Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 43

In the end, Ruan Xi did not say anything, directly sitting in the passenger seat.

  Tang Wenyi was pleased, but this is not written on the face, but written on the tongue, "If I had known it would be like this, I would have behaved better, why not drink the wine and not drink the penalty wine".

  See, this is Tang Wenyi, this is the big handsome pot in Xiaoxiao's mouth. In fact, in Ruan Xi's eyes, Tang Wenyi is just like his name: the plague!

  His parents really gave him a 'good' name.

  Ruan Xi was already too lazy to bother with her, so she just didn't say anything, cocked her head and looked out the car window at the receding scenery, directly ignoring Tang Wenyi.

  Tang Wenyi also seemed to realize that he was being ignored, his heart was very upset, ''You didn't even ask me why I came to work so early? Nor do you ask me why I waited so long for you outside in the cold wind?"

  "Why did you come to work so early, why did you wait for me for so long with the cold wind blowing?" Ruan Xi that was called being submissive.

  Tang Wenyi was so moved that he just wanted to shed tears.

  But he was, after all, a seven-foot man, a dignified vice president, and, in front of his employees, he was so dignified and elegant that people didn't dare to force themselves to look at him, so at this moment, he also resisted the urge to shed tears in order to maintain his image.

  Only the words he uttered did not preserve his image at all.

  He said, "I'm afraid that you'll be here alone, without any family, and be bullied. And I'm also afraid that you'll feel lonely. Ahaha."

  Ruan Xi's face was already half black, she didn't know why, every time she was alone with Tang Wenyi, she had a hard time keeping her cool.

  Just like when she was with Pei Nan Ming Sheng, it was hard for her not to feel scared.

  Tang Wenyi's appearance seemed to come as a challenge to her ability to endure.

  She was unaware of Tang Wenyi and Pei Nanming's other love . She didn't know what kind of relationship Tang Wenyi had with Pei Nanming's other lovers, but in short, she was disgusted with the Chief of Internal Affairs from the bottom of her heart, yet she didn't dare to really offend him.

  Don't look at her and Pei Nanming is close to the water, but she didn't take half the advantage because of this, on the contrary, more subject to clamp down.

  Tang Wenyi as Pei Nanming's senior personal butler naturally won't betray Pei Nanming, without Pei Nanming's authorization, she dared to make sure that Tang Wenyi wouldn't say anything about her and Pei Nanming. But if he made any small reports, the consequences would be something she couldn't afford.

  In short, Tang Wenyi was a plague.

  When she saw him, she was avoiding as far away as she could.

  "In a moment, when we get to the place, hold back and don't do anything inappropriate." Tang Wenyi was suddenly serious and business-like.

  This made Ruan Xi twist her head around, "Where are we going?"

  "To attend a party." Saying that, he looked at the time, "Before that, I'll accompany you to pick out an evening gown."

  Ruan Xi was a bit dumbfounded, what kind of party can we attend here? Turning her eyes to think, it wasn't impossible, Pei Nan Ming has always done things out of order.

  For example, buying a house, and that eb company.

  When did he extend his industry to this city, she had no idea at all.


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