Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 50

Remember when Nguyen Hi had just been brought back by the Bui family, it was a rainy day, the moment her father led her through the door, he noticed her from the balcony.

  Remember that at that time, little Nguyen Hi was seven years old, he was twelve years old.

  Little Ruan Xi had shiny black hair, maybe because of the rain splashed on it, maybe because the air was too humid and condensed fog, a little water droplets on the black hair. Timidly, with a very old teddy bear in her arms, she walked slowly toward him.

  He had a feeling at that time, but couldn't tell why, just a certain place in his heart, beating unexpectedly.

  He put down the books in his hands stunned look at her for a long time, and at that time, she also raised her head, he found that she has a pair of more beautiful than hair pupils of the eyes, watery pearl aura compelling.

  She came into his life on a rainy day like that ......

  Now, Ruan Xi in front of the eyes, in the heart of the hand, still have that kind of moving hair, still that pair of beautiful pupils of the eyes, but the relationship between them has completely changed.

  He hated her, yes, just hate!

  Unconsciously, Pei Nanming's fingers fell to her slender neck and gradually tightened. If, it was possible to be more ruthless, then could the hatred in his heart disappear with her death?

  With his ability, to force her to die, it was a very easy thing, even without him stepping in to do anything, he could force her to obediently die.

  Just like today, although the incident was sudden and not in his plan, but, he originally wanted to give her a lesson engraved in her heart today, just that, he didn't expect that someone would shake out the matter between him and her because of Gu Chi.

  Originally, he just needed to stand still and quietly watch her being pushed to the point of no return, only at the last moment, he actually loosened up and actually wanted to help her speak.

  According to his position in the business world nowadays, this kind of scandal, although it would have a certain negative impact on him, but this impact was almost negligible. Moreover, everyone knew that it was Ruan Xi who came to *him* first.

  In such a society, a woman who behaved slightly wrongly would become the object of public censure, while the man who caused everything could still spend his days drinking without having to take any responsibility.

  This is the status quo.

  The more lovers a man has around him. The more people there are, the more it proves that the man is charismatic and the easier it is to be favored by women, while a woman who has a few more lovers . If a woman has a few more lovers, or even just changes a few boyfriends, she will be accused of being slutty.

  Ruan Xi was accused of hooking . . seduced him as a vixen, a slut, and then there was Gu Chi, a former . People, and then the appearance of Gu Chi, an ex-boyfriend and Tang Wenyi, a current fake boyfriend, days must have become very difficult, right? At the banquet, all he needed to do was nod to the reporters and tell them that what Gu Chi brought that girl said was all true, then Ruan Xi would be dead, no more future to speak of.

  With just one step, he could have put her completely on the road to extinction, but at the last minute, actually gave up! Deliberately disrupted the words that originally had no room to turn around, talking in the clouds, disturbing the audience.


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