Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 6

Su Ming didn't even ride a car anymore. He pushed the car and walked around on the road. What exactly is this? Is it a special function? At this time, although Zhang Baosheng had been exposed as magic, most of the people in the public still didn't know it. They only knew that he had supernatural powers and could freely enter and exit Zhongnanhai. Could it be that he had developed supernatural powers himself?

Su Ming looked back and forth like a thief, fearing that a troop would grab him into the high wall. At this moment, Su Ming's sight was suddenly attracted by the large red cloth banner next to him.

"Central Plains Shopping Center celebrates May 1 special lucky draw, and a special 5,000 yuan cash prize is waiting for you!" Su Ming was attracted by the 5,000 yuan at a glance. If he can draw a special prize and take the 5,000 yuan back, then his father Shouldn't you be so angry?

Su Ming was wondering if he could win the special prize with his ability just now, and saw a banner hanging in the Wujiaohua store diagonally opposite. Su Ming walked closer and took a look. This was also a lucky draw to celebrate May Day, but The special prize was changed from 5,000 yuan to the three major items of color TV, refrigerator and washing machine.

Su Ming scratched his head, this seems to be more tempting. Although the value of the two is similar, whether it is a color TV, a refrigerator or a washing machine, they are more practical. If you take 5000 back, your father will be happier, but your mother will have nothing. benefit.

There is still a 17-inch black and white TV at home. My mother has nothing to do at home every day. Except for housework, she watches TV. She keeps talking about changing the color TV, but my father never lets me let go of the refrigerator. There is no need to worry about the food coming out, let alone the washing machine. Every winter, my mother has cracks like a child's mouth on her hands, and she has to endure the biting cold to wash father's work clothes.

Why don't you get both special prizes? There is no rule that if you draw the special prize here, you can't go there to draw a lottery. Su Ming even went to ask. After the work was done, I rode my car and went home.

Su Ming's mother is Cai Xingjuan, who is well-known as a good wife and loving mother in the compound. There are hundreds of women in the compound, and she has never blushed or quarreled with any of them, nor does she like to sit in the courtyard like other women There is a short discussion between the east and the west, except for doing housework and watching TV. Even if you are watching TV, you still have a sweater or something in your hand, and you can't get out of it.

Seeing her son coming back, Cai Xingjuan hastily brought out the cool boiled water and handed it to her son, and then took a towel to help him wipe off his sweat. She was very busy. With Su Ming's height, she needed to hold her hands high to be able to touch it. Seeing The fine wrinkles at the corners of mother's eyes, Su Ming's tears flowed slowly, he was always angry with his father, but forgot how embarrassing his mother was in the middle.

"Mom, I'll accompany you to the shopping mall tomorrow. I heard that there are activities there, and they are very cheap." Su Ming suddenly thought that winning two prizes by himself is too eye-catching, so why not let his mother go with him, so that he can also win the prize? Let mother enjoy this joy earlier.

"We don't buy anything, there is nothing to shop, it's not unlucky enough to pay someone two thousand yuan, boy, you can go to the house and lie down later, or your father will be angry again when he comes back, it's so hot Don’t go out in the afternoon.” Although I really want to go to the mall to show Lao Su and his son some summer clothes, Lao Su only has one right half-sleeve, which cannot be replaced, and his son can’t always be shirtless when he grows up. Money, alas.

2000 yuan, Lao Su didn’t know how anxious he should be, you said the child was too, why did he bump into someone’s car, it’s all Lao Su’s fault, he insisted on kicking the child out, knowing that the child’s eyes are not good.

Su Ming didn't go out in the afternoon. He practiced in the room all afternoon, and finally found the doorway. He was able to stay in the middle of the two layers of paper and read the words on the paper clearly.

After Su Ziqiang came back, he saw his son lying on the bed half dead, and didn't say anything. He had nothing to say all night. On the second day, when Su Ming waited for his father to go to work, he dragged his mother to go shopping. Cai Xingjuan couldn't beat her son. , I had no choice but to take the money and follow my son out of the house.

Su Ming took his mother to Zhongyuan Shopping Mall by bicycle. This is the largest shopping mall in Pingyang City. The original consignment agency has been converted into selling household appliances. It is probably out of competition that such an event was created. Set up a stage with the opponent.

At this time, people were relatively honest, and did not make any troubles. Su Ming soon found a piece of paper with the words "Special 5000" in the huge lottery box. He folded the thick piece of paper and put it The words were folded in the middle and stapled. Strangely, other lottery tickets were stapled once, but this one was stapled twice.

Isn't this trying to cover up, but this lottery ticket is placed in the deepest corner, not like Su Ming, it is impossible to get this lottery ticket just by the feel of the hand, since there is really a lottery ticket inside, Su Ming is relieved.

Su Ming took a look at it from the side. It turns out that you have to buy something in the Central Plains Mall. The salesperson will give you a small card, and you can only come here to touch the prize once with this small card.

No, it’s also the same rule over there. It’s easy to buy things in the mall, but there’s nothing cheap there, and my mother will definitely not buy them. Su Ming used the excuse of going to the toilet to rush to Wujiaohua. The most important thing is that you have to hold their leaflets to win the prize, which is very difficult.

How about getting a leaflet from there? When Su Ming was in trouble, people had already come to draw prizes in twos and threes at this time. Since Wujiaohua didn't have any small sundries such as soap and towels, there were a lot of empty prizes. The smallest one The prize was also a tape. One person saw this, threw the flyer, and cursed: "Isn't this a lie? It's a hot day, so I ran away for nothing."

After the person left, Su Ming carefully picked up the flyer while the person was not paying attention. When he returned, his mother was already anxious about waiting, so he hurriedly followed her into the shopping mall for a stroll.

Since there will be an income of 5,000 yuan in a while, Su Ming hurriedly urged his mother to buy two pieces of clothes, and then came to the square with a card. Give one of the two cards to the mother, and then rush inside to touch out the special prize.

When Su Ming went to touch the next one and came back, Cai Xingjuan was already holding the lottery ticket and didn't know what to do. There was an uncle who seemed to have bad intentions to stick his head over to watch, but was pushed aside by Su Ming.

"Xiao Ming, look at this, this..." Cai Xingjuan was about to show the lottery ticket to her son when Su Ming dragged her to a place where there was no one else.

"What's wrong? Mom."

"Xiao Ming, look, does this mean you have won the lottery?"

"Yes, Mom, we won the 5,000 grand prize." Su Ming tried his best to pretend to be surprised, but because the smile on his mouth couldn't be picked off, it wasn't that his mother couldn't take care of him at this time, but just looked at the money in her hand. The lottery is gone.

"Then what should we do?"

"Go over there and redeem it. Mom, go over there. We won the lottery, and it wasn't stolen. You can go." Having said that, Su Ming accompanied his mother to the prize redemption table, and flashed the lottery ticket. Soon the director of the mall came out and led the two of them to the office. After verifying the authenticity of the lottery tickets, he handed them 5,000 yuan.


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