Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 42

Ruan Xi was petrified, cold sweat ran down his forehead and almost landed on the ground. Solely straightened up, just about to say something.

  That vice president shook his head again, "I'm sorry for recognizing the wrong person!"

  Ruan Xi's eyes spat fire.

  That vice president turned around and walked away with incomparable elegance.

  Smiley looked at Ruan Xi, "What's wrong with you, why do you look like you just fought a big battle!"

  "How come!" Smiling sheepishly, he wiped his forehead, "I still have a few more reports, so I'll leave first."

  Smiling with a puzzled face.

  As a result, this afternoon Ruan Xi was distracted, and the organized treatment was muddled.

  The instructor was close to twisting Ruan Xi's ear and reprimanding him. In an iteration of apologies, Ruan Xi ended her heart-stopping day.

  In fact, it wasn't that vice president she was afraid of, but she was afraid that her matter would trickle out of that vice president's mouth into her coworkers' ears.

  Even though she knew that that VP was actually a tight-lipped guy.

  That's right, that vice president was actually Tang Wenyi, Pei Nanming's senior private secretary. Unlike other big bosses, Pei Nan Ming's private secretary was an excellent man.

  The house that Ruan Xi was living in was underwritten by this private secretary.

  As far as Ruan Xi knew, all of Pei Nanming's side lovers . As far as Ruan Xi knew, all the lovers around Pei Nam Ming were given to Wen Yi to arrange, when to send what gifts, where to go to play, which lover to go to greet, all of them were given to Wen Yi to arrange. When to send what gifts, where to play, which lover to greet, all by Tang Wenyi to manage.

  This made Ruan Xi think of eunuchs countless times. That's right, Tang Wenyi is the old eunuch who is the chief of internal affairs, while Pei Nanming is naturally the emperor, and these lovers are just like the consorts of the emperor. People are just like the emperor's consorts, different tight, see no light problem.

  Anyway, how to say it, Pei Nanming side of the love. In addition to not daring to offend Pei Nanming, the person who dares not offend is naturally the elegant and gentlemanly handsome pot in the mouth of Xiaoxiao.

  Rumor has it that Pei Nam-ming's repeated change of lovers is because of her, Ruan Xi. The rumor is that Pei Nam Ming has repeatedly changed lovers because of her Ruan Xi, in fact, it is those lovers who are not enlightened, and have offended Ruan Xi. In fact, it is those lovers who are not enlightened and have offended the Chief of Internal Affairs, isn't it?

  Pity her but she had to be pushed out as a shield.

  Ruan Xi's mind was spinning wildly, she didn't know what she was thinking about, and she involuntarily smiled bitterly as she thought about it.

  At this time, the voice of the Chief of Internal Affairs suddenly broke into her eardrums, "What has made you so happy, could it be that you actually miss me?"

  Ruan Xi silently added, very much wanting you to hurry up and die!

  It wasn't that she was vicious, but Tang Wenyi wasn't even a person in private.

  He actually aided and abetted Pei Nam Ming, always helping Pei Nam Ming spy on her.

  Remembering that in the late spring of the year she was eighteen, after Pei Nanming appropriated her, he threw her in the resort villa and wouldn't let her go anywhere, she ran away twice, only to be caught back by Tang Wenyi.

  At that time she especially hated Tang Wenyi, of course she hates it now, only now she knows better to hold back.

  "Yes, it was missing you, but there were just too many people missing you. I thought it was better to forget about it, so I didn't think about it."

  Tang Wenyi opened the car door and invited her to get in, she looked at Tang Wenyi, "It's not good."

  "What's not good? It's much better to be misunderstood that you and I have a little something than to let people know that you and the boss have something, right?" Tang Wenyi said a few words in a cloudy manner.

  Ruan Xi almost pounced on him and bit him to death. This was the most hateful thing about Tang Wenyi, he could always use the most indifferent gesture to make you gnash your teeth and wish that he would immediately give the car a run over!


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