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Chapter 1

The warm wind blows gently, and the sycamore tree is blown loudly. Although the green and tender leaves are weak, they don't fall as soon as it blows like autumn. With a height of 1.8 meters, although he was a little thin, he still couldn't stop his youthful vigor, but his delicate face concealed his maturity. He was Su Ming, a free and honorable Wei Peisheng.

Wei Peisheng is the student whose employer entrusts the school to train them. For this kind of student, the school generally does not have strict management. At the same time, since Wei Peisheng directly enters the work unit after graduation, it is equivalent to holding a solid job in advance. This makes ordinary people The students are very envious of them.

However, Su Ming knows his own situation. Wei Peisheng still has to pay his own expenses or public expenses. Su Ming’s father is only a workshop director in the branch of Pingyang Iron and Steel Factory. Naturally, he does not enjoy the treatment of public expenses. You have to rely on relationships to find a way out, which is commonly known as going through the back door.

Whenever Su Ming thought of this, he felt aggrieved, shook his head and stopped thinking about it, and was about to push the bicycle he picked up in the alley seven years ago home, when suddenly an arm stretched out, Blocking the way, a voice that Su Ming was very familiar with and hated said: "Brother Su Ming, what are you doing in a hurry to go home, let's go, brother take me to play together."

No need to look, Su Ming also knows who this guy is. His name is Ye Lang, but his classmates call him "Night Wolf" behind his back. His father is the director of a branch factory of Pinggang. Su Ming's father works in this branch. However, Su Ming and him are not in the same way. Although the two are about the same age, Su Ming never liked to play with him since he was a child. When they met, Su Ming nodded to his father. In the compound, there are only Guo Xiaopang and Liang is Su Ming's friend.

Su Ming raised his head and glanced at him, and said unhappily, "I'm sorry, I'm not free."

The resentment towards Ye Lang does not refer to him alone, but also has a lot to do with his father Ye Tianming. Su Ming, who has excellent grades, came to Pingyang Institute of Science and Technology, a garbage school, and is still a self-funded trainee. It can be said that he is all thanks to his boss. Thanks to his father, when he was in school, with Su Ming's grades, it was absolutely no problem to focus on the first point, but Ye Tianming patted his father on his chest and promised that he would be able to train at public expense. reduced to such a point.

"Small sample, Ye Shao asked you to go to give you face, don't f***ing shameless face." A man wearing a flowered shirt and parting his hair next to Ye Ming opened his mouth and swore, shaking his fist at Su Ming, threatening The intention was fully revealed, and the strange blue-purple ninja tattoo on his arm dangled in front of Su Ming's eyes.

"Brother Su Ming, I have something I want to discuss with you. How about it? In front of a few brothers, let's do my brother some face." Ye Lang had a smile on his face, but this smile made Su Ming feel gloomy and kind. An uneasy breath, this smile Su Ming often sees on Ye Tianming's face, in the words of Su Ming's mother, this is called a superficial smile, a smile is definitely not good.

"Tell me what's the matter." Su Ming suppressed the uneasiness in his heart, and said calmly.

"What can we do here? Let's find a quiet place." No matter how reluctant Su Ming was, several people dragged Su Ming to a secluded corner before putting Su Ming down.

"What's the matter?" The faint look on Su Ming's face made Ye Lang feel extremely uncomfortable. Ever since he was a child, this guy in front of him has never flattered himself like others. How can a father who is a workshop director be so awesome.

"Boy, for your father's sake, I give you a piece of advice. From now on, stay away from Tang Lihua." Ye Lang stretched out his hand to Su Ming's face, and patted it humiliatingly. Su Ming just wanted to resist. , the person behind reached out and grabbed his arms, making him unable to move.

"Lihua? What do you want to do? Lihua is mine!" Su Ming stared at him with wide eyes. This guy's reputation is stinking all over the school. The family is powerful and powerful, and he is a Wei Peisheng. The school doesn't care much. It has been less than half a year since the sample was injected. In the whole school, except for those girls who are proud of being bohemian, the girls who are a little more serious will hide away when they see him. , He even dared to play Lihua's idea, Su Ming struggled desperately, but the three or four people behind him were holding him tightly, making him unable to shake off.

"It's up to you, don't piss and take pictures, his father is the deputy general manager, and your father, a small workshop manager, even a toad wants to eat swan meat." Ye Lang withdrew the smile on his face, Putting on a vicious expression, he poked Su Ming's forehead vigorously with his hand, and the sharp nails were soon stained red by Su Ming's blood.

"Your father is just a small factory manager, what a bull, if you see Zhao Xiong and the others, don't nod and bow, bah!" Su Ming spit on Ye Lang's face after speaking. Zhao Xiong is the president of the group. The son of the worker, he also led a group of people at school, but his reputation is much better than Ye Lang. When Ye Lang met Zhao Xiong, he was more respectful than his own father. He always wanted to hang out with Zhao Xiong. Unfortunately, Zhao Xiong Bear despised him.

"Fuck!" Ye Lang waved his hand and fanned Su Ming directly, with a crisp sound, Su Ming felt a buzzing sound, his entire face was numb, and the golden stars were shining in front of his eyes, and a stream of salty liquid slowly came out of his eyes. Nasal flow down.

Su Ming struggled desperately, roaring in his mouth, the expression on his face was extremely ferocious against the background of blood, Ye Lang, who was about to raise his hand to hit him, felt frightened for a moment, stopped his hand, and was caught by Su Ming again in a blink of an eye. Enraged by the anger in his eyes, he picked up half a brick and smashed it on Su Ming's forehead with a sharp sound.

The people next to him were startled, and hurriedly let go of Su Ming. They saw Su Ming standing there shaking a few times, rolled his eyes and fell to the ground. Seeing that Ye Lang was about to hit Su Ming with his hands, the others hurriedly pulled stopped him.

"Young Master Ye, you can't fight anymore. If you fight again, you will die."

"Human life?" Ye Lang glanced disdainfully at Su Ming who was like a dead dog on the ground, and laughed, "What are you afraid of? It's just such a cheap life, and it costs tens of thousands of dollars."

Ye Lang raised his foot to step on Su Ming's face, twisted it a few times, and said calmly: "Listen well, stay away from Tang Lihua, or I will kill you."

After finishing speaking, Ye Lang walked away with his four younger brothers as if nothing happened. After a long time, Su Ming struggled to get up from the ground, wiped the blood on his face, and looked at In the direction where Ye Lang disappeared, his teeth were clenching, and his face was covered with blood, like a ferocious spirit.


When Su Ming struggled to get home, his parents were taken aback, especially his father showed a very rare look of worry, but after hearing Su Ming finished speaking, Su Ming's father's face flashed a trace of worry, He snorted and said to his son:

"Hmph, there's no green smoke coming from our ancestral grave, so don't try to climb that high branch. What's the level of the family, what's the level of our family, I can't reach it, and I don't see anything good about the girl surnamed Tang, Xiao Lang Let him forget it if he likes it.”

Su Ming raised his head and looked at his father dissatisfied, but he didn't say anything in front of this stern father who frightened him a bit. He knew it would be useless if he said it. This may be the generation gap that people often say.

Su Ming's mother also persuaded: "Xiao Ming, we can't climb high. You are still young, so focus more on your studies."

"Mom, I won't delay my studies. We really like each other." Facing his mother who loves her very much, Su Ming resisted in a low voice. He thought that his mother didn't understand, and the relationship between him and Tang was already "very close." alright.

"As long as the two of us really love each other, we can persevere until the end. If you can do it, I can do it." Su Ming thought of that slender and delicate figure, and thought of the seemingly slender figure when she said this. A soft yet firm expression.

One day in high school, the teacher suddenly put me on the same desk with her. At that time, I didn't know that she was also from Pinggang, but I only knew that she was very introverted, and her face would blush for a long time even if she asked for a rubber.

Her own gaze quickly made her realize that every time she peeked at him, her face would turn red, and every time she saw her blushing face, Su Ming's heart would not stop beating, and the throbbing of youth could not be calmed down for a long time .

Su Ming clearly remembered that the first time they had close contact was on a sunny afternoon. It was a godsend. The school held a spring sports meeting, and there were too few events, so a tandem bicycle event was temporarily added, which was to ride a bicycle to bring people together. Contest.

It's a pity that there were not many people riding bicycles that day, and when no one responded, Tang Lihua took the initiative to stand on the stage as a class leader, and at the same time cast his eyes on Su Ming. She won the championship.

In Fengchi Electric Engine, Tang Lihua screamed and hugged Su Ming tightly. Su Ming experienced an indescribable feeling, standing on the podium in front of the teachers and students of the school, enjoying the cheers of everyone It was the first time for Su Ming to be praised by the school leaders.

His heart was beating so hard, it wasn't because of the glory, what made him so excited was that during the match, when Tang Lihua hugged him tightly, those two balls of soft flesh were grinding on his back Yes, until now, he is still reminiscing about that heart-pounding feeling, and keeps looking at Tang Lihua, when did it become so towering, why didn't he notice it before.

Maybe this is how the love came about. When it was time for the spring outing, Tang Lihua sat in Su Ming's car awkwardly again. The two of them are still immersed in the feeling of secret love without knowing each other.

On the long and steep mountain road, Su Ming rode like the wind, leading people faster than other people running alone, and it took them half an hour to travel. Many people joked about Su Ming, how to bring a female classmate to save effort is still a small universe Burning, running faster than a rabbit, Su Ming scratched his head in embarrassment, but didn't refute, he couldn't tell, let alone his bike, it wasn't an ordinary bike at all.

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