Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 48

"This question I don't want to answer, but there is only one sentence, everyone may have forgotten, her last name is Ruan, my last name is Pei ......" Finished, Pei Nanming quietly scanned the gang of reporters like flies seeing a fishy smell, smiled, "As for other questions, everyone can go to ask Mr. Tang, he is Ruan Xi's current boyfriend, Ruan Xi just introduced to me. As for what kind of girl Ruan Xi is, I'm afraid Mr. Tang, as the boyfriend, knows best in his heart. In addition, as far as I know, that Mr. Gu just now, is Ruan Xi's former boyfriend, and still can't get over her, why did that girl say those words, everyone will know if they think carefully."

  Pei Nan Ming looked at Ruan Xi in his arms with pity, that action that look, moved all the people around, "I'm sorry everyone, I'm afraid she was stimulated by all of you, I have to send her back, everyone still have any unanswered questions, directly interview Mr. Tang."

  Pei Nan Ming maintained a smile from start to finish, graceful and elegant, always playing the image of an incomparable gentleman with elegance.

  Tang Wenyi on the other side, but his heart and liver trembled, heart Pei Nanming you can be really ruthless, actually deliberately make a mess of things, and in the end also threw all this mess to me to clean up! However, on second thought, he was under Pei Nanming, taking millions of dollars a year, is not doing this kind of clean up the mess thing? Resigned.

  Ruan Xi woke up with a feeling of not knowing where he was, with a splitting headache, and for a moment could not recall what had happened. Her face was hot and painful, her body was uncomfortable, and her heart felt like it was blocked by something.

  "Ms. Ruan, you're finally awake." Standing in front of her, was a woman, in her forties, judging from the dress code, this must be another servant that Pei Nanming had hired.

  Ruan Xi didn't say anything, right now, she didn't have any desire to open her mouth . . desire.

  "In the future, you need to pay more attention to your body, especially not to eat cold and stimulating food, listen to more music and keep your mood happy."

  Ruan Xi, felt quite surprised, this is not like a servant, but rather like a person hired to specifically serve her and educate her ......

  Thinking of this, she suddenly widened her eyes, and her heart was suddenly mountainous, "What do you mean by that?!"

  The woman smiled, "Miss Ruan is being overly concerned, I'm saying this mainly because Mr. Pei had explained that Miss had been greatly stimulated at the dinner party and had fainted. He was worried that it would have a very bad effect on Miss, so he specially hired me to do psychological rehab for Miss, and in the meantime, to recuperate Miss's body."

  Ruan Xi's eyes shook, as if she was back in the nightmare, those flashing lights, those reporters, those forced questions that she couldn't escape or avoid. She shuddered once again.

  The whole world knows, then, then, sooner or later, the Pei family will know, and Master Pei will know, what will they think, how sad and disappointed they will be, how hateful and angry they will be, and the unit will inevitably spread the word.

  Even if she and the Pei family have no other ties besides the economic relationship, but, after so many years together, their attitude towards her is more or less obvious. Once this kind of thing spreads out, I'm afraid that even Uncle Pei and Elder Pei will think that she has a deep heart and is intentionally seducing Pei Nanming, wanting to get into the position of Pei family's youngest wife, right?


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