it either.

Seeing Su Ming approaching aggressively, Ye Lang panicked instead, and hurriedly dodged to the side to hide. Su Ming just came to him, how could he pass him so easily, and kicked him to the ground hard.

"I'll hit anyone who blocks me, and I won't die if I hit someone dead." Su Ming, who ran far away, stopped the car, shouted in this direction, and then left with a big smile. Looking at the tall figure, Ye Lang There was a trace of fear inexplicably, but Su Ming was happy all the way, the depression of the past few days was swept away, and the feeling of beating someone was better than being close, especially when beating the enemy.

The next morning, Su Ming waited all the way for Ye Lang to lead someone to appear in front of him. He waited for him to arrive at the school safely, but he didn't see that guy. It's strange, that guy changed his temper, and he will take revenge. Su Ming was surprised that he didn't look for him last night. If he didn't come in the morning, did he wait until the school made trouble for him in front of everyone?

After a day of fear, Su Ming did not see Ye Lang appearing. This abnormality aroused Su Ming's high vigilance. When school was over, Su Ming deliberately declined for an hour. When it was getting late, Su Ming rode his bicycle Drove home slowly.

Along the way, Su Ming kept looking around vigilantly, when he was walking, he suddenly saw Ye Lang's little brother named Xiao Mao flashing past, entering an alley by the roadside, there was an ambush! Su Ming stopped, looked at the terrain, and walked around to the back of the alley from one side.

Through the perspective ability, Su Ming can see the inside of the alley at a glance. In addition to the guy named Xiao Mao, there is also Brother Kuan who bumped into himself and stole 2000 yuan from his family. How could he be here? Seeing him on a hot day He was wearing a thick dress, with his right hand stretched out inside. Su Ming looked into the clothes worriedly, but Su Ming was startled. The perspective was so frightened that it failed instantly. Inside his clothes, his hand held Holding a machete more than a foot long, it was shining with a cold light.

The machete with the obvious open blade is not for intimidation, it will kill people if it is cut on the body. Could it be that Ye Lang wants to kill himself. Su Ming remembered the time he was hit again, and now he thinks of it with many doubts. Although it was late, but the road could be seen clearly, this guy rode a motorcycle and bumped straight at him, asking him to say If he was distracted, how could he jump down in advance, and remembering the way he jumped down, it seemed like he was prepared.

The more Su Ming thought about it, the more he felt that he bumped himself 100% on purpose, and it was absolutely inseparable from Ye Lang, because he didn't know that he had offended him. Could it be because of Lihua, it shouldn't be, although Lihua is very beautiful , but why he didn't chase before, and now he is suddenly so crazy, there must be something wrong in the middle.

Su Ming didn't know, because Tang Lihua's father was about to be promoted to the general manager of Pinggang Group, Ye Tianming, who had always followed the former boss closely, was afraid. He always looked down on Tang Heping, the last vice president, and Tang Heping He was in charge of safety, and the two of them had quarreled several times just at the meeting, but Ye Tianming panicked when he didn't expect him to suddenly turn over and become the general manager.

Someone gave him a bad idea, let his son go after Tang Lihua, as long as he can get married with him, then don't worry about him getting into trouble with him, as for whether his son can catch up, as long as he can get a chance to be alone, he will be fine. I'm afraid I won't be able to catch up, heh heh, it's the first time a woman is not willing, and she is willing after she has tasted the sweetness.

He told his son like this, Ye Lang even bought aphrodisiac drinks, but he didn't get a chance, Tang Lihua didn't dump him at all, and then Tang Lihua flew to the United States suddenly, all plans came to naught Ye Lang fell in love with Su Ming, who was a hindrance, and Su Ziqiang also suffered under the greedy words.

"Is that guy here?" Su Ming's guess was interrupted by a sudden voice from the side. Brother Kuan was asking Xiao Mao.

"Brother Kuan, wait a little longer, that guy likes to go to the library, and he will come soon."

"Keep staring, if you see him, run over there, and I'll rush over and chop him up, is the money ready for me?"

"Don't worry Brother Kuan, Brother Ye has already prepared it for you. Including the money from last time, the total is 7,000, and you can get it there."

"Okay, watch carefully, I'm taking a break." After finishing speaking, Brother Kuan leaned against the corner, just in front of Su Ming, and there was only a wall between the two of them. He never thought that he would strike The subject is right behind him.

What to do, if you escape this time, you will not be able to avoid the next time, as long as the other party is deliberately planning to kill yourself, there will be a chance sooner or later, what should you do? After thinking for a long time, Su Ming finally became ruthless. Since you are treating me like this, I will not wait to die. I looked up to see the height of the wall, and Su Ming quickly found a half-cut cement brick around it. As for the steel bar, Su Ming moved to it lightly, held it up high and threw it across the wall forcefully.

"Ah!" Su Ming first looked through the wall and aimed at the shot. Naturally, it was extremely accurate. Seeing blood splashing across half of the wall, Chang Kuan just let out a scream and then fell to the ground. Xiao Mao was turning around and heading towards the alley. Su Ming had no time to watch, so he hurriedly rode his bicycle and left the scene quickly. Fortunately, there was a big smelly ditch behind the alley, and no one came and went.

Returning home anxiously, when sitting there, his heart was still pounding, but after chatting with his parents for a while, that feeling disappeared. Killing people is so easy, and Su Ming behaved extremely normal all night.

As a result, at night, Su Ming had a nightmare. When he woke up, he was sweating profusely. cold.

Su Ming was so frightened that he didn't know whether he was being too defensive, or would it be better if he turned himself in. After waiting for several days, the plot in the dream did not appear in reality, but he got a piece of news , Said that Xi Bian Chang Kuan didn't know what was going on, and was thrown at the factory gate covered in blood, and now he is a vegetative state.

"I knew that the money would not have to be paid back now." Su Ming's father muttered next to him. Su Ming smiled and thought to himself, let's take it as compensation for his medical expenses. It is a common problem of contemporary state-owned enterprises to know who has fallen into the hands of someone like Chang Kuan.


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