Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 45

Tang Wenyi helped her find a seat and just sat down. Right away, someone with a glass of wine walked up to him and greeted him, "Ah, Vice President Gao, nice to meet you, is this your girlfriend? She's really pretty."

  Tang Zhaoyi also did a very realistic scene, "Thank you," and then picked up the red wine brought by the waiter and saluted the person, elegantly taking a sip.

  Ruan Xi realized that Tang Wenyi's identity is not only a private secretary, but also a vice president, but she is still a bit curious, is he a man with two jobs at the same time?

  "Don't look at me in that way." Tang Wenyi came to her ear and whispered, "I'm only the vice president of the region, and I'm only in charge of subsidiaries in three cities."

  Ruan Xi blinked, somewhat not understanding, and she didn't want to understand. The matters of the mall had nothing to do with her.

  After Tang Wenyi left, Ruan Xi sat alone in her seat, during which several youths came to accost her, all of which she rejected on the grounds that she wasn't feeling well.

  "You're Ruan Xi, right?" A tall girl came over, Ruan Xi looked up and saw that it was none other than Gu Chi's female companion.

  That girl didn't see any outsiders and sat herself across from Ruan Xi, "I've often heard him mention you. Last time at Elder Pei's birthday banquet, I never had the chance to talk to you, but I finally have the time today."

  Ruan Xi forced a smile, no one can genuinely smile at a woman who will most likely become the wife of the one they love, right?

  "Yes?" Ruan Xi actually did not know what he should say, so he could only hold the red wine and gently sip it.

  "Hm. Gu Chi and I have known each other since we were little, only when we got sick in middle school, we left the country. Later, he also came to America, I was so happy then. During that time in America, we went to many places ......"

  The girl chattered on.

  Ruan Xi finally realized that this girl was simply coming to tell her old stories between her and Gu Chi.

  "I loved listening to him play the piano, especially 'Moonlight Lovesong', even though the piece he composed at that time was still very raw, I thought it was the best sound in the world."

  Ruan Xi's heart was blocked as she listened, "Sorry, my boyfriend is calling me, next time we have time, we'll talk slowly."

  After saying that, she got up and walked towards Tang Wenyi.

  The girl behind her, however, suddenly pulled her hand, "But, he'll never play the piano again!"

  Ruan Xi turned around in surprise, only to see the girl's red eyes, her face maniacal, her eyes full of anger like a cluster of arrows fastened on a string, it was a kind of extreme abhorrence.

  What did she mean when she said that Gu Chi would never play the piano again?

  She looked at the girl in bewilderment.

  The girl stood up and slapped Ruan Xi with her hand, "It's all because of you, do you know that, it's all because of you!"

  Ruan Xi was completely confused, not expecting her to suddenly lash out, and in front of so many guests at the banquet.

  "You're obviously such a dirty person, you even want to eat the grass on the edge of the nest ......," the girl's words had not yet finished when she was pulled back by Gu Chi, "What nonsense are you talking about!"

  "You're still helping her speak! She was originally, originally hooked . Pei Nam Ming, also did Pei Nam Ming's underground love . ......" the girl screamed defiantly.


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