Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 46

Gu Chi couldn't bear it anymore and slammed a slap down, "I told you to shut up!"

  The girl covered half of her face and looked at Gu Chi in shock, aggrieved and angry and resentful, all kinds of emotions fiercely overflowing, and in the end, she blamed everything on Ruan Xi.

  If it wasn't for this woman, how could Gu Chi give up the piano, give up his dream, if it wasn't for this woman, Gu Chi would never change his heart!

  It was all because of this woman!

  Once evil crept into the heart, even the brightest person would become eerie!

  Gu Chi twisted his head and looked at Ruan Xi worriedly.

  Ruan Xi had been completely petrified, all of this was like a thunderbolt, leaving her with no way to avoid or escape!

  The entire venue also calmed down due to the commotion that had arisen here, everyone looked at them intently, their gazes probing and meaningful, but this calmness was only maintained for a few moments, and soon the entire venue was in an uproar.

  For Ruan Xi, such gazes were undoubtedly knives, lynching her one by one.

  She wanted to find a hole in the ground to shrink into and never come out again.

  Silence, incomparable silence, while the gazes of the entire audience were like a howling cold wind, blowing Ruan Xi shivering all over her body.

  Tang Wenyi obviously didn't expect this situation to occur, and even Pei Nanming was greatly surprised.

  Everyone's eyes just turned back and forth between him and Ruan Xi, full of scrutinizing and probing meaning.
  Pei Nanming does not care about these, he has long known that there is no impermeable wall in the world, sooner or later this thing will be known, in the day he poked Ruan Xi's delicate body, he knew that one day he would have to face this kind of scene, so although he was shocked by the accident, but not panicked.

  The reporters who were doing interviews in the venue were thunderstruck by this news, although, the girl's words were interrupted without finishing, but anyone knew how explosive what she was going to say below would be!

  "Excuse me, is this true?" Immediately, someone stuck the microphone in front of Ruan Xi, who was trembling with a scattered gaze.

  Gu Chi looked heartbroken and wanted to say something, but the girl who had always been very educated suddenly broke away from Gu Chi and grabbed the reporter's microphone and loudly affirmed, "It's true, of course it's true!"

  Gu Ji was furious, not to say, pulling her back, part of the reporter is not relentless on their pursuit, has been asking some unpleasant questions.

  Ruan Xi was even surrounded by the remaining reporters.

  "May I ask, are you really having an affair with Mr. Pei as rumors say? Do you know that he and Qin's daughter are already engaged? You've been boarding at the Pei family, are you trying to use this opportunity to become the Pei family's youngest grandmother and join the rich family? Also, what kind of person is Mr. Tang to you?"

  "Does Mr. Tang know about this?"


  The entire party scene became abuzz, and the gazes of the crowd towards Ruan Xi became extraordinarily disgusting, as if she was simply the nastiest and most unsavory of things.


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