Novel Name : Cold love president don't be overbearing

Chapter 38

During this period, she went to the warmth of the orphanage in the city of s, the orphanage has long been not the appearance of the year, the infrastructure than when I do not know how many times better, the management is also a lot of formal, the orphanage aunts are also well-paid hired by the formal training of the aunts.

  She didn't know whether to be happy or sad for a moment.

  "Excuse me, who are you looking for?" A woman in her fifties with a kind face asked very politely.

  Ruan Xi smiled politely, "No, I'm not looking for anyone, I'm just coming back to take a look."

  "Oh, so you are also a child who went out here." The woman smiled even more lovingly, "Children as old as you, except for those who voluntarily stayed here, almost all of them have left."

  Ruan Xi was stunned, "Yes, is that so? Then, has a girl named Jiang Yi ever come back?"

  In fact, this woman she recognized, used to be the aunt of the Cozy Orphanage, she had just been transferred when she was picked up by the Pei family. Because it was raining that day, and this woman was wearing a long aqua colored dress, her memory was extraordinarily clear.

  Ruan Xi had a vague impression that when her mom died, it was also a long red dress like that, however, that red color was not dye, but blood.

  The woman thought for a moment, ''It's that girl who was very naughty and had a boy-like personality, right? Ever since she ran away with Yoru, she never came back." Speaking here, the woman suddenly meticulously sized up Ruan Xi, "You're ...... you're that ......"

  "I am Ruan Xi, when I was a child, only they were willing to accept me it."

  The woman looked at Ruan Xi compassionately, "It's all in the past. Look, you've grown so big now. They should have grown into adults as well. Thinking that Jiang Yi is such a strong child, she will surely live a good life."


  Ruan Xi was more or less lost after leaving the orphanage. Jiang Yi and the others never came back, but meeting is destiny, they must be somewhere in the world, living a good, good life ......

  In the blink of an eye, the Lunar New Year is just around the corner, Ruan Xi and the housekeeper huddled together in the kitchen, hand-wrapping dumplings. Although everything is very convenient nowadays, and dumplings can be bought ready-made directly, she always felt that she had to make dumplings with her own hands in order to have the flavor of Chinese New Year.

  When she was young with Jiang Yi and the others, everyone liked to squeeze in next to the aunts and watch them make dumplings, and there was always a feeling of eagerness to try.

  "Miss, I'll take care of the rest, you go take a rest."

  The housekeeper took the chopsticks in Ruan Xi's hand and said with a smile.

  Ruan Xi shook her head, "I'm not tired."

  "But if Master comes back and sees it, he will definitely be heartbroken again." Only after hearing the butler say this did Ruan Xi stop.

  "I also don't know when young master will be back." The housekeeper suddenly spoke, "On Elder Master Pei's birthday, he came back and packed up a few things and left, only saying that there was something going on in Europe that he had to rush over to deal with, and after so many days, he should be able to come back before the year is out. If the young master is not there, the house is really a bit cold."

  Ruan Xi was rubbing her hands together, hearing the housekeeper say this, pausing slightly, she only realized now that Pei Nanming had run away to Europe.

  However, this is nothing to be surprised about, he is very busy with his business, his career is getting bigger and bigger, with luck, she can not have to see Pei Nanming for half a year.


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