Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 44

Yes, his things, she never asked about them, because of no interest also because Pei Nanming would not let her ask about them at all.

  "What kind of party is it? Who will be there?" Listening to Tang Wenyi's meaning just now, it seemed like she would meet someone she knew.

  "You'll know when you arrive. However, one thing you can rest assured is that, tonight you are my female companion, the boss he won't make things difficult for you."

  Hearing Tang Wenyi say this, Ruan Xi was relieved, which meant that beside Pei Nanming, there was another heroine.

  Since this was the case, why let her appear, this made her wonder, until she took Tang Wenyi's arm and entered the luxurious venue she suddenly understood Pei Nanming's purpose for letting her come.

  For her, this party was a disaster.

  The evening party was full of clothes and lights, and she didn't recognize many of the people who came, but she saw Gu Chi's silhouette at a glance.

  Gu Chi was never one to attend this kind of business party, and now that he appeared here, how could she not be surprised.

  The other pair of familiar people were naturally Pei Nanming and Qin Zhiye.

  I didn't expect Qin Zhiye to actually come early as well. Yes, where Pei Nanming was, how could she no longer be? If she hadn't graduated yet, I'm afraid she couldn't wait to follow Pei Nanming step by step.

  This in turn made Ruan Xi think of another problem, that is, after Qin ZhiYan graduated, how Pei NanMing is going to hide his love . People.

  Qin Zhiye was not the kind of person with an open mind.

  Gu Chi was talking to someone about something, laughing and joking, with more than a little bit of the sharpness and elegance of a businessman.

  Yes, elegant.

  And he was followed by a girl, a girl she was no stranger to, at Master Pei's birthday banquet, with Gu Chi, it was her.

  That was a very innocent looking girl, her demeanor and speech, very much the style of a great lady.

  A man of talent, a woman of good looks, a good match.

  She thought this way, but twisted her face to meet Pei Nanming's seemingly unintentional sweeping eyes.

  Since the birthday banquet a year ago, this was the first time she had seen him, in the past, he had been gone for half a year or more, but he had never been away from home on New Year's Day.

  His eyes were eerily cold with some ironic smiles, looking at her with a jolt.

  Tang Wenyi led her over to greet Pei Nanming.

  Then they acted as if they didn't know anyone, and the first meeting etiquette was done very well. For a moment, she couldn't see what kind of drugs they were selling.

  Qin Zhiye looked at Ruan Xi with cold eyes, with disgust and contempt, as if she saw something particularly dirty and lowly.

  That kind of eyes like a sharp thorn, Ruan Xi pricked the nerves tight, a burst of pain.

  The kind of eyes that seemed to know everything about her made her afraid.

  Tang Wenyi realized that something was wrong with her and asked with considerable concern, "You don't look well, are you uncomfortable somewhere?"

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "Maybe I didn't rest well, I'll just go over and sit for a while."


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