Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 40

Although Xu Chuyan would still be worried and trembling, once she had decided on her own, she would definitely go and do it, just as determined as she had been when she had gone to work as a young lady for money!
  Looking at the windows of the villa, she wanted to smash them, the quality of this villa is far worse than her own home! Thinking so, he called the private secretary who arranged this matter, Tang Wenyi, to scold him.

  Over there, the private secretary simply wanted to hit the wall, only on the first day of the New Year was scolded by the boss, this year how to live! This year will definitely not go smoothly.

  Tang Wenyi looked at the sky in resentment, wanting to cry bitterly.

  In fact, this year, he did have a rough time, because many unexpected things happened in the new year.

  The things that boss explained were getting more and more difficult, and he still couldn't help but do them.

  For the New Year, Ruan Xi didn't end up seeing Pei Nam Ming, which allowed Ruan Xi to have a peaceful and comfortable year. She thought it was a good omen.

  As soon as she passed the tenth day of the first month, she ordered a ticket for the return trip, arriving on the morning of the twelfth day of the first month, a . The night of the train ride to her dizzy, almost can not find the north, only after the train, always do not know what motion sickness Ruan Xi lying on the side of the platform to vomit wildly, vomit her acid are coming out.

  Zhang pupil and other people have to come after the first month of the fifteenth, so the dormitory inside the empty, but she is happy to be quiet, humming a little song to last year's dust all swept out, and put their own chuang store organized. Unless Pei Nanming summoned, otherwise, she no longer step into that house.

  Internship department, because of the Spring Festival, Ruan Xi and intern Xiaoxiao has Zhang pupil come early.

  As soon as Xiaoxiao saw that Ruan Xi had returned from her hometown, she immediately gave her an extra large hug.

  "New Year, new weather, let's work hard this year too!" Xiaoxiao was a natural optimist, her age was not similar to Ruan Xi's, but her personality was many times more cheerful than Ruan Xi's, that was a rough and tumble little girl.

  "Well well well, this semester we started our internship, and hopefully we can get a red packet!"

  Speaking of red packets, Xiaoxiao can be quite energetic, "To you, our previous batch of interns all know an associate director, the atmosphere is so great that every intern has issued a red packet, guess how much is in it?"

  "I don't know, that I can't guess.

  Smiley held out a finger.

  "A hundred?"

  Smiley shook her head, "It's not a hundred, if it was a hundred, would it be worth saying?"

  A thousand? No way, it's still a new intern, if you want to give any kind of care award or meet-and-greet gift, three to four hundred would be the most you can get.

  "A thousand, a whole thousand. I'm so excited. If I go to work for eb company in the future, the money from the red packet will be enough for the New Year." Smiley's eyebrows widened in a smile.

  "Moreover, the vice president is really handsome, I'm drooling just looking at him. I don't know if it's just peach blossom luck, I keep seeing handsome men lately."


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