Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 49

And what she is most worried about, or the school side, Pei family relations she entered the highest polytechnic school, this matter, but the exposure, she will face expulsion from the school, then, then the opportunity to leave Pei Nanming is even more difficult, what should be done?

  At this moment, she suddenly realized that all the paths to life were blocked by this sudden outbreak of scandal. The table lamps on the
  "Ms. Ruan!" The woman didn't seem to expect her reaction to be so radical . Somewhat panicked, she ran out, and in a short while called for a private doctor to inject her with a tranquilizer, and just like that, Ruan Xi went back to sleep in a muddled state.

  When Pei Nanming returned, he didn't see Ruan Xi in the living room, and couldn't help but ask the woman preparing dinner in the kitchen, "Mrs. Liu, where's Miss?"

  Liu Ma brought out the dinner and looked towards the upstairs, "Miss's mental condition is very bad, when she woke up in the afternoon, she was still very emotional, Dr. Fu gave her a sedative and slept through it again, she hasn't woken up until now."

  Pei Nanming nodded and didn't say anything else, hastily ate dinner and went upstairs.

  Mrs. Liu sighed, she wasn't actually Pei Nanming's new hire. There were too many women around Pei Nanming, and she had always been placed elsewhere.

  Having followed Pei Nanming for seven or eight years, right? The women around Pei Nanming had changed so often that others might not be clear about it, but she, the housekeeper, was clear about it.

  The women around him, what character all have, tricky quiet can be described as colorful, but today by Pei Nanming transferred here to serve Ruan Xi, she finally understand, those women have a common thing, is always a place and Ruan Xi similar!

  Pei Nanming treats every one of his lovers . People are good, even when they break up, they are never treated badly. < Drowning, but then she realized that she was very wrong.

  In the bedroom, Ruan Xi's palm-sized face was sunk into the snow-white pillow, but the room was quiet, except for Ruan Xi's gasps that came and went due to her nightmares.
  In fact, Ruan Xi was really a beauty, but, she was too quiet and low-key, always preferring to cover her beauty with something that looked out of place. Compared to the high-profile and fashion-loving Qin Zhiye, she naturally no longer shone. However, if anyone pays attention to her, they will find that she is so beautiful, so beautiful that people can't take their eyes off her.

  The reason Zhang Hitomi had always looked down on Qin Zhiye was that he thought Ruan Xi's looks had far surpassed hers.

  He liked her to keep a low profile, and when attending the family reunion, he liked her to stay quietly in the corner and not attract anyone's attention.

  That made him feel safe.


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