Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 3

Su Ming lay there too lazy to move, his head was still hurting badly, but the sadness in his heart was painful to the bone, he was beaten so badly, even if a small bag of chicken cakes was finished, he was too cheap, It's really sad.

A small factory manager, in Tang Lihua's words, is not even a leader. He is at the same level as a government clerk. With such a light sentence, his parents dare not pursue him. Power is really a good thing. People have no responsibility at all, a wry smile flashed on the corner of Su Ming's mouth.

In a trance, Su Ming seemed to see a gray-spotted spider preying on a fly on the roof. The fluff on the spider's body and the compound eyes on the fly's head could be clearly seen.

Illusion, this must be an illusion, Su Ming grinned, it was all hallucinated, and it was so easy to be exposed, it was so easy, Su Ming gritted his teeth, hatred kept lingering in his chest Accumulate, one day, hum.

When he laughed, he pulled the muscles on his face, and the pain made Su Ming wake up. He found that what he saw just now didn't seem to be a hallucination, and there was indeed something black like mouse droppings moving on the roof.

Su Ming endured the pain on his face and opened his eyes wide to look. It was indeed a spider and a fly. After rubbing his eyes and looking again, it was still the same, but the clear and incomparable image just now could not be seen.

After the pain gradually became numb, the dizziness came up again. Just when Su Ming was drowsy and drowsy, he suddenly saw the scene just now again. The difference is that now the fly has turned into a shriveled shell. And the spider was lying there, a lazy look full of food and drink.

Su Ming woke up immediately, and quickly picked up the flashlight and stood on the bed to look at the roof. It was the same as what he saw just now, but even so, it was not as clear as what he saw just now, which only proved that what he saw just now was not a hallucination. .

Su Ming spent half the night researching this ability, and finally found that this phenomenon can only appear when he holds his head up, his head and neck at a certain angle, and his eyes are squinted. He can see everything clearly, but what's the point? You can't always look at things like this, like a monster.

It’s better to have this ability than to have better skills. At least if you have better skills, you won’t suffer this crime today. No, from tomorrow on, you must exercise your body well. With this thought, Su Ming fell asleep.

The next day, Su Ming woke up early. As soon as he got up, he fell back on the bed dizzily, which shocked Su Ming's mother. When she saw that her son's head was still red and swollen, tears flowed again. After coming out, Su Ming directly extinguished Su Ming's thoughts of going out to exercise, and obediently went back to bed and waited for the meal to come.

Su Ming had been resting at home for three days before returning to school. As for the scar on his head, Su Ming just used it as an excuse and didn't give much explanation, but Tang Lihua, who was ice and snow smart, felt the matter from his angry eyes. It's not that simple. After school, I got into Su Ming's car directly, leaving Ye Lang behind who was about to ask her to go to the skating rink. Seeing the intimate scene of the two sitting on a bicycle, Ye Lang bit down. Grinding his teeth, his complexion turned black and blue, looking extremely sinister.

"Su Ming, what do you mean? Why do you think it's inappropriate now? Why didn't you say that before? Tell me what happened to your head injury." Tang Lihua pinched her waist with both hands, Standing aggressively in front of Su Ming, Su Ming who offered to break up stood there not knowing what to say.

"Su Ming, can you let me know what happened? Didn't you say that no matter what happened, you would face it with me? Why didn't you let me know when you had something? You invited me for no reason. Three days off, no one knows what happened, and I dare not go to your house to look for you, do you know that I am so worried that I can't sleep every day, and I have to wait for you outside your house every night to see if you will Will come out, do you know all of this?" While talking, Tang Lihua's pretty face was glistening with tears, Su Ming sighed and lowered his head.

"Lihua, I don't think we can make it to the end no matter how hard we try. The gap between our two families is too big, and your parents will never agree." Su Ming didn't really want to break up with Tang Lihua, but was caught by reality. It's because I don't have a little confidence in the blow.

Ye Lang is just the son of a branch factory manager, and if he beat himself up, his beating would be in vain. His father didn't even dare to fart, and his mother would only cry behind his back. Only then did Su Ming realize that the power gap represented With everything in mind, this is not something that can be resisted with love and confidence. What will Tang Lihua's father do to him at that time, and it is said that he will soon be promoted to general manager. By then, he will be the second in command of Pinggang. It is a small person like myself who can climb high.

"Su Ming, didn't I tell you that my father promised me a long time ago that as long as it doesn't affect my studies, my feelings are up to me." Tang Lihua stretched out her hand and took Su Ming's hand , and then slowly leaned over, snuggling up against Su Ming.

"But..." Although Tang Lihua said so when the two were dating, Su Ming always felt that it was not so easy, but he didn't think so much at the beginning, this blow was like a blow to him, and suddenly Let him recognize the huge gap between the two and the cruel social reality.

"Didn't you always want to get me? Today I will hand me over to you. Now you should be relieved, right?" Tang Lihua's face suddenly turned red, and she led Su Ming to a family building After putting away the bicycle, go up to a room on the third floor.

From the moment Tang Lihua said that sentence, Su Ming has been in a state of confusion, is it really okay? Su Ming had asked many times, but Tang Lihua refused them all, either because the time had not come, or because the location was inconvenient. Could it be that today is really possible?

After entering the room, Tang Lihua took out a condom from a shoe box above the cabinet. The two of them took off their clothes and studied it curiously for a long time. They didn't know how to use it. Su Ming tried to blow it up by himself, and then I went up to the trick, but failed after several attempts, and asked Tang Lihua to help me to try several times, but the result was also unsuccessful.

"You can do it yourself, I can't do it." After Tang Lihua finished speaking, she stuffed the things in Su Ming's hands, and got into the bed naked. Su Ming tossed and turned for a long time, but still couldn't do it. clear.

"Come here first. Later, you can ask someone how to use it. There is still a box on it." It felt like waiting for a long time, but Su Ming still didn't come over. Tang Lihua turned her head and saw that Su Ming was still in a hurry Looking at that thing, it was all crumpled into a ball.

"Where did you make it?" Su Ming asked Tang Lihua while leaning on the body. This stuff is not everywhere in the streets like later generations. Except married couples can go to the street office or neighborhood committee to pick it up, other places But there is no such thing for sale.

"I went to my aunt's house to help her clean up. She threw out what she didn't want, so I picked it up secretly. Be gentle..." Tang Lihua was talking embarrassingly, when she suddenly felt a pain in her lower body, she hurriedly stretched out her hand to push It grabbed Su Ming's chest.

"I'm sorry." It's a pity that Su Ming, who was getting dizzy from being burned, could be so obedient. Besides, she pushed the top, and the bottom was still pushed into the deepest part by Su Ming, and then Su Ming saw her frowning in pain. She looked embarrassed and apologized to her.

"Don't move, wait a minute, ah! I'm yours, are you happy?" Although telling Su Ming not to move, Tang Lihua stretched out her arms and wrapped them around Su Ming's neck.

"Hey..." All misunderstandings dissipated with complete possession, Su Ming was so happy that he didn't know what to say, he just grinned silly.

"Stupid, hurry up, it's time for my mother to talk about coming home late, let's come back tomorrow." Tang Lihua felt that the pain was not so serious, and looked at the sky outside, urging Su Ming to get up.

"It crushed me to death. Remember to ask other people how to use it. You can't do this again tomorrow. My mother will beat me to death when I'm pregnant." In a few minutes, Su Ming made the first passionate love The eruption erupted, Tang Lihua didn't know what was going on at the beginning, she only knew how to cater to it, and after it was over, she realized the danger, and hurriedly pushed Su Ming off her body, and then frantically cleaned up her body and sheet.

"What are you smirking, don't hurry up and get dressed, you go first, and I will go later." Seeing that Su Ming was naked and just smirked there, Tang Lihua threw him a piece of paper and asked him to wipe off the red and white stains on it. At the same time, he urged him to leave quickly.


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