Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 4

Su Ming smirked all the way home. When he got home, the rice was already on the table. Seeing his son smiling, Su Ming's mother didn't think much about it. She just urged her son to eat more, which was the same as yesterday. Compared to this, Su Ming's appetite increased a lot, which made his mother very happy, but she didn't know that Su Ming didn't know what the food tasted like in his mouth, and he just cared about reminiscing about what happened just now.

For several days in a row, Su Ming and Tang Lihua, who know the essence and taste, went to the hut first after school every day to enjoy the supreme sex fun. Fortunately, when Su Ming was chatting with Guo Xiaopang the next day, he deliberately turned the topic to this As quoted above, in Guo Xiaopang's bragging, Su Ming realized that this thing can be directly applied to the top, so it would not strangle people. Fortunately, this sentence was not said, otherwise Guo Xiaopang and Liang Cai would definitely be suspicious.

Liang Cai was the other member of Su Ming and his trio, Guo Xiaopang was now an honorable truck driver, and Liang Cai followed his father into the factory and became an excellent skilled worker. Ming is still in the class of the proletariat, so the two of them take good care of Su Ming. They usually don't let Su Ming take money when they go out to eat or play.

"It's just uncomfortable to wear this thing." Su Ming tore off the thing and threw it aside. He had to take it away later, and went outside to find a place where no one was around to destroy the evidence. Then the two hugged and chatted.

It was only then that Su Ming realized that Tang Lihua had owned this house for a long time. It was allocated by her mother's unit. When she was in high school, she thought that the comings and goings of her family would affect Tang Lihua's studies, so she gave this house to Tang Lihua. I have been keeping Su Ming from Su Ming, fearing that Su Ming will not be able to control himself, this time I have made up my mind.

When the two were in love, they didn't shy away from their behavior at all, especially in school, they were stuck together like glue, which aroused the jealousy of many male creatures, and Ye Lang gritted his teeth in hatred when he saw it.

This morning, since he didn't see Tang Lihua at school, Su Ming had a premonition that something was going to happen. He waited until after school in the afternoon. Su Ming rode his car and flew to Love's Nest, and used the key Tang Lihua gave him. When he opened the room, he saw a letter on the table at a glance, which was left to him by Tang Lihua.

Tang Lihua wrote in the letter that after returning home last night, she found out that her parents asked her to go to the United States to study with her aunt. He left a letter and told his mother that the house was given to a friend, and there were two keys next to the letter.

In the letter, Tang Lihua expressed her reluctance to meet Su Ming with sadness and sadness. See you again in five years, and hoped that Su Ming could wait for her for five years. The letter paper was full of tears.

The white letter paper slipped from Su Ming's hand, floated in the air and fell to the ground. Su Ming fell on the chair behind him with a plop. The blow was really too sudden.

Yesterday, we were together in bed, but now we have flown far away to the other side of the ocean. Thousands of miles away, our voices and smiles seem to be flashing in front of our ears, but we need to wait until five years before we can see each other again. Five years, so good For a long time, when Su Ming was in grief, the door suddenly opened.

Su Ming looked back and saw that she was wearing a moon-white shirt and light blue pants, with short ear-length hair, glasses, and shrewd and capable eyes. After going to Tang's house for the first time, those who were shocked by the scrutiny eyes never dared to go to the door again.

"I remember your name is Su Ming. You are so handsome. Why do you still know me?" Tang Lihua's mother took the initiative as soon as she entered the door.

"Yes, Auntie." Like a thief who was caught stealing, Su Ming lowered his head and didn't know what to say.

"This is a letter from Lihua to you, but please take it away and keep it as a souvenir. When you miss Lihua, read the letter. As long as you can wait for five years, I don't care about the affairs between you." After hearing the last sentence of the letter from Lihua's mother, Su Ming was immediately stunned and stared at her with wide eyes.

"Is what you said true?" Su Ming asked in disbelief. Tang Lihua once said that her father doted on her very much, and as long as she wanted to, she could talk about anything, but her mother was more difficult here. When talking about her mother for the first time, Tang Lihua even had the idea of forcing her to death or cooking raw rice.

"Of course it's true. Why am I lying to you? As long as you can wait for Lihua for five years, you will naturally prove that you are sincere. With such a good son-in-law, I am too happy to be happy, but you are confident that Lihua can also wait. Have you been five years?" Tang Lihua's mother still had a smile on her face, but Su Ming felt more and more chilled.

"Yes." Su Ming is still confident about this.

"Okay, it's good that both of us have this confidence." Tang Lihua's mother turned her head, and her face sank when she turned her head. She saw the scene in the bedroom the first time she came in, and it seemed that it was too late to act. Well, my daughter has already been taken advantage of by others, but fortunately she didn't listen to Old Tang, if she delays any longer, she might really marry this poor boy.

"However, you also know the situation of our family. Even if we don't object to your marriage, you must prepare a decent wedding for Lihua, and you can't marry Lihua as a worker. Look at your She looks pretty smart, so I'll give you five years, at least you have to let us marry our daughter to you without shame."

"Uh, okay." Su Ming was once again hit by the heavy reality. There are decent weddings, and I heard people say that a wedding can cost tens of thousands of yuan, and I can't be a worker, so what is my status? How can we not embarrass them? This question immediately weighed on Su Ming's heart like a heavy burden.

"Since Lihua said she would give this house to you, I can't make a mistake as a mother, but you can live in it, don't plan to rent or sell it, well, I'm leaving, you should think about it!" Tang Lihua His mother walked away with light steps. From her point of view, the matter had come to an end. Although he sent a house for sale, he couldn't sell it, so he took care of poor relatives. Anyway, the house was useless.

Su Ming sat there for a long time before returning home in a daze. As soon as he entered the house, he saw his father sitting there with a dark face, and saw himself coming in with anger in his eyes. , ready to go to his own room.

"Crack, you bastard, stop!" Su Ming's father slapped the table with his big hands and shouted at Su Ming.

"What are you doing?" Su Ming turned his face and replied coldly. At this time, Su Ming had nothing in his mind, only Tang Lihua who was gone.

"Ugly boy, you still dare to talk back to me, see if I don't beat you to death." Seeing Su Ming's unruly attitude, Su Ming's father waved a big slap and was about to kill him, but Su Ming's mother firmly pulled him away. live.

"If you have anything to say, just tell the child clearly, and the child doesn't know." Su Ming's mother desperately persuaded, and after a long time of persuasion, Su Ming's father sat down again.

"Didn't I tell you to sever ties with the girl surnamed Tang? Why do you still associate with her? You really want to kill your father."

"That's right, because of this, the workshop director surnamed Ye won't let your father do it, you can at least put on a show." Su Ming's mother also persuaded.

"I won't give up." Only then did Su Ming know that because of this, Ye Tianming even dismissed his father's workshop director, but at this time, how could Su Ming say the words of severing the relationship? Even if it is a temporary falsehood, for Su Ming, it is also a kind of betrayal of love.

"You son of a bitch, your wings are really stiff, I'll beat you to death." Su Ming's father was so angry that his seven orifices were smoked. If it wasn't for Su Ming's mother who had hugged him tightly from behind, he would have rushed over.

"Get out of here, get out of this house, if you don't listen to me, you are not my son." Su Ming's father couldn't escape no matter how hard he struggled with the incomparable power of maternal love, so he pointed at the door of the house and yelled at Su Ming, Without saying a word, Su Ming turned his head and walked out. Su Ming's mother wanted to stop her son, but she was afraid that her son would be beaten if she let go, so she could only watch her son leave, crying with tears in her eyes.

"Don't let go, how long are you going to hug?" Seeing that his son had been out for a long time and hadn't come back, Su Ming's father moved only to find that he was still tightly hugged, shouted loudly, and Su Ming's mother let go he.

"My child..." Su Ming's mother cried as she sat there.

"What are you afraid of? What can happen if you are so big? You will come back when you are hungry." Su Ming's father looked up and looked out the window. This bastard really has no conscience. Mom will be more worried.

"Old Su, Lao Su, go quickly, your son was hit by someone." The two were silently facing each other, not knowing what to do, when suddenly a person rushed in from outside, it was Lao Zhao at the gate of the courtyard, panicked and anxious Panting for breath while leaning on the door frame.


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