Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 5

"Ah!" The two were taken aback. Su Ming's father rushed out in front of him like flying, and Su Ming's mother ran out after only half a step slow. He fell to the ground, and when he turned around, the husband and wife had already run so hard that they couldn't see their backs.

When the two of them rushed to the gate of the compound, they saw their son standing there covered in blood at a glance, and their hearts were instantly relieved. Only then did they see a person standing opposite his son, with a car beside him. Bicycles and motorcycles, two vehicles intertwined together, are already inseparable.

"Ziqiang, that's Chang Kuan from the west, don't argue with him, be careful, if it doesn't work, just pay some money." Someone beside him hastily grabbed Su Ming's father.

Su Ming's father knew right away that Chang Kuan was a well-known gangster in Pinggang. Because Pinggang was relatively independent, the people inside were more united, and outside forces couldn't get in. Chang Kuan, because of his His father died in an accident in the factory, and his mother remarried with his younger sister. He gradually became out of business, but for his father's sake, no one was embarrassed to do anything to him, and gradually became a member of the factory. Pa.

"Obviously you hit me, why do you want me to lose money? You are still unreasonable." Su Ming didn't even wipe off the blood on his face, and stared at Chang Kuan angrily. He didn't know what was going on. Seeing him like this Chang Kuan felt a little scared, but seeing so many people around him, he couldn't lose face no matter what, he just reached out and grabbed Su Ming's clothes and was about to do it.

"Brother Kuan, Broadband, don't be as knowledgeable as a child. Let's talk about what's going on. He's not sensible." Su Ming's father rushed over at this moment, and hurriedly grabbed Chang Kuan. Others can't do it.

"Who are you, why are you here to set this up, you don't have so many people standing here and dare not stand out, who are you?" Chang Kuan actually recognized that this was Su Ming's father, but pretended not to know him This way, when blackmailing, you can also lose your face.

"I'm his father, let's talk about something, go aside, what are you still doing here?" The latter words were said to Su Ming, and then he took out a cigarette from his body and respected Chang Kuan.

"Oh, okay, I've come forward, so tell me, what should you say about your son bumping into me?" Chang Kuan waved Su Ziqiang's hand aside, knowing that he is the most timid, otherwise today It's hard to say.

"Blame us, tell me what to do, or I'll find someone to repair the car for you now." Su Ziqiang glanced at the motorcycle on the ground, it was already ruined, gritted his teeth with heartache, this repair can't be done. How much does it cost to repair it? I heard that it costs four to five thousand to buy one. If it crashes like this, it will cost at least several hundred.

"Xiu, I just borrowed it from a friend. I'm going to return it after two days of playing. How can I pay it back after being hit like this? I don't have any trouble with the rest. Just buy me a new one." Chang Kuan didn't think that the other party would really buy a new one, but he asked for a lot of money, so it wasn't right to pay back the money on the spot.

"It was you who ran into me, Dad, don't listen to him, let's report the crime and let the police judge, we will pay whatever the sentence is." Su Ming had just wiped off the blood on his face at this time, when his forehead was bumped into It was bruised and purple, and the wound was covered with a handkerchief, but the blood was still flowing out slowly.

"It's not for you to talk, go to the side." Su Ziqiang didn't want to report the crime. I heard that this guy has a good relationship with many people in the security department. He might need more reports. It would be worse if the other party asked him to go to the hospital for examination.

"They're all my own people, let's forget about it, and they're not other people. Lao Su and Lao Chang used to work in the same workshop." A peacemaker stood up beside him.

"Yes, yes, your motorcycle is basically a half-new one. How can you ask Old Su to pay you for a brand new one? And we have seen it just now. Let Old Su pay a little less money." People also know how to threaten.

"Tomorrow, remember to send me the money, don't wait for me to come and find you." Chang Kuan reluctantly accepted the 2,000 yuan compensation plan under everyone's peace, saying that it is still for the sake of everyone's face. Su Ziqiang waved the IOU, and before leaving, he kicked the motorcycle again: "This thing is for you." Then he swaggered away.

"You son of a bitch, 2000, your father can't earn that much in half a year, you will lose it all at once, and you don't want to go to school, I have no money to pay your tuition fees, tomorrow you can give me ideas to make money With the help of the neighbors, he carried the broken motorcycle back to his small house, thanked them, and the family of three returned home. The wound on the son's head still stopped and yelled at the son.

"The child is still injured, Su Ming. When you didn't come, I discussed it with your father. Your father's workshop director also refused to let him work. He also fell out with Lao Ye. I can't enter the factory anymore, so I'd better go home, find a job first, and when the opportunity is right, let your father talk to Lao Ye, and do it first when you enter the factory, and now you won't be allowed to take over. It's time for you to go up, but your father insists on not letting it go, it's all right now, both ends have been delayed."

Su Ming was asked to take over when he graduated from high school. The couple had discussed that Su Ming would take over his father's class, and Su Ziqiang would be a temporary worker again. However, Su Ziqiang did not give up his job as the workshop director. , there is no extra money, and it is not a problem to smoke free cigarettes and drink free wine, and Ye Tianming promised to let Su Ming go to school and enter the factory at that time, but now there is nothing left, the old couple regretted it to death.

Early the next morning, Su Ziqiang went to prepare money, and before leaving, he scolded Su Ming again. Originally, Su Ming was persuaded by his mother to rest at home for two days, but now he had to come out to see if he could Find a job.

Su Ming was dangling on the street on a bicycle. This bicycle is really strange. The motorcycle was smashed and scrapped, and it was fine. Could it be that this is some kind of extra-duty vehicle? Su Ming was walking on the street. He was thinking wildly.

"How do you ride a bike? Do you have eyes?" A figure suddenly appeared in front of him. Although Su Ming hastily grabbed the front and rear brakes, the car almost hit him, which naturally aroused the other party's scolding.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Su Ming was also made to lie on the handlebar by this sudden stop, and just stuck his head to his chest. Suddenly, Su Ming looked through the other person's clothes and saw two It was a plump and round meat ball with two black-purple grapes growing on it, and a big black mole growing in the middle, which looked extremely ugly, and Su Ming Haoxuan didn't spit it out.

"I've never seen anyone who came to practice riding a bicycle on the main road. If you fall like this and still ride, you won't be afraid of falling to your death." Cursing viciously, the other party still puffed up his chest before turning away and leaving Su Ming open. Big Mouth stopped there, not knowing what to do.

Su Ming rubbed his eyes and looked at the people around him. Everyone was normal. Why did he see it so clearly just now? Could it be another hallucination? A beautiful girl in thin clothes happened to pass by. Su Ming focused his eyes on the other person.

The scene just now happened again. Su Ming saw a tight pink trousers with a shallow bottom that had been collapsed, and he still saw the scenery inside the trousers. When the other party walked away from him, Su Ming hadn't turned his head back from the wonderful scene. Come on, swallowed a mouthful of saliva, although she had a relationship with Tang Lihua, Tang Lihua had never let Su Ming see the scene there, never thought it would be so attractive.


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