Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 8

Su Ming's father has been silent for several days, and he is ordered to do this and that like a doormat every day. Of course, he is not used as a servant, but compared with the treatment of the old master before, the three of them are now An equal class, Su Ming naturally dare not command Lao Tzu, but together with his mother, the oppressive father is like a little daughter-in-law every day.

But today, I don’t know how he moved Su Ming’s mother. The two teamed up to drive Su Ming to the school. It’s not that Su Ming didn’t want to go to school, but Tang Lihua’s departure made him resist the school. Not daring to disobey his order, he returned to the classroom.

Having lost his beloved, Su Ming was very depressed at school. Su Ming was always thinking about how to use this ability to improve his own strength and status.

Small roadside shops also have this kind of lottery game, but they are all things worth a few dollars or even a few cents. How could Su Ming use his ability on this? It is an insult to ability, but Su Ming couldn't figure out which aspect could be used.

Su Ming felt like a traveler who came to the desert with a treasure mountain in his arms, or like a hero who had learned the art of slaying dragons and came out of the mountain but had no place to use it.

what to do? Su Ming has been experimenting with this skill, and found that it can see through all matter, and it can be far or near completely at will. Su Ming feels that this skill is even more magical than his own bicycle, but it has no practical significance.

Su Ming even spent two days in the library on a rare occasion. He used to never set foot here except to accompany Tang Lihua, but others would only show sympathy when they saw him like this. Now everyone knows that Tang Lihua is going to the library. After leaving the United States, Su Ming's abnormality is also normal.

On the contrary, this kind of masculine melancholy and sadness won him the favor of many girls, but it is a pity that they are all in vain. Su Ming can't take care of them at this time, and all his thoughts are on how to increase his own strength. Well, five years is just a blink of an eye, and there are too many things I need to do.

Five years, according to the normal life trajectory, if you enter the factory to work, the highest salary is 340 yuan per month, only 4,080 yuan a year, and 20,400 yuan for five years without food or drink, which is barely enough for what Tang Lihua's mother said. Kind of a wedding.

But five years is only enough to change from a worker to a worker, and five years is probably only enough to be promoted from a junior worker to a middle-level worker. There is almost no difference between a middle-level worker and a junior worker except that they receive 20 yuan more a month. , Su Ming sighed, it seems that the normal growth path cannot meet the requirements of the Tang family, and he has to think of other ways.

At noon this day, since the first class was a major class, Su Ming came to the lecture theater early, intending to find a good seat and refresh himself. Under the X-ray state, you can only persist for half an hour at most. After this time, you will feel groggy, and there will be a faint pain in your brain.

After a period of training, Su Ming has been able to persist for more than an hour now, but he still has no idea how to develop his own abilities, and his head is about to crack, and there is no way.

Su Ming was lying on the table to rest, when suddenly there was a commotion next to him, which woke him up. Looking back, there were several people gathered around the corner of the classroom, not knowing what they were doing.

"Believe it or not, if you shuffle the cards, I can find the Ace of Spades at a glance!" It was the guy who made Su Ming hate him who spoke.

"Brother Lang, when did you have this ability, don't let us fool you?"

"Huh, this is under the order of a gambling master. It took half a month of hard work to practice. Come on, let you open your eyes." After speaking, Ye Lang began to demonstrate, and Su Ming was suddenly caught by that The word gamble reminds me that my own ability can make a fuss in this regard.

This is the era when gambling movies are rampant. Chic gambling moves, sharp eye changes, novel gambling methods, and piles of chips representing huge wealth all attract young people like Su Ming, but these are all things in movies or TV. Yes, is there such a casino in reality? Su Ming hadn't heard of it, but he still walked over to see how amazing this guy is.

Su Ming walked to the position two tables away, and looked at it from a distance. Sure enough, no matter how other people shuffled the cards, Ye Lang could find the Ace of Spades as soon as he opened the cards.

Su Ming looked at it for a long time, but he didn't find the trick. Could it be that this guy really learned a skill from an expert? No, he is not the kind of person who can bear his temper. He practiced at home for half a month. , only the devil would believe it.

But this guy's performance there is really amazing, not only the Ace of Spades, but any card, as long as you tell him, he can find it, but not as fast as the Ace of Spades.

"Yo? The Great Love Sage is here too, come, come, make room for the Great Love Sage, let him open his eyes too." Ye Lang raised his head and saw Su Ming standing aside, he waved at Su Ming, After Su Ming's sudden abnormal behavior, everyone nicknamed him "Love Saint".

Ye Lang handed the cards to Su Ming without further ado. After Su Ming washed them, he rubbed them on the table and fanned them out. Ye Lang casually pulled out an Ace of Spades, Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Clubs, etc. .

"It won't take three to five years for this move to fail. If anyone can do it, I will kneel down and kowtow to him and call him grandpa!" He opened his mouth and swore.

"Is what you said true?" A cold voice sounded, it was Su Ming who was standing opposite him. If you want to say how Ye Lang did it, Su Ming didn't see it, but if you want to say the same, Su Ming Ming is still fine. Hearing Ye Lang's nonsensical words there, the hatred from the previous few days came up all of a sudden, and Su Ming couldn't help but speak.

"Hey, some people really don't know how to live or die. Come on, come on, give me a try." Ye Lang picked up the cards and shuffled them in his hands, but suddenly he didn't take them well, and all the cards fell to the place, and then he picked up the cards from the drawer again. It took out a new playing card that was exactly the same as the one just now.

"Xiao Mao, pick it up for me. Come on, let's play with new ones. As long as you can do it, I promise to kowtow to you as grandpa. If you can't, let's go to your house and kowtow to me in front of your father." Grandpa, do you dare?" Ye Lang gritted his teeth and said to Su Ming, in fact, when Su Ming wanted to bet with him just now, he was a little scared, in fact, there is no secret at all, this is a set of magic poker, in the The pattern on the back of the card was slightly different. He was afraid that Su Ming would find out the secret trick, so he made a trick and replaced the poker with ordinary cards in order to see Su Ming make a fool of himself.

"Hmph, why don't you dare, as long as you can, I can, come and try again." Su Ming felt that the secret trick was on that card, and Ye Lang's action just now was obviously intentional, so Asked deliberately, and then looked at the reality of the other party.

"I don't have that time to play with you, hurry up!" Ye Lang's heart trembled, this guy really found out, but he thought in his heart that if you don't say it now, he will humiliate you first, if you dare to say it now, Trying to lose face, I have to teach you a lesson.

"If you lose, will you really kneel down and kowtow to me on the spot and call me Grandpa?" Su Ming has already discovered that the opponent's secret decision is on the card, but his own ability is not afraid of him changing the card, so in his opinion, Ye Lang's performance The more rampant it is, the more it proves that he has no idea, so he deliberately asked.

"Don't worry, in front of so many people, I won't take my word for it." Now that the cards have been changed and Ye Lang has confidence, he is naturally not afraid that Su Ming will recognize it.

"Then I lost, so I'll kowtow to you here too, okay? Is this fair?" Su Ming pretended to be very worried. After all, no matter who calls someone else's grandfather in front of his father, it is a great humiliation. If this is the case, with Su Ming's father's temper, he would be pissed off.

"You think grandpa is playing with you for nothing, fairness, in my eyes there is no fairness, and you deserve to be fair with me, start quickly, dawdling and trying to delay time, there is no door, just after class, You have to kowtow to me if you lose." Ye Lang put the cards on the table, pointed at Su Ming's nose and cursed.


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