Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 7

At this time, there are no cumbersome procedures for receiving the prize. You just give the money with the lottery ticket. Soon, the prize redemption process is complete. Looking at the neat fifty old people's heads, Su Ming's mother trembled and wrapped them up for a long time. Okay, followed Su Ming to the street dazedly.

"Xiao Ming, what do you think we should do? Why do I feel that everyone is staring at us?" Cai Xingjuan firmly held the bag containing 5,000 yuan in her hand, and looked around worriedly. Known by many people, everyone is looking for the lucky mother and child. It's no wonder she doesn't attract attention like this.

"Let's go, we'll be fine if we deposit it." Su Ming rode a bicycle and quickly took his mother to the nearest bank. After getting the deposit slip, Cai Xingjuan felt relieved, and Su Ming secretly heaved a sigh of relief. It was the first time I got such a large sum of money, and I usually picked up fifty cents.

"Your father will definitely not scold you when you get home now, the child is lucky, hehe, what are you doing here?" Cai Xingjuan was happily boasting about her son, when she suddenly saw her son brought her back to the place just now, Stopped in front of the Wujiaohua store.

"I still have a flyer here. I can win a prize here. Let's try again." The popularity here is obviously not that strong. Of course, for most people in this era, household appliances worth a few hundred yuan , or luxury goods, not consumer goods.

"Look, it's messed up over there. The big prize came out so early, who will go to their place to buy things later." When Su Ming and his mother came to the front, the staff watching the prize box were still laughing at the other side. .

Just this, for this only chance, Su Ming took a lot of effort to find the lottery ticket with three patterns in the prize box, and a flower on it, representing the 21-inch Beijing Peony brand color TV , a small child represents the Haier brand washing machine, and another eagle-like pattern represents the Xinfei brand refrigerator.

"Why did we win the lottery again?" When Su Ming showed the lottery ticket to his mother, her mother looked like she had been hit by a meteorite, with her mouth open and her eyes glazed over. It took Su Ming a lot of effort to get her out of the daze Zhong shouted back.

"Mom, don't say it again, do you want them to know that we won the lottery over there?" Su Ming persuaded her for a long time, and the staff there noticed the two of them, and then persuaded her mother to bravely hold the prize. Tickets go forward.

The winning of the lottery this time is not so low-key. Wujiaohua Company drove a car, and the three electrical appliances were covered with red silk. Festive music was played from the big speakers, and Su Ming and his wife were sent to their home. The whole compound was surrounded by people When I got here, I thought I was going to marry a daughter-in-law. After I found out that Su Ming's family had won the grand prize, they surrounded Su Ming's house even more, with three floors inside and three floors outside. Su Ming's family received unprecedented attention. We all know that Lao Su's family has won a big prize, and the penetration rate of the three electrical appliances in the entire compound is less than 1%, and they all work at once.

After the people from Wujiaohua Company left, the neighbors who were watching were still unwilling to disperse. Su Ming went to the store five times, scattered cigarettes and candied melon seeds to coax these people away. On behalf of my father, I agreed to the request of several uncles and uncles to treat me.

Looking at these three shiny new electrical appliances, Su Ming's mother would touch them every once in a while. Last time.

Su Ming hid in his own room and didn't dare to come out, otherwise his mother might become Mrs. Ah Qing, which was terrible. Just like that, every once in a while, his mother would call him, and if he didn't agree, his mother would think she was dreaming .

Not long after the meeting, there were hurried and strong footsteps outside. Needless to say, it was someone who had something to tell the news to his father. There is no time.

"Did you get these three by lottery?" As soon as he entered the door, Su Ziqiang saw the three shining electrical appliances (purely psychological), and stretched out his hand in disbelief to touch them one by one. Every time he touches one, he will leave dark handprints. He is now an ordinary worker, and his hands are full of oil stains. print.

"You... go and wash your hands." Cai Xingjuan, who has always been gentle, yelled at Su Ziqiang angrily. There were still patches of black dirt, Cai Xingjuan sat down weakly, tears streaming down uncontrollably.

"Look, why are you crying so happy? Let me wipe it for you." After washing his hands, Su Ziqiang saw his wife's sad look, and hurriedly took the towel and wiped it with all his might. Wipe off the dirt, but it still doesn't look as bright as before.

"Xiao Ming and I took so much effort to get it back in such a hot day. If you don't do anything, you will cause trouble. You will pay me." In the excitement, Su Ming's mother was desperate like a little woman. Beating Su Ming's father, Su Ming was about to come out, but when he saw this, he quickly shrank back.

"Yes, yes, I was wrong, and I will erase it." Su Ming's father could only smirk at this moment, admitting his mistake while holding his wife in his arms.

"Old Su, what do you think this is?" After being warm for a long time, Cai Xingjuan closed the door mysteriously, and took out the deposit slip as if offering a treasure, and showed it to Su Ziqiang.

"5000 yuan, what you got there, won't it also be a winner?" Su Ziqiang took it and looked at it and was surprised by the 5000 above. He has worked for more than 20 years. The money I had was not five thousand yet, and I was extorted for two thousand. Why did I get back five thousand so quickly? Look left, look right, count and count the circles behind, and it is still five thousand.

"These three items were bought in the Wujiaohua store, and the five thousand yuan was bought in the Zhongyuan shopping mall. Xiao Ming touched them all by himself. Tell me how lucky the child is." Cai Xingjuan said proudly. I am proud of everything I touch with my own hands. This is a mother's nature. She doesn't want to be better than herself, and her child is better than anything else.

"This child has been bewitched today!" Su Ziqiang's words provoked a severe beating, and only after the beating was over did he realize that he had made a slip of the tongue.

"Hey, this is called a catastrophe. Afterwards, there must be future blessings." Su Ziqiang was about to say that he would not die, but when he saw Cai Xingjuan angrily glaring at him as if he was going to eat people, he quickly changed his mind.

"Our mother and I don't want to cook today, you can figure it out."

"Needless to say, I'll cook for you. You are all meritorious ministers." Su Ziqiang walked to the kitchen resentfully. He had no choice but to bow his head under the eaves. It's normal for me to be domineering all my life.

"Make more and put them in the refrigerator, and our mothers and I will eat them hot at night." Cai Xingjuan happily held the 5,000 yuan deposit receipt and looked at the three major electrical appliances. All at once.

"What about me, I don't care?"

"Lao Zhao and Xiao Liu want you to treat them. You can go out to eat with them tonight. We will eat the leftovers at home."

"Oh, good." Feeling that he had suddenly changed from the boss of the family to the lowest-ranking person, Su Ziqiang was a little annoyed, looked outside, and quickly agreed, let's bear with it for a few days before we talk, the kitchen will soon open There was the sound of chopping vegetables.


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