Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 41

Ruan Xi was not interested in the handsome man, what she really cared about was the one thousand dollars, she didn't have to do anything to get one thousand dollars for nothing, why didn't she come over two days earlier?

  At this moment, she was left with one emotion, which was called grief!

  The boss of eb company is very rich, this is no need to see the boss himself, directly look at all the decoration in the company can be seen. If the hands do not have strong funds to do support, no one can afford to pay this lot of lofty rent and decoration on the money spent.

  Except for Pei Nan Ming's kind of change. Pei Nan Ming's kind of pervert who could throw away money without blinking and buy a house in this kind of lot just to make a temporary palace, other people wouldn't do it even if they had the money to do so.

  "Handsome pot ah, there are not many people who can let you praise them as handsome pots, it seems that this vice president really does have some good looks." Xiaoxiao and Zhang Hitomi were actually in the same category on a certain level, both were the kind of people who were extremely nymphomaniacs and couldn't walk away when they saw a handsome pot.

  "That's right, the handsome pot that my eyes are set on, that is definitely in line with the public's aesthetics. As long as I say he's handsome, surely no one will say otherwise."

  Facing Xiaoxiao's narcissistic boasting, Ruan Xi was a bit speechless. Instead of flirting with handsome pots here, it would be better to find something to do so that she wouldn't be caught by Old Virgin Huang. The girl catching her pigtails was one thing, and most importantly, being able to have a clean ear.

  "Then, you continue aiming at the handsome pot here, I'll go to the building to take care of something." Just as she turned to leave, Xiaoxiao suddenly called out, "Geez, it's so hard to withstand one's thoughts, speak of the devil."

  Ruan Xi turned back to look at the opposite side, not to look okay, back a burst of sweat, only left in the heart a hard to lament life everywhere there are surprises.

  Opposite is a great figure, face is also great man, a head of chestnut-colored hair, with gold-rimmed glasses, lined with that face is particularly gentle and calm, at first glance is a very capable and smart man.

  However, Ruan Xi knew that this man was not this posture when he was not working, it was a completely different person.

  Chills ran down her spine, and her hands and feet were stiff.

  What to do, what to do? Ruan Xi felt burnt out, her mind was in chaos and a cacophony.

  At this time, Xiaoxiao said in her ear, "See, this is our vice president oh. Isn't he handsome? If I could marry him, I would be willing to die!"

  Xiaoxiao's two eyes were bubbling.

  Ruan Xi really wanted to die at this time. Never would have thought that he was the deputy director of this company, so who else could be the boss of this family company?

  Biting her lip, she finally decided to just pretend not to recognize him. Anyway, this was office hours, she didn't have a second identity, she was just an intern who came to practice.

  "Good day, Vice President!"

  Xiaoxiao had already bowed with a smile.

  Ruan Xi followed suit, stiffening her old back and bowing to him in a cold sweat, asking the Bodhisattva for blessings in her heart.

  The vice president very elegantly used his index finger to prop up the mirror frame, and after looking at Ruan Xi, a hint of cunning flashed in the bottom of his eyes, "This young lady looks so familiar."


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