Novel Name : super machine civilization

Chapter 2

Seven years ago, because other classmates rode bicycles to school, his father sold the bicycle awarded to him by the factory to others. In a fit of anger, Su Ming ran to the street alone, and when he hid in a dead end crying, Suddenly, a bicycle dropped from the sky beside him. It was shining golden when it first appeared, and Su Ming rode it home.

At that time, it was the time when fairy tales like the magic pen Ma Liang were popular, and Su Ming thought that his cry was heard by the gods, and the gods gave it to him. Strange to say, when he was the only one riding this car, The bike can run fast without any effort, and when others ride it, it is no different from an ordinary bicycle. Su Ming has never figured out the reason, but Su Ming wisely never told anyone.

Another feature of this car is that it is very strong and durable. After a few years, there is nothing wrong with it except for the slightly old color. Even the tires have not been broken once. In the words of Fa Xiao Guo Xiaopang's father, this It is called a weighted vehicle, which is specially made by bicycle factories for certain industries.

The hazy feeling of first love just passed by in a daze like this. At the end of high school, it was Tang Lihua who had the courage to pierce the window paper, and secretly handed Su Ming a The note invited Su Ming to the grove behind the school. After confiding in each other, Su Ming was very manly, imitating the way in the TV, hugging Tang Lihua and kissing her.

Very sweet, very fragrant, very soft, this is Su Ming's feeling for kisses, Tang Lihua is also very obsessed with this feeling, but if Su Ming wants to do something more, she is not willing.

The college entrance examination ended soon, and neither of them said where they were going. In their spare time, the two of them got tired of being together, exploring each other's secrets, and the ambiguity between the two became more and more serious. Only the last hurdle was missing. broke through.

In fact, Su Ming also wanted to, but unfortunately the conditions do not allow, open a room? Go there to open a house without a marriage certificate, while your family is away? Su Ming didn't have the guts yet, coupled with Tang Lihua's reserve, the situation that he had dreamed about countless times never came true.

There was no difference, but they met again. On the university campus, fate made the two meet again. With Tang's charming smile and Su Ming's stupid look, the two returned to the past, and their relationship took a step further.

"I really have a fart, it's not worth her father's words, you tell her, as long as her father agrees with me, I don't care." Su Ming's father glared at him, seeing that Su Ming was still stubborn, he slapped him. The call came, but fortunately Su Ming's mother quickly stopped him, but Su Ming's vision went dark, and he slowly lay down on the bed.

"The child is still beating like this, can the child bear it? You were the same at that time, and the child was so stubborn just to imitate you." When Su Ming woke up, his forehead was cool, and Su Ming's mother was still there. complaining.

"Didn't Dr. Zhang say that it's nothing serious, I'll wipe the child with iodine." Su Ming's father defended in a low voice, and at the same time took up the iodine as if to atone.

"Forget it, you are clumsy, let me do it, ah, child, are you awake, are you feeling better?" Su Ming's mother took the iodine, suddenly found that her son had woken up, and immediately smiled.

"Son, what do you want to eat? I'll go and buy it for you." Old Su's father stood by and saw that he couldn't help, so he asked Su Ming what he wanted to eat. Seeing his father's guilty eyes, Su Ming felt warm in his heart and shook Shaking his head, the headache was severe, and he closed his eyes again.

"You go to Lao Ye and tell him to take care of his son. You can see that Xiao Ming has been beaten like this."

"Lao Ye is used to his child like something, it's useless to say, let the child rest at home for a few days, it's fine anyway."

"You said it lightly, you beat Xiao Ming like this, you were not born for love, you don't feel sad."

"Look at what you said, kid, it's normal to be beaten. You forgot, when I went to find you, I was beaten by those three people from your team. It's no worse than this."

"Go, I told you not to let you go to me, you have to go, you deserve it, Xiao Ming didn't provoke others, look at the child, black and blue." Mother put her hand on Su Ming's With a light touch on the forehead, Su Ming moved, so frightened that she quickly stopped, picked up the iodine next to it, and gently wiped it on Su Ming.

On the second night when Su Ming was beaten, Ye Tianming came in as soon as Old Su came home, saying apologetic words, and carrying a bag of chicken cakes in his hand. Store bought.

Su Ming's father was very touched by this. It was the first time for the factory manager to bring things to his home, so Su Ming's father kept asking Su Ming's mother to cook more dishes, get some meat, etc. of.

"Don't be too busy. I just came to see Xiao Ming. My kid is naughty. I heard that Xiao Ming was beaten. I just heard someone say it. Here I am. When I go home and see him, I will give him a good beating." , vent your anger on Xiao Ming, Lao Su, don’t worry, I will definitely not spare him easily this time.”

What he said was very arrogant, but Su Ming didn't believe it at all. He said the same thing when he asked himself to go to school, and he also said the same thing when he mentioned his father's deputy factory manager. In Su Ming's heart, this person I've lost my credit a long time ago, and it's not worth trusting at all.

"No, no, no, look at what you said, and you can't just blame Xiao Lang. This kid is as stubborn as a bull, and he talks back to me, uh." Su Ming's father wanted to go on, but was caught by Su Ming's mother in front of him. After bumping from behind, he stopped talking.

"That's not okay. If you dare to talk back to you at such an age, you'll have to pay for it when you grow up. You must be disciplined, otherwise you may get into trouble if you say it."

"Yes, yes, I will beat him up when I turn back." Su Ming was only depressed while listening, obviously he was beaten, but he was the one who got beaten in the end.

"Hehe, okay, okay, you guys don't have to work too hard, the family is cooking, I'm leaving." Ye Tianming left after speaking, the whole process took less than ten minutes, and it didn't feel like he was here to make an apology , It's a bit like going through the door.

"Is this the end?"

"Ah, didn't they say it, go home and teach the child a lesson."

"Who would believe it? I think our child's beating was for nothing."

"Didn't they come here with something?" Su Ming's father gestured to the bag of chicken cakes next to him.

"Who cares about something worth a few dollars." Su Ming's mother picked it up and walked out.

"Hey, what are you going to do? Anyway, it's something you bought with money. Don't throw it away."

"Whoever throws it away, send it to Zhang Lan, not to mention our child's doctor, and also send iodine and cotton balls."

"She didn't buy that thing with money, and it didn't belong to the hospital."



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